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  1. I guess most ppl are aware that the fest was cancelled for the obvious "Covid reasons". I had bought 2 tickets and decided to fully donate both of them. Hope the fest takes place in 2 years time! Good luck!
  2. There's also the 20 min unreleased Hallucinogen Desk mix of "Wizard". Mark Ainley played it whole when closing the Goa Guardians session at ZNA.
  3. Discuss, strange that there hasn't been a topic yet. Anyway, got tickets. Already started planning a road trip starting from Athens, than North Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. On the way to the fest I'll try to stop at various concerts and fests, mostly in Bulgaria, since they are quite cheap there compared to the rest of Europe.
  4. What's up with this guy? He has only released a few tracks but they are all mindblowing. How come he hasn't been famous and he has released so few tracks? Joske, Federico..... Tell us more!
  5. I recently bought this along with DAT records full discography and I have 2 things to say: 1) Bandcamp doesn't have Etnica's track 2)This is one of the best compilations ever.... It's simply stunning. Go buy this you idiot!
  6. Except for the first track the rest is just superb. Especially the last 2, DMT and Balloon dance (which is like a Metal sharon + Gamma Goblins remix with other Hallucinogen stuff thrown in).
  7. Checked Pete and Pan's cd. It's quite fluffy, lacks oomph. Could be nice at a beach in the summertime but can't see much more to it. Definitely wouldn't put it in the list.
  8. 1 Kuro and Charm 2 BoTfb 3 ZNA gathering 4 Toal Eclipse 5 Psylent Buddhi 6 Elysium pack (most listened for sure) 7 Pleiadians 8 Analog visions Median project was good but wouldn't put in the list, Ree k. had some good tracks but others were hit and miss, UX didn't like at all. I'm curious about pete and pan. Everyone here seems to praise it. Will go and buy if it has some much acclaim. Will add more or change order later. Edit: Bought Pete and Pan CD and Hypnoxock because I heard it in the past on youtube and liked it!
  9. A 4 hour Psychedelic Experience by the maestros of the forest Goa psy Trance Ka-Sol Vs Battle of the Future Buddhas @ IT Athens 18/01/2020 Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/466756760930493/
  10. I'm high/happy because Adam (Goa Constrictor) gave me a fantastic gift. He "read" my psyche/character and found a truly fabulous gift for my taste!
  11. A LIMITED EDITION GOA CONSTRICTOR PINT GLASS!!!!!! eeeeeeeheheheheheheh I shit you not!!!!! I'm the happiest person in my neigbourhood this morning!!!! This is a prized pocession that will go to a special place in my house! Also, not coincidently BotFB Vs Kasol Video at the background from ZNA 2019
  12. Stopped for a few months. Better venue, sound and location now. I setup the sound (still a few things to do) and video. Will put moving lights and program the lighting after the festive period.
  13. I heard the whole album, many many times while setting up the new IT- Athens night club and then when testing the sound system, that I was listening it in my dreams. I like CD 3 and 4 more because of the new and rare tracks
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