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  1. Trunksan

    Two deep and stylish psy tracks to ID (1997 – 2000)

    I'm pretty sure Graham Wood played this song at 2017 ZNA TIP live. So it's TIP or some other graham wood project.
  2. Trunksan

    The metal thread

    I'm quite excited this year that I'm going to go to some concerts that I've always wanted to attend and some that will be repeated: Electric Wizard (it's the 2nd time but the first was only 45 minutes at a festival) SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP Alice in Chains Disturbed Clutch (3rd time) Enslaved (just to please a friend) And probably more.... This autumn I didn't got to any concert (which is very wierd) and the only one I missed was YOB (which was superb from what my friends said) so seems like a good musical year!
  3. Trunksan

    The State of Psy Parties

    A guy that organises chill/mid-tempo events here in Athens also organised a tech-house/techno event, so a lot of people that we usualy attend his parties went there. The vibes were realy bad: People with really nice clothes behaving in a really bad way, it was all coke and ketamine fuelled behaviour. It was definetely much worse than any kind of Full-on/Dark psy event. I think it has to do with the fact that Psy music is quite esoteric, people stick to themselves rather than approach others, with negative or positive intentions.
  4. Trunksan

    Artists with unique live acts

    Odiolab, Moonstone Project (Holeg and Spectral)
  5. Trunksan

    ZNA 2019?

    It's more than amazing news!
  6. Trunksan

    ZNA 2019?

    I don't know how feasible that is but Anoebis, Draeke and Solitaire (members of the forum) I'm sure will be Dj'ng there so you can speak with them.
  7. Trunksan

    The State of Psy Parties

    They throw a party every now and then. Usually led by Ion Vader or Star Children.
  8. Trunksan

    The State of Psy Parties

    After so many years going to Goa/Psy parties this is something that I drool for, really like them. Ubar Atmar will be slashed of the list this summer at ZNA. Slinky wizard is one that for some strange conincidence always miss. Here in Athens we have a lot of everything. Prog/Psy is the most popular but there are even Nitzho events every couple of months. There's at least 1 high quality goa event every month. For example this months is Psychaos (Joti), Last month was Charasmatix (earl 00s psy), month before BOTFB. On Satuday we have spectaclar ambient event: Suduaya, Odiolab and Samplestic. Odiolab and Samplestic are from Greece and they are superb, albeit not very famous like Allwoods or Cabeiri. I'm very satisfied. The events are not huge since the scene is very segmented but the music is top notch. Edit: And even small events with local Djs are good. It's a grea time for me, so much to pick from!
  9. Trunksan

    ZNA 2019?

    As for the tent. I bought one for 20 eurs and just left it there...... AND I PACKED IT SO THAT SOMEONE COULD PICK IT UP EASILY, I DIDN'T ABANDON IT ALL SET UP.
  10. Trunksan

    ZNA 2019?

    Well, I've rented a big house in Ponte de sor (closest big town). At the last edition we did the same thing (5 of us). We rented from day 3 til the end. The first 2 days are perfect but after 3-4 days living standards standards in the tent start to deteriorate (thoery of chaos) and I can't be bohered to put them in order. A good nights sleep in clean sheets and a hot bath are always nice. Also at festivals, often, I feel like I need a change of environment, just to go out have a decent lunch, sit at a park etc. Last time we even went to a lavo-mat (lavanderia) and washed our clothes, it was really funny because the cops stopped us on the way back and they opened the trunk of the car lookin for drugs and they were met with bags of freshly washed aromatic clothes! From the main road to the fest is about 10km of dirt so one must have a vehicle. Having a car means that you also save A SHIT LOAD of money on alochol and food. As for the line-up, it's already phenomenal. My friend Haris (DJ Fishimself) is one of the stage managers at the Chill stage and he told me that they are negotiating for a projects that's going to be historical. A HUGE ACT (not of the psy/goa scene) that rarely plays in fests. I can't tell you the project but it is legenday. I already knew about Juno Reactor, so it wasn't a surprise for me. Today they announced Total Eclipse with 2/3 of the original line up, they did the same thing for the Twisted Bday in 2006 but their live was not good at all, it seemed like they were not on good terms. I hope their relationship is better now. GNOTR with full line up would be great. Slinky Wizard is also another project that I keep on missing at fests, hope I catch!
  11. Trunksan

    ZNA 2019?

    That's exactly what happened to me and the same happened to a friend of mine. I sent them an e-mail today for them to take care of the double charge. DJ Banel of Iboga fame was the one replying and said they reversed it. I hope that they don't mess things up and cancel the order too. Will wait until I get the final credit card statement and then bother them again to make sure everything is fine.
  12. The legendary Greek documentary... heheheheheh.... I'm a bit younger, only started partying in Athens around 2001. And at the 17:22 mark is the future Top Model, Dorothea Merkouri, who has said many times in her interviews that she was a raver as teen/young woman.
  13. Trunksan

    ZNA 2019?

    Got my presale tickets (100 eur) yesterday. I'm very happy! It was a massacre. The 100 eur tickets were sold in about 20 minutes. I got mine at about the 7 minutes mark. Phase 1 and 2 tickets were sold out in a few hours, now it's only the last phase which was supposed to last unti 1st August. I doubt it will last a lot more. Last chance for some people will be to go to their local ambassadors. My friends didn't have cash at hand so I didn't buy tickets for them, since they still owe me money from the 2017 edition. If they want tickets, they will have to be quick to get them from our local ambassador (Haris AKA DJ Fishimelf). Now my problem is that my credit card has been charged twice, because of technical problems. I'm actually trying to solve this matter today, without jeperdizing my tickets. Anyway, we'll talk about it in the next months.
  14. Trunksan

    Whats the 1st Track You Show Someone?

    I usually play them something easy to the ears and catchy: MWNN or Juno reactor, Jaia is also a good choice, art or trance, Miranda. Generally, what is closer to the club-trance sound. Juno reactor - pistolero (MWNN remix) is usually my first choice, it's a happy-catchy-cluby song yet still psychedelic. I think the more complicated, acidic stuff that I really enjoy and people praise are simply not easy for someone not acquainted with this kind of music or at least other types of electronic music: Hallucinogen, TIP, Nervasystem, Koxbox, BoTFb etc and many many more I think are too complicated.
  15. Trunksan

    ZNA aftermath!

    There is some dark music played at night, like Tim Schuldt, Xenomorph, BotFB but not forest. Probaly the best festival for "forest in a forest" is MoDem.