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  1. Ooohhh and another that was fantastic: Alwoods @ IT Athens I've heard Giannis play 4-5 times already but that one was magical and not just for me, a lot of people were blown away, literally as soon as he came down from the booth there were people taling about booking him for private events, fests etc
  2. That would be sweet. I've heard Sean DJ but he played very few of his tracks, so it wasn't realy a Process set
  3. It's been moved to 2022. They announced UX vs Slide a few days ago. My finances are terrible but this is tempting me.
  4. 10 years later.... Some of the best acts of the decade: BotFB BotFB vs KaSol Moonstone Project (Spectral and Spies) Infinity project by Graham Wood (probably the only one on the same level as Simon P IMHO) Ubar Tmar Ott DJs Masa Ray Castle Ree K. Jean Borelli (Orion) It was also my first time with Prana that night, didn't particularly like. Tsuyoshi played too much modern stuff in between the classics. The rest of the night was wicked though and I think Etnica was afterwards??? I went to sleep though, was too tired. X-dream/COP was perfect for that time of the night.
  5. I'd love to go but at the moment I have so many financial issues and worries that planning more than a month ahead seems impossible. If I manage to make it through the next 2 months and depending on how my finances are (and what forecasts I can make) I might get a presale beginning of the new year and start looking for tickets.
  6. Also "cactus arising" and "Siam (giannis)" More on the Psy rather than goa side: Martian arts (nektarios) and his sideprojects
  7. Syn├Žsthesia Be careful of the spelling. Some of the best downtempo I've ever heard yet very little known, although this is a side project of the famous Front Line Assembly
  8. Unti recently I thought Rain was a CS song but the original is ElectricU and it's been also been remixed by Astral amongst others. Most of the times, at parties, I've heard the CS remix though. Also this exists: Blue Planet Coperation - Midien (California Sunshine Vs Twina REMIX) bit don't like it really. I guess bad youtube titling is to blame.
  9. I think a lot of Goa, acid trance and early techno/electronica require a certain maturity and acquaintance with electronic music in order to be appreciated. When I started going to gigs in the early 2000s, still a teenager, I preferred the "easier'/"more easily digestible" banging stuff like full-on and dark psy (what was dark then). With the years passing and growing (both in terms of age and music knowledge) my preferences changed. I think the same would apply to most people. More complex music requires a more complex/sophisticated brain.
  10. I also hope you don't forget us and give a discount to ppl who donated!
  11. I guess most ppl are aware that the fest was cancelled for the obvious "Covid reasons". I had bought 2 tickets and decided to fully donate both of them. Hope the fest takes place in 2 years time! Good luck!
  12. There's also the 20 min unreleased Hallucinogen Desk mix of "Wizard". Mark Ainley played it whole when closing the Goa Guardians session at ZNA.
  13. Discuss, strange that there hasn't been a topic yet. Anyway, got tickets. Already started planning a road trip starting from Athens, than North Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. On the way to the fest I'll try to stop at various concerts and fests, mostly in Bulgaria, since they are quite cheap there compared to the rest of Europe.
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