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What were your favourite cartoons as a kid?


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I'd go with Dangermouse


It still stands up today which a lot of those cartoons from a long time ago don't





Oh yeah, both were great!! Maybe I should get a boxset to rewatch them.

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Easy favorites


Beast Wars

Ninja Turtles

Dino Riders - I dont remember much. 80's cartoon ;p dinosaurs and laser guns!!

Batman the Animated Series

X-Men and Spiderman from the 90's


these 3 mainly when a teenager in junior high era

Cowboy Bebop

Batman Beyond

and Dragonball Z


I watched nickelodeon shows as a kid I may not care for now but some are still good.

Gargoyles - good mature kids cartoon

Rugrats - whatever ;p

Doug - still awesome!

Hey Arnold

Ren & Stimpy

Rocko's Modern Life - better than Ren & Stimpy ;O (fightin' words ;p)


others Im forgetting

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A lot of the cartoons you have shown are known of course. Ivan I don't know what you had going on there. Was that regional? Reminded me of this:




I know Krusty, what the hell was that?



Fat Albert - so racist, could never show this today

He-Man - the most unintentionally homo erotic cartoon ever.


Johnny Quest/Space Ghost - before he was a talk show host

Inspector Gadget


Ren & Stimpy


Funny, I'm still watching cartoons with my kids. Dora, Spongebob, Peter Rabbit, Peppa Pig, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies.



I'm the coolest Dad evahhhhhhh!!!! And I've never had to grow up.



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