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  1. Mars (Fabien) and Anoebis (Joske) have very good relationship with the organisers. Maybe you can play at the after party. Ask them. Masa and Ray are superb
  2. Last few times I heard them they play the new tracks from the classics remix album and their originals. They've been great. In fact they were the reason most of the younger kids in my town switched to goa aouy 7-8 years ago. I gave free entrances for the event (i knew the organisers) and they were blown away. After that it was all: No more crap music, just goa and old school psy. Aboyt 15 ppl came and since then everyone abandoned te crap.
  3. What kind of tournament Matt? Last Saturday was a bitter sweet day. The best club for underground electronic music in Athens shut down because a Greek American investor bought the whole building. Hari aka DJ Fishimself ( of ZNA, SUN, ozora... fame) was running it. I'm confident he'll get a new spot soon. We had a closing party and there were a lot of ZNAers there. We are all very excited about it. Of course, the biggest ZNA groupie is the world famous Goa fairy Despina AstralFairy. We to talk about the fest almost every day. We are setting our plans!!!! I feel like a little kid!!!
  4. Anyway, psynews members, you probably won't recognise me unless you know me, even if I send a pic. HOWEVER You will definetely recognise my fiancee. She is a particular person who draws the attention; at fests people approach her and talk to her all the time. Which is great, because she leaves me alone to party (she talks a lot). She has VERY VERY long finger nails, so her Nickname is "The wolverine" (Although, technically, she is the Sabretooth, Wolverine's brother) and she also has a baby wolverine tattoo on her left waste. She's getting a new one now on her front right hip: "A goat playing with wool (like a cat would)". She loves knitting and she comes from a small village where most ppl are shepperds and farmer,so it's homage to her homeland. If you see her I'll probably somewhere nearby. Go talk to her.
  5. The timetable is perfect for me. It will give me plenty of time to sleep. It helps that I've caught the majority of the acts and I know the ones to avoid: I will avoid: - The portuguese DJs (not because of the their ethnicity but because I don't think they have much to offer) - Acts I don't care about: California Sunshine, Protoculture, James Monroe (only dissapointment of last ZNA), Charasmatic/Sven Looping (have heard numerous times and don't like at all) ManMadeMan has been crap the past 2 ZNAs, I hope Tristan saves the act. I will skip because of timetable position : MFG - Never been a big fan and also have heard them a couple of times, Juno reactor - I've heard many many times and twice with the full band Xenomorph My 3 most anticipated sets are: Colorbox Vs BPU, Ubatmar and Jaia. I adore their music and have never caught them before (Jaia only his prog side). I was VEERY excited for Shaolin Wooden men but unfortunanetely Olie won't play. I hope one day I catch Rip Van Hippie or Fred disko. I'm curious for: Nooshpere and GMS (if they play their old stuff because first time I heard them was 2002 so it was past their goa days) The rest, I know exactly what to expect.
  6. Also, the timetable timting is superb! They have really given thought to it. It gives you time to rest and do other things. Well at least for the thing that I want to hear. The few things I would have changed: -More time for Koxbox -Charasmatix/Sven looping doesn't really fit after Shpongle - I would have put Ubatmar and Hallucinogen one beghind the other at the final day. I would have switched Ubatmar with Manmademan/tristan, somehow. The only big questionmark i have is GMS. WIll it be full-on or their pre 2002 stuff? Other than that all looks promising!
  7. It's very close to everything, Particularly the chill out area.
  8. That was me. Don't have much to say about that live, it was a nice show. I was petrified (I wasn't carrying anything, just didn't like it) that there was police with dogs outside the venue and they were searching everyone. As soon as I approached the copper I said something like "You don't know the power of the Dark side" through my DV mask and the guy laughed and just left me pass.... It was funny. However, the afterparty was a mess for me. My fiancee, for whatever reason in her idiotic feminine brain pulled a tantrum for litterary nothing (no problem with women, specificaly my fiancee) and tottaly messed my night. At that time, my eartly 20s, I was stupid enough to let it affect me, had it had happened now I would have left her and went party by myself. Anyway. now it's history. I spent most of my time at the chill out. Banco de Daia was playing and Alex paterson too so I prefered to stay there. It was quite chilly too and the sound at the dance stage was very wierd, the cavern were it took place was a sound engineer's nightmare. But I did catch Mike Maguire (Juno Reactor), he actually was clever enought to lower the volume so the sound was decent. I also had a small chat with Simon and Benji as they were coming to the afterparty. Simon's GF was super hot in a kind of kinky German dominatrix costume. Also, curiously enough, my fiancee said "Simon definetely has some kind of mental or psychological disorder". I made fun of her in the lines of " Yeah Yeah you big doctor, you spoke to someone for 5 minutes and you made your diagnosis. However, at SUN 2014 I was speaking with one of the managers of the fest that was staying on the same hotel with Simon and he was telling me that he's a bit wierd and he spent a lot of time kind of baby-siting him because he didn't get along with most peole but for someone reason really liked him. Anyway, none of the above changes the fact that Simon is GOD!!!
  9. So lucky.... I was at the first ever Shpongle live (with the band, dancers etc) which was very good but it makes sense that after so many years their show is at a tottaly different level.
  10. Heard this band before. Except for the raping parts the rest is good.
  11. They are coming to Greece in Autumn so I want to know too. Have to check how they are performing nowadays before buying tickets. Electric Wizard was as filthy and rotten can be. Amazing atmoshpere and performance. Sleep on the other hand was boring, didn't enjoy it all. Good sound and good technique but couldn't get into it. Also added in this summer's concerts: Sick of it all and Lamb of God. Might have to skip Clutch. It's all in June, I have only limited resources (money and time) and there are many other dance events that I want to go to.
  12. In terms of where to camp, I think the best place is at the left of the entrance. There's a small slope with very tall pine and maple trees. You have the showers, toilets and maing stage right in front of you and since the speakers face the opposite direction it's not loud at all. There's also a nice shaded area after the chil-out stage but it's a bit of a hassle to get to the main stage, you have to either go to the river bank or pass through the creek and the market stall. I'm realy knit picking here, the festival is small so it's all very close.
  13. Legendary!!!!!! Fat of the Land was played everywhere when it came out. It really helped bring rave cutlure to the mainstream. I agree that "Invader must die" was a good album. They also came to Greece after that album. It was one of the most eventful concerts I've been to: I was on cruches after a meniscus surgery, so I waited to enter the arena as late as possible. Unfortunately that was also what all the free-loaders wanted to do. While I was entering the arena, a crowd of hundreds of people were storming trying to get in for free, they were throwing glass bottles on the arena's walls and the glass was falling on our heads like rain. My friends picked me up from the armpits and carried me inside the venue. The securtiy guards didn't stand a chance so they just let them in. Luckily, a barman saw me in cruches so he invited me inside the bar, so I had all the space in the world while everyone was crushed together (because of all the free loaders). After the concert they also raided a shopping mall that was next to the arena. Really nice night overall! Terrible sound but great energy!
  14. Jak sie masz? My name Borat. I like you. I like sex. Is nice!
  15. I think I've been here since 2001-2. I remember some of that stuff!
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