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  1. Hi guys, wow are everyone's plans for ZNA???? I made a correction to my car rental so I can go on Sunday early morning, set-up my tent and then return to Lisbon for touristy stuff and relaxation. Other than that, all is fine!
  2. Nostalgia galore. Went to my parents' house and found all my old CDs that I could remember. I'm missing anything only a pink Floyd album and a doors album (I might have sold this)
  3. I agree with the guys above first couple of tracks are ok and then its BOOM!
  4. I Will be hanging out at exactly the same tree at the back of the dancefloor with my cooling box full of beers! Beard and glasses still here. ...And Giota started her goat tattoo. It seems to have universal appeal. At the tattoo place and the bikers and skinhead were praising it. Guess they are softies really and hiding it.
  5. I really like biot for home listening. It's not so aggressive, it has a relaxed and friendly vibe. Can't really describe it. It's the kind of music that I put to people that are not accustomed to goa or electronic music in general.
  6. 1) You will never see me in a battlefield with guns against anyone. I did my army serivce at the Cypriot army (armoured vehicle division) and I passed a 1 month training with marines and commandos (fighter's school they call it) and although I loved the phycisal aspect of it (running,weights...) I hated the gun part (we trained with live fire) since the Cypriot army isn't part of NATO, we had a mixture of Western and Russian weapons. AK47s were the best. M60 (this is the one Rambo used at Rambo II) and M100 were mounted on BMP3 s(Russian light armoured vehicle). 2)The martials arts school were I teach and train grappling (BJJ, Judo and Wrestling) is owned by 2 guys from Kazakhstan (Pontic Greeks in Origin). In fact, the city (Aspropirgos) is full of Pontic anc Caucasian Greeks who after 1992 returned to their homeland (Greece) after thousands of years there. The kids (except for me and the owners who approach 40 years, the rest are below 23 years old) are 90%+ Pontic and Caucasian Greek, most from cities where there were big Greek communities like Soukoumi, Krasnodar, Rostov, Yessentuki and the Stavropol region. Usually the ones from Kazakhstan come from families that Stalin exiled there. Everyone hates the ones from Soukoumi because they were wealthy so they paid Stalin to leave them alone. Most of the kid's parents speak little if any Greek and the communicate in Russian. Some are actually Russian that have simply emigrated to Greece with fake documents and have gotten Greek citizenship even though they are not of Greek decent. On Wednesday I trained with a guy that was a member of the Greek wrestling squad he was born in Saran (I think that's how he called the city) Kazakhstan.
  7. Philosophy=love wisdom Greek ppl are not philosophers for sure. Ancient Greece produced a lot of amazing scientists and thinkers but that's in a span of at least 2000 years, the average person had a lower iq, shorter life span and was shorter and less physicaly gifted. The best example is the armour of king Philip of Macedonia. He was considered a big man for that time and his armour shows that he was about 162 tall. Going 2000 yeas before that to Santorini, the houses look like hobbits lived in them.
  8. I honestly don't understand if this is serious or irony. And I love the Lambada song! I fell in love with Portugal so I'm learning Portuguese ATM (Lambada is a Brazilian song, so the language is Portouguese).
  9. As we've already discussed. I'll go to the festival site early Sunday to reserve my spot and also for other friends. Will leave ASAP and continue my touristy adventures in Libon and return the next day.
  10. Also... to show off a bit: I'm close friens with Haris (DJ Fishimself) who is a stage manager at Ozora, ZNA and many other festivals all of the world, from the US to AUS. I will be heavily involved in the new bar/club he is preparing (fingers crossed it all goes well). Also, I've completed the L-Acoustics fundamentals and K (level 1 and 2 seminars in Paris and I've frequented seminars and training from some of the biggest sound and lighting companies like clair brothers, vari lite, Robe... I'm a certified Smaart user and the plan is to become the instructor for the Greek language (along with my colleague Panagiotis) in a couple of years. I will be sporting Clair Brothers and Smaart t-shirts at ZNA. Stafaan, you know how I look, but even if you don't you'll know me from my shirts. Although you can spot Yiota (my fiancee) from a thousand miles.
  11. I come from a musical family: My father plays various wind instruments (barytone, flute, clarinet...) and piano, he's also a singer at the Greek orthodox church so he knows both European and Byzantine music. He was a local radio dj so we still have at our house a lot of vinyls and 45s, some might actually have collecto's value. He has bags of 45s singles from the 60's/70's. So at our house we always listened to vinyal and got a cd player at around 92. My first CDs where REM - Out of time and Ace of base. Some of the CDs my father bought at the time were from the up and rising dance culture, mostly the RAVE collection and also some of the POP collections had dance music in it, like 2 unlimited and even Robert miles and the prodicgy. Around 1998 a friend gave me an mp3 cd with dance music, stuff like tiesto, van dyke, inside it was also Astral Projection-mahadeva which was my favourite. Went to uni at the north of the UK (Sunderland and Newcastle), connected with some of the older students. Became a regular at the AMAZING "Foundation club". Some of the Greek students were also goa/psy fans so I went to my first psy party in London with them (Asia 2001, Reefer decree) and became hooked. Next year (2002) went to Samorthaki and Vision quest in Japan and the rest is history. When I returned to Greece after my first year at Uni (summer 2001), I realized that there was a huge goa/psy culture around me that I wasn't aware because I was underage (DAAAAH) which I've been part of since I returned to Greece after my studying, travels and army (2007). Some of my frineds (now) were involved in the first steps of electronic music in Greece. Mostly through Nikos Liatsikas (Nikos LL) who started organising dance parties at Alepohori (near Athens) around 92-94. My friend Yiannis (DJ Sativarious jo) has a huge collection of DATs especially from Etnicanet and Spiral Trax but he hasn't even bothered copying them, he's so occupied with hid job, his farm and animals that he ignores them. The past 5 years I work for one of the biggest PA companies in Greece, mostly for Greek live Pop music (mpouzoukia) but this year we also worked on some big international productions like Slayer, Cypress hill, Clutch...
  12. Mars (Fabien) and Anoebis (Joske) have very good relationship with the organisers. Maybe you can play at the after party. Ask them. Masa and Ray are superb
  13. Last few times I heard them they play the new tracks from the classics remix album and their originals. They've been great. In fact they were the reason most of the younger kids in my town switched to goa aouy 7-8 years ago. I gave free entrances for the event (i knew the organisers) and they were blown away. After that it was all: No more crap music, just goa and old school psy. Aboyt 15 ppl came and since then everyone abandoned te crap.
  14. What kind of tournament Matt? Last Saturday was a bitter sweet day. The best club for underground electronic music in Athens shut down because a Greek American investor bought the whole building. Hari aka DJ Fishimself ( of ZNA, SUN, ozora... fame) was running it. I'm confident he'll get a new spot soon. We had a closing party and there were a lot of ZNAers there. We are all very excited about it. Of course, the biggest ZNA groupie is the world famous Goa fairy Despina AstralFairy. We to talk about the fest almost every day. We are setting our plans!!!! I feel like a little kid!!!
  15. Anyway, psynews members, you probably won't recognise me unless you know me, even if I send a pic. HOWEVER You will definetely recognise my fiancee. She is a particular person who draws the attention; at fests people approach her and talk to her all the time. Which is great, because she leaves me alone to party (she talks a lot). She has VERY VERY long finger nails, so her Nickname is "The wolverine" (Although, technically, she is the Sabretooth, Wolverine's brother) and she also has a baby wolverine tattoo on her left waste. She's getting a new one now on her front right hip: "A goat playing with wool (like a cat would)". She loves knitting and she comes from a small village where most ppl are shepperds and farmer,so it's homage to her homeland. If you see her I'll probably somewhere nearby. Go talk to her.
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