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  1. Just received it and playing at home. Very trippy agressive, distorted, night-time goa. Unexpectedly good! The only thing strange seems to be that the tracks end abruptly. There's a nice atmoshpere or a nice overall build up but the end of tracks seems sometimes lackluster. Still very good.
  2. I've only heard great things about this album so I ordered it. Already have the digital files but waiting for the CD!
  3. You are perfecly right at what you are saying. Couldn't agree more. It has happeend a lot of times. Organisers advertising about old-school/retro sets and the artists coming and playing new stuff. I honestly don't get it, it shows a total lack of respect to the audience. I was hugely dissapointed with Jaia's set (one of my favourite producers) because he decided to end it with his cinematic stuff... It was tottaly unticlimax. It should have been exactly the other way round: Start with cinematic stuff, then the prog stuff and finish with a bang with goa. He went exactly the opposite way. His set was one of the few "real" lives of the fest, with remixes and tweaking and use of the keyboard (even Simon P's set was more minimal technicaly) and the sound quality was simply superb BUT the order was a problem.
  4. Ordered, along with BOTFB and some other CDs!
  5. I liked the set. It wasn't Old-School in terms of the sound but I enjoyed it. His Chil-set a few hours before him starting the closing party was very good though.
  6. I think it's the logical continuation after ZNA. Much rarer and interesting projects, definitely a fest for the music lovers not for the casual listener.
  7. Maybe Apsara next year? That's a very interesting fest! Come to Greece and we go road tripping there, just find another person too cause the car can fit 4!
  8. Finally fixed aDsl at home. Pics below. Showing my bloody burnt hands! Staffan visiting the Greek/American camp.
  9. Just to add on the Elysium issue: From personal knowledge there are 4 occasions where Elysium was booked and didn't come: Athens, Greece - Friend's party with Arkanoydz (flight booked) ZNA 2017 and 2019 - Don't know the financials Japan, Matsuri. Prepaid and flight booked. Never went, never returned his fee. I was at ZNA with Hiroko when Masa was playing instead of Space Dwarves (Kristian's project) and she mentioned this. In fact, before the fest started I said to the Goa Constrictor: "I bet Kristian bails on this as usual" It was an easy guess. Wish I'd seen this yesterday (finished today), would have been part of it.
  10. Greek, Swedish, French, Belgian, American meeting @ ZNA Closing party Anoebis, Fishimself, Giotoulihno, Filteria, Goa constrictor, Mars, Chris. Photo by Trunksan Staffan - Those photos are at my laptop. Will send the following days
  11. Koxbox played at around 2 like stafaan said. Before it was almost 6 hours of Mark Allen, who was playing waiting for Frank E. Quirk and the waiting part for Frank E was good, the first part I didn't like, it was anthem after anthem badly mixed. Did Koxbox play modern tracks the last half hour? Cause I went to change clothes and get some food for Masa Ray and it seemed so from there. The only DJ that played some seriously rare and old stuff was Graig Staikos. Check his playlist... I know very little. Infinity Zen for example is from Greece with vey little discography.
  12. Hi, not as good as the previous one but still AMAZING! I'm pretty sure everyone knows already that literary the whole fest was hit by a stomach bug (bacteria, virus... who knows). I got it lightly but almost everyone I know was affected, including staff and artists. I'm posting vids and photos as I'm still in Lisbon for holidays until Saturday. https://www.facebook.com/tassos.oikonomopoulos Traveled and camped all days with the Goa constrictor! He was a great travel companion and had looooooaaaaaaads of fun with the Yank. He blended well with the Greeks and other Europeans!! Big shout to our Austrian neighbor, Dr. Lina (she's actually a medical doctor doing her practice in Portugal). Loads of dancefloor time with Staffan too! Highlights: Colourbox/BPU (my guilty pleasure), BOTFB/KASOL (highlight for most ppl), UV Atmar, Masa Ray, Filteria, DJ solitaire, DJ Greg Staikos, Koxbox, quirk At Chll (didn't catch much): RA, Holeg and Thierry, Odiolab Nice surprises: Portamento (I think he needs a few more albums but overall good fun), DJ Psara (massive set, totally unexpected for me), Dissapointments: Last half our of Jaia.... Why finish the set with the cinematic stuff... put them at the beginning and finish with a bang.... No brainstorm, no mohamour, no nasty angel (my favourite), horrible MFG sound quality. I don't know what Kasol does at the studio but his production is DIAMOMD, as a soundr/live music person I was blown away, best sound quality at the fest. 12th time Hallucinogen, probably the 2nd worse but still good. More sleep needed! Edit: Also spent 2 days with Dagger and his cousin Nanti!!! Very nice educated ppl!
  13. Hi guys, wow are everyone's plans for ZNA???? I made a correction to my car rental so I can go on Sunday early morning, set-up my tent and then return to Lisbon for touristy stuff and relaxation. Other than that, all is fine!
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