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  1. They are coming to Greece in Autumn so I want to know too. Have to check how they are performing nowadays before buying tickets. Electric Wizard was as filthy and rotten can be. Amazing atmoshpere and performance. Sleep on the other hand was boring, didn't enjoy it all. Good sound and good technique but couldn't get into it. Also added in this summer's concerts: Sick of it all and Lamb of God. Might have to skip Clutch. It's all in June, I have only limited resources (money and time) and there are many other dance events that I want to go to.
  2. In terms of where to camp, I think the best place is at the left of the entrance. There's a small slope with very tall pine and maple trees. You have the showers, toilets and maing stage right in front of you and since the speakers face the opposite direction it's not loud at all. There's also a nice shaded area after the chil-out stage but it's a bit of a hassle to get to the main stage, you have to either go to the river bank or pass through the creek and the market stall. I'm realy knit picking here, the festival is small so it's all very close.
  3. Legendary!!!!!! Fat of the Land was played everywhere when it came out. It really helped bring rave cutlure to the mainstream. I agree that "Invader must die" was a good album. They also came to Greece after that album. It was one of the most eventful concerts I've been to: I was on cruches after a meniscus surgery, so I waited to enter the arena as late as possible. Unfortunately that was also what all the free-loaders wanted to do. While I was entering the arena, a crowd of hundreds of people were storming trying to get in for free, they were throwing glass bottles on the arena's walls and the glass was falling on our heads like rain. My friends picked me up from the armpits and carried me inside the venue. The securtiy guards didn't stand a chance so they just let them in. Luckily, a barman saw me in cruches so he invited me inside the bar, so I had all the space in the world while everyone was crushed together (because of all the free loaders). After the concert they also raided a shopping mall that was next to the arena. Really nice night overall! Terrible sound but great energy!
  4. Jak sie masz? My name Borat. I like you. I like sex. Is nice!
  5. I think I've been here since 2001-2. I remember some of that stuff!
  6. Agian this year I have rented a car for 10 days + full insurance for around 330 eur. It was improtant not to rent during 15-17 August since 15 August is a huge holiday in Catholic countries. Prices were double during that weekend. Even If you are 2 ppl the investment will return itself MANY times. I actually did the maths at last ZNA, that we were 5 ppl so the costs were split 5 ways but even 2 ppl makes a lot of sense. Food in the festival and drinks are about 10 times more than expensive than if you make it yourself by going to the supermarket. 50 eur per day for food and alcohol was enough for 5 people (10 eur per person per day). Just a beer from the bar costs 3 eur. And we drink a lot of alchol, we drank about 300 beers (over the whole festival) + 1 bottle of bacardi per day + whatever else we were buying. And we were never hungry, and it's not just about money: We went and washed our clothes at a "lavanderia", we visisted the surrounding area when we felt like we had had enough with the festival and needed to relax a bit. I really can't seen myself (anymore) going to a fest without a car. The only exception really was Aurora festival in North Greece, the camp was situated right at the edge of the town so you really had everything at walking distance but that's something very rare. If you anyone decides to rent don't forget that you must have a Credit card (NOT A DEBIT CARD) with 1000-2000eur availabe limit for the insurance to block for security. Last time it was 900 eur, this time they need 1550 eur (different insurer though).
  7. Another amazing line-up anouncement: Colour Box vs BPU Been waiting almost 20 years for this!
  8. I'm pretty sure Graham Wood played this song at 2017 ZNA TIP live. So it's TIP or some other graham wood project.
  9. I'm quite excited this year that I'm going to go to some concerts that I've always wanted to attend and some that will be repeated: Electric Wizard (it's the 2nd time but the first was only 45 minutes at a festival) SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP Alice in Chains Disturbed Clutch (3rd time) Enslaved (just to please a friend) And probably more.... This autumn I didn't got to any concert (which is very wierd) and the only one I missed was YOB (which was superb from what my friends said) so seems like a good musical year!
  10. A guy that organises chill/mid-tempo events here in Athens also organised a tech-house/techno event, so a lot of people that we usualy attend his parties went there. The vibes were realy bad: People with really nice clothes behaving in a really bad way, it was all coke and ketamine fuelled behaviour. It was definetely much worse than any kind of Full-on/Dark psy event. I think it has to do with the fact that Psy music is quite esoteric, people stick to themselves rather than approach others, with negative or positive intentions.
  11. Odiolab, Moonstone Project (Holeg and Spectral)
  12. It's more than amazing news!
  13. I don't know how feasible that is but Anoebis, Draeke and Solitaire (members of the forum) I'm sure will be Dj'ng there so you can speak with them.
  14. They throw a party every now and then. Usually led by Ion Vader or Star Children.
  15. After so many years going to Goa/Psy parties this is something that I drool for, really like them. Ubar Atmar will be slashed of the list this summer at ZNA. Slinky wizard is one that for some strange conincidence always miss. Here in Athens we have a lot of everything. Prog/Psy is the most popular but there are even Nitzho events every couple of months. There's at least 1 high quality goa event every month. For example this months is Psychaos (Joti), Last month was Charasmatix (earl 00s psy), month before BOTFB. On Satuday we have spectaclar ambient event: Suduaya, Odiolab and Samplestic. Odiolab and Samplestic are from Greece and they are superb, albeit not very famous like Allwoods or Cabeiri. I'm very satisfied. The events are not huge since the scene is very segmented but the music is top notch. Edit: And even small events with local Djs are good. It's a grea time for me, so much to pick from!
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