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  1. I'm arriving to HUN the week before the fest. I'll do a bit of touristy stuff and then go to the fest.
  2. Liakos? Is that your Surname? Sounds very Greek.
  3. Tickets for Apsara 2023 are for sale since yesterday. I'll probably buy mine the coming days. Dimension 5 has been announced already and it's one of the projects I'm eager to catch. Questions: Is there any provision for the people that donated their tickets afrer 2020's cancellation? I donated 2 and I'm pretty sure @Stafaan (member of this board) also donated his. It has been stated on FB that a discount wasn't possible but I guess some other token of apreciation could be offered. ~90 eur (I think that's around how much the ticket cost in 2020) isn't a huge amount but it's not insignificant either. Anyway, that's my question. As for the fest: I have a traumatic experience at that location from 2014 SUN fest, when it was raining heavily for a big part of the fest and I had problems with my car because of the mud. I hope the weather is better this time. The location is convenient and it has hosted much bigger fests in the past so I'm confident the organisation of the fest will be straightforward and without problems. I'll fly to Budapest a few days before the fest and do some touristy stuff (like I usually do with fest). Ryanair has cheap plane tickets from many Euro destinations.
  4. Clarity from deep fog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7cF2btpf2Za78j3sKLTNg/playlists Each DAY of ZNA in playlist
  5. True! I was at the market stage during Zen Paradox. Still, a great time with the rest!
  6. I must have been a bit fucked up.... I was there I even have it on camera...
  7. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7cF2btpf2Za78j3sKLTNg/playlists I'll be uploading videos of each day... Every day.... It's a lot of work (I have so much content). Took me 3 hours for day 1 and it's the smallest one.
  8. How did I miss that, what was I doing? I love the track and we have an inside joke with the Goa Constrictor about it. We weren't expecting it to be played. Dada was also good but I left half-way through to catch my mate DJ QSES at the chill. Did he play any Synthetic? Because the first hour was Transwave and old Deedrah.
  9. At youtube Astral Fairy (Despina, the famous GOA Mama and coincidentally neighbor in Athens) has a lot of videos. I will start uploading next week. I am so busy this week after holidays, that every day that I wake up I feel like I've been hit by a train. I have a lot of videos, but it turns out i'm a shitty videographer. The better the performance, the worse the videos because I wouldn't stop dancing.
  10. I really wanted to hear this but I just didn't have the patience to sit through UX. Until I left they hadn't played any of their hits so maybe when they played them towards the end it was better. Zen Paradox I "Sacrificed" for Der Dritte Raum at the Market stage. Not such a wise idea but you don't get to hear such a legend often (but then again, Zen Paradox is also rare). Most people said it was fantastic and fit great for King Andrew Till afterwards. For both I was at the dancefloor but too exhausted, so I opted to go to rest.
  11. Ooooooh, Just realized the connection! Sneaky east-coasters!
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