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  1. "V/A - ZNA Gathering - A Retrofuturistic Compilation

    I got the CD at the fest... I have to agree, it's so so....
  2. Connection 2017 Travel

    I Guess you are the JazaSF posting the videos at youtube!
  3. Why do we keep worshipping the old Gods?

    Is this a Game of Thrones thread? ...The old gods and the new...
  4. Kadasarva - Steamagination

    I agree on the above. One of the best of this decade. IM meets Hallucinogen and they make industrial goa.... It's great
  5. RIP Nemo

    Hadn't seen this either... I don't think we ever discussed much but he was an important contributor to the forum and always had a sober and objective opinion as well as musical knowledge and taste. RIP
  6. Psynews fundraiser

    Where? I only have one theme to choose.
  7. ZNA aftermath!

    This and alot of other of your videos on youtube!!!
  8. Psynews fundraiser

    I think you need to add some contrast to the colours. Everything is too white. It's a bit tiresome Maybe a change in Css : .ipsBox:not( .ipsBox_trasparent ):not( .ipsModerated ) { background-color: #FFF6E1; Get some contrast in the messages background. It gets tiresome with the page background ( both white) Or the other way round, change the page background to a light gray or something like that
  9. Ray Castle's Best stuff

    I can confirm this. Ray Castle's set was superb. One of the best I've ever heard! He played for about 2.5 hours. First 2 hours was all the Aussie/Japan wierdo that we love and the last half hour was more popular well known tracks (tandu, Hallucinogen...). I actuall prefered the firsl 2 hours.
  10. Psynews fundraiser

  11. Psynews fundraiser

    will definitely give some later today!
  12. Early 90s sounding goa trance

    I've heard the track too. It's possible that it is LDC.
  13. ZNA aftermath!

    I was at the beach but listened to all of it... It was a little too club-trancy for my taste (as it has always been), not so psychedelic. Ans she has gotten really chubby!
  14. ZNA aftermath!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAvyNjyGId8 Trunksan, towards the end of the video, with the New Orlean Pelican purple shirt sharing some drinks (how not typical ) with Haris (DJ Fishimself),Dave (BotFB) and Giota. It's funny cause you can hear the typical Greek "Geia mas". I'm pretty sure that at the final day I'll be present at a lot of K-ban's videos since I was dancing in front of him and harassing him all the time!