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  1. JUNO REACTOR THE MUTANT THEATRE 2018 METROPOLIS ## Heavy-Metal-Robots in a Psy-Circus ## 1. Return of the Pistolero 2. Our World 3. Let's Turn On 4. Dakota 5. Alien 6. The Sky is Blue the Sky is Black 7. Showtime 8. Voyager 304 9. Tannhauser Gate The Mutant Theatre is Juno Reactor's ninth album and while most of the recent output of our beloved oldschoolers sucked pretty bad, Ben Watkins, the main brain behind this project, seems to be one of the few last psy-man standing. JR is not only one of our pioneers in the psychedelic scene, JR is also wellknown in the rest of the world, JR music is on radios, cinemas and partys - JR is a trademark. So, normally from that point everything goes down. Not so here... The album starts off with a lengthy remix of the famous Pistolero track. I liked the original, mostly because of its innovativeness, but the melodies can get annoying quite fast. Nothing different with the remix here, all the main parts of the original appear rearranged in a 11minute monster. Bodyshaking for sure, a surprising start into the Mutant Theatre, but to be honest, this comes as a cheap trick to generate some buzz around the Juno homeboys. The next 6 tracks are all typical Juno CyberPsy, showcasing the broad musical spectrum and unique feeling for cinematic trance Ben Watkins and his brew still hold. We get euphoric tribal chants, indian cyber drums, razorsharp scifi-effects, heavenly rolling mutant moves, alienesque retro basses, futuristic laserleads ...man... this is so fucking good, it's unbelievable that an oldschooler still has the receipt: stay true, go neo and hit hard. So much power in the tracks, very enjoyable and diverse, and with Let's Turn On we have another true sing-along hit. Michele Adamson's wise lyrics combined with a pure Electro-Retro-Trance-Bouncer, this could be warped right out of the 80's. A highlight of the album, especially for the masses. I'm pretty sure this rocked plenty dancefloors this summer. The last two tracks go relaxed, remembering us that Ben is also a downtempo mastermind. I prefer most of the experimental and slower tracks in Juno's discography, here it is Voyager 304 that stands out with its incredible grooviness and funky house. What else to say? You can't go wrong with a Juno Reactor album! 25 years and still alive, still inventive, still creative, thanks for so many good memories, amazing musical moments, thanks for not selling off but staying psychedelic - PEACE Official Website Bandcamp
  2. Blubber

    Escape Into - The Mirror (Ektoplazm)

    1. Ancient Language 2. Purpose 3. Fading Definitions 4. The Eolian 5. Mosaik - Melo (Escape Into Remix) 6. Another World The Mirror is Escape Into's third offering, once again a nice portion of tracks from two guys de Rio de Janeiro. While the first two EPs - or first album if you will - surprised with powerful rollercoaster trance and a heavy tone of humour, this one here is a harmonious trip through different soundscapes of downtempo music. Of course you recognize the duo's earlier work, their ability to tell a story with skillful arrangements and good sense of timing is here also very present and shine through every minute of this release. Emphasis on melodious parts and a overall cinematic feel give the whole compositions an entertaining touch. Sadly, this doesn't rock so much anymore, i miss the power and craziness, the funny turns, the soft suomi influence of their previous work. I was impressed with their take on psy when it came out and still love the old tracks, while The Mirror leaves me somehow unsatisfied. That said, don't listen to other's opinions too much, make up your own mind and give this a try, these two brazilian brothers definitely have some skills. By the way, a full album with Escape Into freeform psychedelics, packed with fun and various tempos and styles could be really interesting at this moment of their career..... Bandcamp
  3. Blubber

    Looking for melodic forest tracks

    Tengri - Old Soul is a great album, no mossy labyrinthian forest trance, either atmospheric, with haunting chants, mystic stuff and such
  4. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    sorry for not responding earlier Manuser, cause you're right, bpm-wise it's not a downtempo album. but in every other aspect it's a relaxed album and suits best in chilled atmosphere. long intros, subtle instrumentation, clever arrangements, humble bass, no fullon (Arabian Lights - 5min drummy opening with gentle guitarsounds growing into 2min groovy uplift-trance - love it!!) - i experience this as a very relaxing stuff think this is the reason why the 2 or 3 votes for Spira Mirabilis where consistently in people's downtempo list however - you should all listen to this album
  5. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    Here you can see the final results of the 2017 poll Thanks for participation and thanks to VoidMantra for starting the topic (hope you're fine with me entering the poll ) Maybe mods can pin the results in the review section like the years before CHEERS to the winners !!
  6. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017" Results

    Here are the results from the "Best of 2017" poll (link to the voting thread) UPTEMPO (21 votes) 01. 70 pts - Hypnoxock - Eurythmia (Goa Madness Records) 02. 55 pts - Morphic Resonance - Trip to the Stars (Dat Records) 03. 52 pts - JaraLuca - Fata Morgana (Goa Madness Records) 04. 50 pts - VA - Terraformer (Global Sect Music) 05. 46 pts - VA - Inti (Suntrip Records) 06. 44 pts - VA - 604 Syndroms (Mamomam Records) 07. 39 pts - GoaTree - Black Star of the Death (Neogoa Records) 08. 37 pts - K.O.B. - Identity Mash (Suntrip Records) 09. 34 pts - VA - Dimensional Gateway 5 (Neogoa Records) 10. 32 pts - Tengri - Old Soul (Parvati Records) 11. 31 pts - VA - Fluorotronik (Tranceform Records) 12. 27 pts - Gubbology - Anachronism (Troll N Roll Records) 13. 23 pts - VA - Phases of Madness (Goa Madness Records) 14. 20 pts - VA - Dimensional Gateway 4 (Neogoa Records) VA - BGF Chronicles (Neogoa Records) Martian Arts - Giant Locusts (TIP Records) 15. 19 pts - X-Dream - Remixed (Flying Rhino Records) Silent Horror - Hex (Devils Mind Records) 16. 16 pts - Infected Mushroom - Return to the Sauce (Hom-Mega) Kromagon - Ravings of a Madman (Zenon Records) 17. 15 pts - VA - Good Vibrations (Yggdrasil Records) 18. 13 pts - VA - Goa Trance Legacy 3 (Spacedock Records) Somnesia - Cosmic Resonance (Timewarp Records) 19. 11 pts - Spirit Architect - Moonshine (Dacru Records) 20. 10 pts - Jikooha - Spacemen Underground (Matsuri Digital) You'll Never Know - You'll Never Know EP (Dat Records) Koan - Crossing The Rubicon (Blue Tunes Recordings) 21. 09 pts - Collabar Project - Alien Technology (No Comment Records) Tangentti - Ten Years After (Foil On) Purosurpo - Purosurpo EP (Sanaton Records / Devils Mind Records) VA - Hommega 20 (Hom-Mega) Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World Revisited (Neogoa Records) Schizoid Bears - Dictator of Silence (Forest Freaks) 22. 08 pts - Wanderwelle - Lost In A Se a Of Trees (Silent Seaon) Oraalidonitsi - Avaruusvauvojen iltahämärä VA - Pote 2 (Blind Arc) E-Mantra - Compendium Vol 1 (Melusine Records) VA - Polarity (Techno side) (Ultimae Records) VA - Gate To The Past (Zion 604 Records) 23. 07 pts - VA - Ancient Cultures (Transcape Records) Erätarkastaja - Kolmas erä (Foil On) Airi - Conscious Species (Zenon Records) Cat on Mushroom - Reincarnation (self-released) VA - Heart Of Goa Vol 5 (Ovnimoon Records) VA - Spirit Of Goa Trance Vol.2 (Fresh Frequencies) Dragon – Cryptographic (Omveda Records) VA - Hologram - 20 years Iboga (Iboga Records) 24. 06 pts - Vishuddha - Untold Tales (Cosmodelica Records) VA ‎– Mind Games (Moon Koradji Records) VA - Audiodrugz (Nullzone) Freedom Fighters - Edge (Hom-Mega) Ovnimoon – Voyage (Ovnimoon Records) Lunarave & Psylence Mind - Donkey Therapy (OVNI Records) 25. 05 pts - VA - Vokuhila Mori (Mathematician) Darth Phader - Acid Faija (People Of The Butterflies) Psilocybian - Third Eye Itch (BMSS Records) Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (Suntrip Records) VA - Metahorizon (TesseractStudio) Traxon - Midi Maze (Forestdelic Records) Tropical Bleyage - Reality Drop (Dacru Records) U-Recken - Nothing is sacred (Dacru Records) 26. 04 pts - Mad Tribe - Amazing Tales From Outer Space (TIP Records) VA - Audio Poppers (Trance Bum Productions) California Sunshine - Festival of Life (Dacru Records) VA - Challenge From Beyond (Bhooteshwara Records) Yarakaviam - Experiment (Deviant Force Records) Braincell - Connecting Multiverses (Blue Hour Sounds) Diksha - Teletranceport (Sangoma Records) 27. 03 pts - Overdream - Thodarum EP (self-released) VA - Takamatsu Nightlife (Nullzone) Amithaba Buddha - Origins (Filipe Santos Music) 28. 02 pts - Nobot - No Fun (Parvati Records) VA - Goa Trance Legacy 2 (Spacedock Records) VA - ZNA Gathering A Retro Futuristic Compilation (Dust N Dance) 29. 01 pts - Suomies - Jokin tie (self-released) Rayavana - Exit Human Perception (Neogoa Records) VA - The B Side (Chronicle Of Mystery Records) Earthspace - As Above So Below (Nano Records) Sadle - Organo Genesis (Geomagnetic Records) Daniel Lesden - 2000 Years Ahead (Digital Om Productions) DOWNTEMPO (15 votes) 01. 66 pts - Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts (Blood Music) 02. 63 pts - Shpongle - Codex VI (Twisted Records) 03. 29 pts - Eat Static - Last Ship to Paradise (Interchill Records) 04. 27 pts - Ajja - Spira Mirabilis (TIP Records) 05. 25 pts - Saafi Brothers ‎- The Quality Of Being One (Liquid Sound Design) 06. 22 pts - Mindsphere - Mental Triplex: Mindream (Suntrip Records) 07. 21 pts - Zymosis - Insight (Sentimony Records) 08. 18 pts - Martin Nonstatic - Ligand (Ultimae Records) 09. 16 pts - VA - Polarity (Ambient Side) (Ultimae Records) 10. 15 pts - Entheogenic - Dreamtime Physics (self-released) VA - Greenosophy Chapter 2 (Ultimae Records) 11. 10 pts - Nodens Ictus - The Cozmic Key (self-released) Dubsahara - Geonosis (self-released) Dubsalon - Ancient Tongues (Nutek Chill) GMO vs. Dense - Distances (Cosmicleaf Records) Nibana - Shumatsu Nu Tani (self-released) Sundial Aeon - Vulcanosis (Impact Studio) Shpongle - Are You Shpongled (remastered) (Twisted Records) 12. 09 pts - Hibernation ‎- The Aquarius EP (self-released) VA - Smörgåsbord Vol. 3: Porta-Party (Omnitropic) Profondita - Dracarys (Altar Records) Symbolico - Connectika (Merkaba Music) 13. 08 pts - Mindex - Nostaltrophin EP (Gravitas Recordings ) Saluberrimae - Time Is A Flat Circle (Neogoa / Ae Records) Asura - Atmosphere (Altar Records) Globular - The Context (Digital Reprints) Vataff Project - Solьmen (Fusion Embassy) E-Mantra - Folding Time (Melusine Records) Ender - Fierce Equanamity (Liquid Seed Recordings) VA - Dubiquinone (Hadra / Altervision Records) 14. 07 pts - 36 ‎- Tomorrow's Explorers EP (3six Recordings ) The Irresistible Force - Kira Kira (Liquid Sound Design) SYNE - SYNE (SYNE) Lab's Cloud - Connecting on a Deeper Level (Altar Records) 15. 06 pts - 36 - Void Dance (3six Recordings ) Narcose - Panda Eyes (Mystic Sound Records ) VA - Chilling Dragon Tales 2 (Forestdelic Records) Cosmic Replicant - Echo Light (Melusine Records ) Suduaya - Autumnal Retreat EP (Altar Records) Tron Sepia - The Theoretike r (self-released) 16. 05 pts - Maan - Spin the Sphere EP (Mindspring Music) 17. 04 pts - Dub Trees - Celtic Vedic In Dub (Liquid Sound Design) VA - Ethneomystica Vol. 5 (Mystic Sound Records) CatchAll - Original Structures (Plexus Music) Argus - Deep Water (Altar Records) 18. 03 pts - Cosmic Trigger ‎- The Hallucinatory Mountain (Liquid Sound Design) Fluxsense - Ionosphere (Uxmal Records) 19. 02 pts - 36 - Sine Dust (remastered) (3six Recordings) Master Margherita - In The Myst (Casalinga Production) Alwoods - Stardust (Altar Records) Abiogenesis - Biosynthesis (Altar Records) 20. 01 pts - 36 ‎- Black Soma (3six Recordings ) Yunomi - Ecalyculata (Virtual) Astral Waves - Genesis (Altar Records)
  7. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    well, originally i meant today, but i won't finish now, too lazylate... don't have much time the next days, but i'll post it this weekend - promised !! don't think it's neccessary to expand it further, no more voters around
  8. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    a single track? not sure if that should count... anyways, the list is almost ready, only few more votes to count. i think the winner is almost clear for those who followed the topic, but overall it's a pretty close top ten, that's for sure. so, hurry up, one or two votes might change everything (i won't publish the final results before next tuesday, simply no time) +1
  9. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    see above 2018 release
  10. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    not sure what to make out of this - so i counted them as if they were listed, at least we have one more vote i suppose it's meant to be vol.2, vol.1 is from 2016
  11. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    oh, that's a fact... corrected... atm i'm counting the votes so hurry up.........
  12. Blubber

    The cheesy full-on thread

    a nice cheddar album this is - i think it's under most people's radar Mindelight - Light the Mind this track here has some good groove n funk in it, not really cheesy but also not very challenging
  13. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    i will count the votes the next days and post them.. let's say next week or someone else would like to... ?
  14. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2017". LET'S DO THIS!

    UP 1. Tengri - Old Soul 2. Schizoid Bears - Dictator of Silence 3. Gubbology - Anachronism 4. VA - Hologram - 20 years Iboga 5. Infected Mushroom - Return to the Sauce 6. U-Recken - Nothing is sacred 7. Martian Arts - Giant Locusts 8. Darth Phader - Acid Faija DOWN 1. Ajja - Spira Mirabilis 2. Shpongle - Codex VI 3. VA - Dubiquinone 4. Saafi Brothers - The Quality of Being One 5. Tron Sepia - The Theoretiker
  15. Blubber

    Psynews "Best of 2016" poll

    ?? welcome tsotsi bytheway hi Pedro, i think there are several bugs in your list not 100% sure but no. 1, 5, 7, 8, 9 are not from 2016 sorry for being pedantic but i'm in for helping Dark Whisper to get up in the list