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    Hi Croatians here, i have the pleasure to visit your country the next two weeks, will be around Zadar, Pula, some lovely islands... My Mp3 player is already prepared, found some good stuff from Neogoa + Lunar Dawn, Psilocybian, Stonebride, She Loves Pablo... What you think, is there some croatian music we definitely HAVE TO LISTEN TO ??? everything electronic or rock is worth a mention, traditionals also, croatian rap maybe? Thanks for answers!
  2. L O V E B I O T his 2 albums cross borders of the techno trance and acid goa genres in a very gentle way, still i wouldn't recommend Biot for homelistening only, a proper party with entrancing and hypnotic music could definitively benefit from some of his tracks not often you find good remixes of good tracks from the same artist
  3. Thanks Aspartic, nice job ! But I'm sorry to say that Igor Swamp could be some angry, since one of his votes went unrecognized
  4. Pure Analog Do you know this one? Neurobiotic Records had some great Full-On. I found them at the forefront of melodic psy in the early 00's, fullon with a touch. My girlfriend also liked Tikal, maybe a reason why i share some more thoughts with this label. Anyways, give it a go A really nice guy I've met years ago (and still manage to contact once in a while- cheers Yan!), for sure has also some love for Silicon Sound. Listen to this hidden pearl
  5. Hi everyone, have a verygood or nearmint version of Goasia's first album on Suntrip - From other Spaces. Never been much into his sound, so I'm glad to give it to someone who's appreciating it. Give me a message if you're willing to buy or trade it. Btw, I'm not into searching for the best big deal, so don't fear, I''m sure we will figure something out. Cheers
  6. btw UP 1. nangijala - fermented behaviour (zenon) 2. deviant species - advent of the blue radula (trick music) 3. juno reactor - the mutant theatre (metropolis) 4. igor swamp - akrabadabra (hippiekiller/nullzone) 5. va - lost diamonds (digital diamonds) 6. va - psychedelic depths (manifold studio) 7. va - hadra trance festival (hadra) 8. etnica - the juggling alchemist... (dat) 9. infected mushroom - head of nasa... (monstercat) 10. sab kuch milegator - surrounded by surreality (self) DOWN 1. the polish ambassador + the diplomatic scandal - land of the lush (self) 2. dr. trippy - bhang! (disco gecko) 3. youth + gaudi - astronaut alchemists (liquid sound) 4. sephira - the master work (self) 5. maiia - evolution (mystic sound) 6. va - blue dubs vol.1 (blue hour sounds) 7. abraham carmona - ibiza (liquid sound) 8. va - ethnostep 8 (subbass) BEST TRACK very tough question, especially my no.1 contains a few favourites, but i will go with this mellow-funky-acid-trance-number, a classic from a pioneering act
  7. lovely intro to a extremely lovely album
  8. speaking of Nangijala - Fermented Behaviour THIS of all the releases last year, Nangijala is by far my favourite. atmospheric and hypnotic, gloomy but playful, great developments, sweet melancholic and entrancing progressive psytrance - like alot of old Zenon releases this track takes some time, but that's the case with alot of good progressive, right?
  9. Kaminanda offers all his older releases for NYP That said, a new Kaminanda is out
  10. 100 copies made, exclusively made for the pledging people, right? 4 sellers at Discogs atm selling it off for ridiculous prices - man, i can't get used to the thinking that people pledge for limited releases for only reselling them expensively
  11. Deviant Species - Advent of the Blue Radula --- great night time psy with a theme Captain Hook - Origin --- believe it or not, some nice proggy acid grooves in here Igor Swamp - Akrabadabra --- a strong contender for the Suomi Hall of Fame Nangijala - Fermented Behaviour --- came out of the nowhere, strong emotional Zenon stuff, my favourite 2018 release Juno Reactor and Infected Mushroom --- both releases are typical JR / IM, love 'em or hate 'em Fobi - This is not a test EP --- surprising catch, give this a chance if you're into deep and melodious darkpsy Abraxas (Cosmosis + Quantica) - Inner Worlds --- haven't heard yet, might be great Digital Reprints Releases --- strong work, big respect, unfortunately i was late with Cosmosis' release (any chance to get it somewhere???) Youth & Gaudi --- you can't go wrong with them LSD releases, i also missed the LP version dr trippy - Bhang! --- fun album, self-described as Punjabi Swamp Music, i really like this genre
  12. stumbled upon this today, instantly felt happy a tad sad now, i miss some catchy tunnel atmo thanks for sharing !!
  13. nice compilation, even if we don't find "a brand new style" or something "which might differ from what you are used to hearing", the Techtrance fans might enjoy here something like i did the first 4 tracks come from Cybered and Sulima (together: Manifold) and while they are not amongst the best from these guys, they deliver typical stuff: pumping beats and eerie atmospheres. my highlight is no.3 - greetings to the Delta and Spirallianz !! ;) the middle section i found forgettable, nice parts here and there but too soft and uninteresting if you started in a Cybered Tunnel the last two tracks are enjoyable, Jankia is weird and challenging but fortunately not too excessive, Echoes is a smooth closer so: why is there no more like this?
  14. JUNO REACTOR THE MUTANT THEATRE 2018 METROPOLIS ## Heavy-Metal-Robots in a Psy-Circus ## 1. Return of the Pistolero 2. Our World 3. Let's Turn On 4. Dakota 5. Alien 6. The Sky is Blue the Sky is Black 7. Showtime 8. Voyager 304 9. Tannhauser Gate The Mutant Theatre is Juno Reactor's ninth album and while most of the recent output of our beloved oldschoolers sucked pretty bad, Ben Watkins, the main brain behind this project, seems to be one of the few last psy-man standing. JR is not only one of our pioneers in the psychedelic scene, JR is also wellknown in the rest of the world, JR music is on radios, cinemas and partys - JR is a trademark. So, normally from that point everything goes down. Not so here... The album starts off with a lengthy remix of the famous Pistolero track. I liked the original, mostly because of its innovativeness, but the melodies can get annoying quite fast. Nothing different with the remix here, all the main parts of the original appear rearranged in a 11minute monster. Bodyshaking for sure, a surprising start into the Mutant Theatre, but to be honest, this comes as a cheap trick to generate some buzz around the Juno homeboys. The next 6 tracks are all typical Juno CyberPsy, showcasing the broad musical spectrum and unique feeling for cinematic trance Ben Watkins and his brew still hold. We get euphoric tribal chants, indian cyber drums, razorsharp scifi-effects, heavenly rolling mutant moves, alienesque retro basses, futuristic laserleads ...man... this is so fucking good, it's unbelievable that an oldschooler still has the receipt: stay true, go neo and hit hard. So much power in the tracks, very enjoyable and diverse, and with Let's Turn On we have another true sing-along hit. Michele Adamson's wise lyrics combined with a pure Electro-Retro-Trance-Bouncer, this could be warped right out of the 80's. A highlight of the album, especially for the masses. I'm pretty sure this rocked plenty dancefloors this summer. The last two tracks go relaxed, remembering us that Ben is also a downtempo mastermind. I prefer most of the experimental and slower tracks in Juno's discography, here it is Voyager 304 that stands out with its incredible grooviness and funky house. What else to say? You can't go wrong with a Juno Reactor album! 25 years and still alive, still inventive, still creative, thanks for so many good memories, amazing musical moments, thanks for not selling off but staying psychedelic - PEACE Official Website Bandcamp
  15. 1. Ancient Language 2. Purpose 3. Fading Definitions 4. The Eolian 5. Mosaik - Melo (Escape Into Remix) 6. Another World The Mirror is Escape Into's third offering, once again a nice portion of tracks from two guys de Rio de Janeiro. While the first two EPs - or first album if you will - surprised with powerful rollercoaster trance and a heavy tone of humour, this one here is a harmonious trip through different soundscapes of downtempo music. Of course you recognize the duo's earlier work, their ability to tell a story with skillful arrangements and good sense of timing is here also very present and shine through every minute of this release. Emphasis on melodious parts and a overall cinematic feel give the whole compositions an entertaining touch. Sadly, this doesn't rock so much anymore, i miss the power and craziness, the funny turns, the soft suomi influence of their previous work. I was impressed with their take on psy when it came out and still love the old tracks, while The Mirror leaves me somehow unsatisfied. That said, don't listen to other's opinions too much, make up your own mind and give this a try, these two brazilian brothers definitely have some skills. By the way, a full album with Escape Into freeform psychedelics, packed with fun and various tempos and styles could be really interesting at this moment of their career..... Bandcamp
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