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Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives

Jon Cocco

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1,2,6 & 7 are the killarghs imo...


The melody at the end of Earthrise is very very sweet. Truly a modern kind of goa, damn! It should have included some kind of über-cool sample about...children of the light heading towards the future! Woooo!


It's a good CD, bravo! :)

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I really don't understand the fuss with Filteria and some (most?) of the other Suntrip artists. Filteria's sound seems to me as being old, dated and neither fresh nor interesting. It is all very regressive. Thankfully the scene here in London has given this type of music a wide berth.





INFINITE Regression!!!!
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what happened to the magical melodies of the past?

It have all been done before? ;)


I don't know much about goa, but this sounds different to me, somehow :unsure: Don't even like most of the "newschool" stuff but this sounds different to me... very interesting music

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Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives



Posted Image

1. Filtertraces (Abstract Dream Remix) 10:18

2. The Big Blue 8:21

3. Wormhole 8:47

4. Eyeless Observatory 8:23

5. In the Heaven's Eye 13:49

6. Infinite Regression (Feat Ukiro) 8:47

7. Earthrise 8:39

8. Float Away and Disappear 8:00


I've dug deeper into this album for the past 2 days and a personal thing that happened gave me new perspective for this album(The coincidence is baffling).

Filtertraces (Abstract Dream Remix)

Starts the album with something you would have never expected to hear on a Filteria album. Soothing calm melodies and soundscape, like if it were from a dream. This track was put together in such a way that it all flows beautifully like a river from the beginning to the end, even though it manages to have several climaxes. It's a completely new experience to listen this track, for I have never heard anything like it. It's also the first track to show the quality - and complexity - of Filteria's new work. Very surprising, in a good way, of course. Might I add, this track has become an evergreen to me.


The Big Blue

Follows in the steps of Filtertraces, but ups the tempo and speed of things overall. Atmospheric and very spacey, and, on top of that, the melody work just oozes with emotion. That is especially nice when the same style of Birds Lingva Franca-esque crystal clear synth work is coupled with it.


Filtertraces and The Big Blue are amazing pieces of flowing tracks with real emotion attached to them. Wonderful pieces of music.(Thank you, Jannis.)



Starts out very hallucinogenish with the wacky playfulness, but soon after it just progresses further in to the new Filteria-realm and keeps experimenting. It really feels like hallucinogen with a KOB/Filteria crossover, it's just so playful and full of blazing layered psychedelia. 4:05 is the highlight for me, the melody work is out of this world. Something Birds Lingva Franca introduced, extremely colourful and uplifting, but it doesn't stay for long, which, sigh, is a damn shame because it's just that good. Every time I hear it, I get excited like a little kid in the candy store. Wormhole does feels oddly too short in sense of a rollercoaster, it's 8:47, but at the end you keep wanting more, because it never really grows tiresome. Though, it might be the best for it. Not too long for it's own good, maybe? Great stuff anyhoo.

Eyeless Observatory

I wouldn't want to, but I'm going to have to, steal Jon's words for this, it's filled with Adrenaline injections - it seems to level up and level up all the time. I love how this track somehow benefits from the plain repetitious deep bassline, that is apparent throughout the track. The build-ups just go so well with it. The whole track is filled with the most crisp sounding acid you've ever heard, it's a feast for acid lovers. All of the layers have enough spacing out to separate from themselves. After 5:10 the track gives some really funky acid filled sounds that will be madness on the dancefloor, no doubt. I'd also reckon something like that would be a treat to old school people. Truly acidic Goatrance. Badass track!


In The Heavens Eye

Is an odyssey like others have mentioned before. Floaty and spacey in a way you have not heard before... at the beginning. I call this one the odd one of the album. You'd think it's chillout, but after the 3 minute beautiful, sensational interlude, it reveals thats it's not here to stay and continues to move to other places. I don't feel much story-telling here, albeit it seems to try to go for it. Something is missing in that department and I can't quite put my finger on it. It comes down to me as more progressive in the literal sense of the word. This does not hurt it, though - much -, it's still a great track -- coupled with a few gripping moments of awe.

Infinite Regression (Feat Ukiro)

Is... madness. Finally a dedicated fast track from the beginning to the end! Not to say Eyeless Observatory, or wormhole aren't, but this more old Filteria esque than anything else on this album. I love how professional and sharp the production is - like shiny metallic glossiness on a very expensive piece of hardware. Very flying, crisp and detailed melodies throughout with the filling layers of sounds you'd feel empty without. The final climax at 6:34 is definitely the highlight, complete Maximal-full-on goatrance - blazing trippy melodies. Every sound of the track coupled together in a complete psychedelic madness of a mess, yet remaining in shape. It also, needless to say, reminds me of the old Filteria in terms of power, which is why I'm loving it - as I said, old Filteria power with these new techniques is something to behold. Also, the sample use is great!


Introduces new ways and sounds, at parts it makes me feel completely ecstatic. It's epic. Earthy, yet spacey. Storytelling. Amazing. The climax melody that starts at 6:42 I don't know how to put it, but it makes me feel like I'm flowing in joy and love, it makes me inspired. Wonderful melody work. Gold.

Hands down the track for me in this album and possibly the track of 2009, we'll see.


Float Away & Disappear

This is something I would expect from hallucinogen or old entheogenic, but in the style of Filteria - which, of course, is not something you would expect from him. It's a nice ambientish/chillout ender, fiddled with several interesting moments and soundscapes. Not something I come back to though. If I had to pick, this is the worst of the whole bunch, not to say it's bad in any real way, it's just not very grasping.


Some opinions on the new Filteria style.


+ I have to mention that Filteria didn't lose the Goa-kick. It's there very apparent on The Big Blue, Wormhole, Eyeless Observatory, Infinite Regression and Earthrise, which of I'm glad as I love Filteria's Goa-kick.

+ Even if I felt like there were too many slower tracks here(Which is no longer a problem. See: First sentence of this post), the diversity is outstanding.

+ New and exciting.


- Whatever happened to Birds Lingva Franca? The only similar sounding part on this whole album is in wormhole and upon further listening, The Big Blue, although not as much. BLF was gold!

- If I had to nitpick something, there's not many samples used. Filteria uses them well so that it's a bit of a bummer(See: Infinite Regression, The Snuggling Snail, Stars (Starstuff remix), Unfiltered (Moon Remix)).

- And, well, maybe some of the sounds were reused a bit too many times or something. It gets a little repetitious, sometimes.


And I do miss the Sky Input era. This not bad music, this is great music, but I deeply love the Sky Input and Heliopolis era of blazing melodic goa-trance so much. It's almost unfathomable how much I would like to hate this album because of this - But god-damn it, this is awesome music, I just can't hate it. Initial reaction really showed this though; I was blinded by the disappointment that this wasn't Sky Input or Heliopolis-like, but upon more listening and being more open minded, I saw that it was great, just not what I was expecting nor wanting.


Truly new heights have been reached with this album in terms of complexity and innovation, though. I cannot wait what other stuff Filteria has in store for us - Whilst hoping a little bit, that he'd grace us with a few Helio-Input-oriented fast tracks.

I recommend Daze Of Our Lives for every single goa-trance listener, or electronic listener for that matter, even if you disliked or liked the old Filteria material, love or hate typical goa-trance, this album will have something for you. I guarantee that. It's not only quality goa-trance, it is quality electronic music.


Where to get it?





Update 3.7.09


This review is best read with the "blue darkness" forum skin option.

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I post here really rare, but I must say this is a stunning piece of music. In a last couple of years I haven't been so touched by some psychedelic/goa album... This returned my faith in trance :). My favs: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7


troll on::: Is there any review of Merr0w's "Born Underwater" (search system is going crazy at my place, maybe it's me or... :unsure: ):::troll off


Sorry if english was bad, it' not my native language. Peace!

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I really don't understand the fuss with Filteria and some (most?) of the other Suntrip artists. Filteria's sound seems to me as being old, dated and neither fresh nor interesting. It is all very regressive. Thankfully the scene here in London has given this type of music a wide berth.





that's why scene in London is boring as hell...laughing buddha and his nano records crew every single weekend with their futuristic rooooooolling going no where bassline :blink: :blink: we must wait ages for a descent event like the one 3 weekends ago ft hallucinogen and G.N.O.T.R


OLD IS GOLD :drama: :drama:


about the album


its great. clearly the most professional sound from Jannis so far... but i prefer the crazy leads layers pads melodies pleadians touch , the chaotic sense from the past :D



1 - just for the ending.. around 3 minutes of pure glory :drama: (thats the filteria we want :P )

2 - big big blue

4 - thats what i'm talking about thats FILTERIA sound... yyeeeea :posford: :posford: :posford:

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For what it's aiming at it gets the job done (old school in a new way). If you are searching for something new, you probably won't get it here, but if you want a damn well done album, then get your hands on daze of our lives!


My favoritt track so far is hands down wormhole :D:D

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Daze Of Our Lives

Posted Image


While the melodic goa trance called organic made his crossing of the desert since 2000, with however, some good releases that managed to stand out from psytrance, prog and full on;
an artist began in 2004 ...
... a certain Filteria.
Sky Input (2004), was for me, a revolution and a pleasant surprise. His sound were euphoric and explosive, with its musical variations (ultra mélodic) that we had taken a new psychedelic dimensionand acoustic sound complex & developed. In 2006, he resumes his achievements with Heliopolis, always, in the same tone. The magic happens when they change radically melodies. We had this feeling not hear the same song, to be, somehow, lost in meandering musical.
It is with great satisfaction that I present his third album: Daze Of Our Lives.


First, the artwork (front cover) is quite surprising. While we expecting a psychedelic abstract design, we confronts us a photo banal, sober without artifice.
Is it voluntary? Maybe he wanted to avoid the CD covers too conventional, too stereotypical? Why should we necessarily represent kaleidoscopes, fractals and colorful fluorescent Buddhas or oms to define the psychedelic trance music?
So, he surprised us all, from the use of the verb "to daze" in his album title.
He probably wanted to warn us in order not to rely on appearances. Indeed, it is very unpleasant to be judged by his physical appearance, dress, art and other, rather than by his skills and his qualities.
The lesson is that we should be ignored at this appearance, and to be more concerned about the heart, and values of people. This album waiting to be heard!! Is not the purpose of a CD of music: to be heard? If you like art, go to a museum. Here? we talk about sound.
It is true that today, appearance sells and under the pretext that artwork is bad (I prefer to say: "is not to our taste"), music would be as bad. Daze Of Our Lives is there, just the opposite. Don't stop with the primary function of an image which serves to illustrate, but try to look beyond the image to see what you can not see.


Many questions have been added in our brain.
Where are we? We seems completely disoriented. It would tend to respond: on earth in a volcanic area, where else, or nowhere. Where is it simply a simulation size external conditions of the planet Mars. It's a bit, the question we ask us in relation to her album .... Where he wants to take us?
This pouch, plunges us into a lunar landscape, desert, full of craters and mountains decorated with rock. The crust is cracked, broken and therefore impractical. The gross relief is probably like his music, namely, complex, but softened by melodies, like the sky, a very blue cosmetics.
This relief may suggest that it is the result of his music: a huge earthquake.
The only thing which we are certain is the number 3 inscribed on the space suit or the volcanic bibendum, a nod to his third album.

Posted Image


[1] Filtertraces
::10'18'':: >> PLAY
We start the abum with Filtertraces which starts very slowly with a tribal rhythm very light that we distinguish barely. The intro takes place in a tropical where the leaves show still some traces of water drops making a sensitivity to music. The sounds of birds flying over our heads. We seem tiny and insignificant, alongside these macif trees that seem to touch the clouds with such elegance and ease. Other pads are used to give more credibility to this mystic atmosphere.
we push us in the green, where we are touched, at every moment, by inovensive and mysterious flora. The thick fog is all around us making our progress slow and difficult. The hat ring in our ears, more and more. The second parade and the forest begins to emerge and to reveal to us, at the same time that the mist falls.
This bliss is suddenly interrupted around 1'37'' by a powerful kick and eater. Each beat is a tree felled from crashing under our feet.
Accompanied by the rhythm, a melodious and corrugator shadow begins to take shape with notes that swing suggesting that the plant and animal world dying and mourning their sad fate. Around 5'10'', melancholic melody give some compassion for this tragedy. Around 5'38'', music takes on a new melodic dimension with the use of alternative sometimes high and sometimes low giving more volume and magnitude Filtertraces. Around 7'45'', after a soft break with air pad, the song seems to have found the way to the end with a melody very effective and repetitive, we are referring to a universal consciousness.
The strength of this track is the use of the same melodic theme grafting it at each end a variant. The marriage is perfect and ultra synchronized with melodies very minimal and with great restraint.

[2] The Big Blue
::08'21'':: >> PLAY
In the first part, the opening we transports us, in the glories of space with very light pad. Our body seems to float above our blue planet cradled in its solar system. Around 1'47'', the track takes a turn, more hypnotic and space, by the presence of notes which hopping and which breaking up it, like teeth on the score of music. They are not explosive but are very expressive with a range of a vast and rich notes. The track we immerses us in the depths of the cosmos, we refer to images of nebulae under a mantle of bright stars. Everything seems to come alive, we are projecting from the infinitely small to the infinitely large at the speed of light. Galaxies, black holes, asteroids and planets reveal all their secrets.
Following the track is really amazing. It combines as in a mix of influences from artists yesteryear. We find, thus, from Astral Projection around 3'32'' as at their beginning, the way Trust In Trance I & II, from Chakra & Edi Mis around 4'39'' with a similarity to X-File (>> play= X-File) and finally from Etnica around 6'52'' with very distinct traits from Vimana (>> play= Vimana). Obviously the end, around 6'52'' is explosive and a great with a vertiginous drop and curves notes, we sticking to our retinas and in our cortex the immensity of life where truth is revealed at the end and everything becomes clear and logical like in a thriller.
A track full of bounce.

[3] Wormhole
::08'47'':: >> PLAY
We continues with Wormhole which is perhaps the track most original and most bizarre of the album. It has melodies around 2'02'', around 2'54'' and around 4'45'' which should escape our ears, and yet, I find it very interesting. These voice tones are grave and serious are dislocated and deformed. The music is like tortuous and narrow gallery of worm. The various melodies rise very quickly in the lathes taking very psychedelic passages. The amplifications and oscillations are similar to the shapes of rails from roller coaster, or, the extraordinary contortions of this worm. The melody itself refers to this movement of "crawling". The sounds away, after their passage, trails that zigzag. The spirit of Pleiadians is strewn throughout the piece, especially around 4'01'' where a downpour of notes coming and succeed. Around 6'04'' Jannis mimics the effects of voice goblins used in the track Gamma Goblins d'Hallucinogen (>> play= Gamma Goblins part 2). This track is a very good experience that makes us slide down the giant turns at high speed, taking corners on two wheels like in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Get your bags!
A very bold piece from Jannis.

[4] Eyeless Observatory
::08'23'':: >> PLAY
Eyeless Observatory is without doubt one of the best tracks. The bassline starts very early with a purring and vibrant bass followed by a well crushing and powerful kick. The foundations of the track are robust and therefore very persuasive. All framing is concrete and arm big steel cable and seems to spray everything in its wake, merciless. The structure of this track makes me think of a whole of complex and sophisticated mechanical rotation, composed tracks serrated, jacks fully automated, articulated arm and crumpled sheet, moving without backward.
The influence of this piece comes directly a well known Swedish artist. I want to talk of Linda Miranda Silvergren of course. Jannis seems to have drawn his resources in the album Asynja from 2001, and more specifically from Keep Calm (>> play= Keep Calm) which is also undoubtedly a pure atomic bomb. A 4'18'' Jannis triggers a break very kitsch and contrasting where we hear a semblance of melody that diffuses into elevators in order to wait users. The effect is quite recreational but short-lived because the infernal bulldozer, like a monstrous locomotive unbridled, reappears, decisively.
Psychedelic pictures and other fractals parade at full speed, before our eyes. An acid sound rain down on us, giving us a taste of radioactivity in our throat and tearing our auditory system with barbed wire fences, pointed and shap, like a barbaric and perverse machine of torture from the movie "Saw" that lacerate our soft and vulnerable bodies. The power rise notes acute and sharp like needles, plunge us into a series of uncontrolled spasms that break members of their joints, identifying us, thus, a puppet, pulled at the ends with thread. This song very captivating and destructive, spits all its power releasing shock waves, causing around us a massive earthquake, destroying everything in its path and lifting huge slabs of land rising up to heaven. Finally, ecstasy fades, little by little, making his final acid and strident breath, ending the music as it has begun.
It is a very convincing and dynamic masterpiece that pulses of energy in our veins.

[5] In the Heaven's Eye
::13'49'':: >> PLAY
The fifth way, invites us to a journey into the unknown. The pads which constitute the introduction, puts us in a field of multicolored flowers where we see small flakes of snow with white feathers forming a light curtain silk. In the manner of a downtempo, In the Heaven's Eye we issue a very poetic beginning. We seems to wander in a cloud as delicate as cotton. The places seem uninhabited but denote a very heavenly which stand up us, front our Creator. Is there life after death?
Around 2'43'' this sound become more intense and more & more large as if a light from the afterlife became brighter, closer to us as to wrap us, and emitting, in parallel, a source of heat very pleasant.
While sinking in this luminous clarity, a kick manifested around 3'42'' making a transition: a passage to another assi we crossed a border by a tunnel. The Bassline becomes more embedded and generous. Melodies flow from underground, growing giving more character & movements to this track. White light suddenly disappears for offer us a vision of beauty: a panorama at 360 degree. The ripples musical cause us emotional chills which reaches all parts of our anatomy, passing through the spinal cord. The eyes are widening like an camera, revealing the bottom of the pupil amazed. We stand us on the top of a mountain, dominating this world of life, hope and love. The iris scan this spectacular landscape that offer to us, to collect and capture a maximum of memory. Pictures and scenes that refer me this music are comparable to the feelings that had Christopher McCandless (

by Sean Penn) when he discovered regions that he saw for the first time, enjoying every moment of his life. Life belongs to us, we are the masters of our own destiny.
The track develops in these false air of downtempo, a real power that increasing in a manner considerable as if he wanted to reach the heavens with acoustic stairs knowing that each level becomes more remarkable.
The spectrum of Pleiadians show it with impression of Maia that we retrouve around 5'55'' until the end. Many passages are underlined with marker, including around 7'14'' and around 9'13'' where we seems lead to summun listening to flee melodies assimilated shooting stars that sowing rain glittering dust behind it. As for the final around 11'39'' we attend a florescence color & of varied forms that arise like a fire Bengal, consisting of many stars, rosettes and phosphorescent spheres.
One word: OUTSTANDING!!!

[6] Infinite Regression
::08'47'':: >> PLAY
Infinite Regression is another strong masterpiece of Daze Of Our Lifes. Around 1'30'', we enter the lair of Pleiadians with this explosion and avalanche of notes of music aligned with the score, one behind the other. Notes that parade and fall like in a dominoes game that we follow in the footsteps, without losing a crumb. The bassline vibrates in our space-time scattering particles musical, creating, so, a field of protection around us, triggering a stereo effect. The sounds attack from all sides like wild attack arachnids in the mythical scene of fort in the movie "Starship troopers".
The appearances of Pleiadians are pulled especially from their first album I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) released in 1997. The track Alcyone (>> play= Alcyone) is, by the way, widely represented but with a new facelift in the style of Filteria. The melodies aspire us in this swirling spiral, hypnotic and endless. Around 3'01'' the music reveals a very eastern melody, prepare us for a trip where the sun never sets. Around 6'34'' the track exposes all its greatness in melodies and atmosphere very Pharaonic that we find from the 9th album of RA (>> play= 9th). An effect very Israeli made by using of notes superimposed and slightly oscillated, forming this distinctive feature of wave and this heat that caresses our skin. The effect is sensational, we come to feel the warm sand and granular under our bare feet. The Egyptian landscape stands before us, before our astonished eyes. It is a fresco of the Pharaohs history, of mummies, pyramids, sphinx and hieroglyphics taking place in our minds in an aerial and acrobatic view.
A piece that reveals all its beauty and his grace in this Egyptological expedition and which makes us take off with its final loose. A must!

[7] Earthrise
::08'39'':: >> PLAY
Like in most of his pieces, Jannis begins with an intro very seraphic and ethereal before the melodic storm. Quickly around 1'03'', Earthrise reminds us the atmosphere strangely from Twisted of Hallucinogen and more accurately from Solistice (>> play= Solstice) with sounds quite deformed and acidified, thus that its melodic structure that we also find around 2'23''.
The silhouette of Pleiadians around 3'16'' show clearly his affection to this sound very mellow and highly amplified, make us reach excessive heights. A sound still borrowed directly from the excellent I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object) album.
This coktail between these two inspirations adjust beautifully and give a new galactic dimension more panoramic and deep. Similarly to Eyeless Observatory, this track leads us, this perception of seism, in particular around 4'23'' and around 5'43'', by arousing in the depths of our souls, this emotion so exciting, positioning ourselves on a pedestal for put us close to the stars. A passage that refers to the track Maia of Pleiadians (>> play= Maia). Around 6'50'' a new melody over 'clubbing' and more linear but very effective involved to complete the seventh song.
Earthrise is a music that begins a crescendo. More we progress over time, more the melodies become more eloquent. It has this ability to interpellate us thanks to some wonderful moments that evoke all our attention and make us become the center of the world.

[8] Float Away & Disappear
::08'00'':: >> PLAY
Float Away & Disappear comes punctuates with an endpoint this magnificent album. A final track that we tasted in the manner of a light and creamy ice that savor us to finish an excellent meal. This downtempo comes timidly in a fluid intro, with a rhythm detune (offset). We have really, the sensation of having feet in the water
near a small waterfall, in the heart of a pristine and wild environment where vegetation is abundant and animal species respected. Around 1'23'' the voice of Cissi Moon comes coloring with a transparent nuance this world light and aerial. Her voice has changed giving resonant and oscillating effect, used in most of the Arab Maghreb music.
Melodically, the music finds its way to tranquility and harmony by releasing a fine mist cloud, we are taking a place in paradise. Around 3'20'' the tone is more serious with the appearance of the bass, then the kick around 3'53'' moderate in order not to disturb the slow and serene side of this track. Around 5'00'' an another effect from 9th album of RA comes added, offering, so, a privileged and vastness moment.
This track successful procure us a deep relaxation, pushing us in a big imaginary, soft and comfortable armchair, installed in a Zen garden with its fountain, its river and its galletas.
Jannis procure us a nice break spiritual in our subconscious allowing our minds to move into the beyond freely through this wonderful composition.


Jannis Tzikas is a master, signing his best album. He handle sounds like a juggler. Even after two albums, he manages to still make us dream. The musical combinations are successful and still impressive. We thought that he would falter but he is still here. For translate the emotional feelings from Daze Of Our Lives with words, I would say that they have the delicacy to metamorphose, a little like the transition from caterpillar to butterfly. The music of Jannis has really matured into something far less euphoric, with a result, very surprising, enjoyment and wonderful. Filteria is for me the Jean Michel Jarre of the trance goa music. Each track is magic and has its own personality. Excellent album very spectacular that I recommend you strongly.

RATING = 9/10

Posted Image

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Good album, with loads of awesome and well executed twists and turns. More of that 'goa time all the time' Filteria audio wizardry, with not much progress in the new idea developing department, but who cares when so much energy and passion is put in the music. Yes, passion, as odd it may sound, but Filtertraces and In The Heaven's Eye, which rank amongst Jannis' finest work I have listened to up to date, both sound very mature and focused. Think of modified versions of Mind Expansion (Short Version) off "Heliopolis". The lead towards the end of In The Heaven's Eye is so gorgeous, and the track comes to an end in such a magical way with that sample floating in from the background.

I'm not convinced by The Big Blue, Wormhole and Infinite Regression though. They're numbers with torrents of stuff constantly going on, so once the track's running time is up, I'm left with pretty much nothing. I don't recall a single effect or lead. Sure it's party blazing mterial, but picture a Filteria track not incinerating dance floors.

Eyeless Observatory and Earthrise are the obscenely high octane stompers. They both have more mad acid synths and multi melodic segments than you could absorb in a week, all clashing together to colossal results. They capture the Filteria essence, and while being packed to maximum capacity, they maintain a steady course, saving the grand climax eruption for the end. They succeed where the three numbers I've listed above fail, in my opinion.

The outcome is satisfying. I'm not ready or willing to cast a vote on "Daze of our lives" yet, but after a fair five listens, I am really impressed by four tracks, which makes at least half of the album very good. A safe purchase, for me at least.


On a little side note: one unfortunate aspect of listening to Filteria's albums I noticed is that I have never, never and once again never felt the same energy, adrenalin rush levitating me 100 feet above the earth's surface as the one I've experienced with "Sky input". Simply put, as much as Jannis is determined to bring new and exciting music to the table, I feel like he will not be able to ever reproduce the tear your heart out of your chest effect his debut had. A sensation like that can be experienced once, and to me, "Daze of our lives" at places sounds like it's trying to grace us with the same feeling all over again. Not possible.


Despite of it all, good work Filteria!

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On a little side note: one unfortunate aspect of listening to Filteria's albums I noticed is that I have never, never and once again never felt the same energy, adrenalin rush levitating me 100 feet above the earth's surface as the one I've experienced with "Sky input".



I love Sky Input soooo much that everything after that sounds weak in comparison.


Some thoughts about Daze Of Our Lives.


This album is awesome. It's amazing, maximal, psychedelic, colorful, mad, energetic, melodic, ecstatic, it has everything.

I have to say that this is the perfect example of New School Goa. I said in the past that Sky Input was old school. Well Daze is New School. It takes everything we loved in the old Goa days and evolves it for the 21th century.

Plus this is the essential Psychedelic Goa Trance album, where Goa meets Psytrance IMO. Pretty much just like Pleiadians did some years back.


It's totally great that Jannis kept the madness, the layermania, the multi melodic theme and added more storytelling and SUPERB liquid-chorus basslines.

Plus the production and the mastering is awesome.


One thing though. Just like Heliopolis the melodies are a bit more forgetable than Sky Input. In Sky Input each track has at least three melodies that instantly stick to the mind. Epic melodies. In Daze the melodies are somehow simpler.



Overall this album deserves nothing less than 10/10.

And like Penzoline said if for the next album Jannis combine the best from the Sky Input era, with the best from the Daze era we'll have the best album in history.

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Wow, getting really impressed with some of the tracks here! Jannis really improved alot!

The storytelling of earlier albums was almost none and "too chaotic" for me

but this album feels alot more mature, trippy and self-confident.


Filtertraces is by far the best piece I ever heard from Filteria.

I also like Infinite Regression. It's the one made with Ukiro? Sounds classic.


Goa needs to be pushed in new directions.

So far I think the "nu skool" mostly got stuck in the 90's (For Goa producers: please experiment with other pbm than 140-145, stop overuse of "classic 303s", invest some time in interesting sonic search, stop the simple boring percussion / rythms, and "goa" kicks plz), but tracks like Filtertraces makes me think there is room for evolution.

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I think this album is excellent in the music department - awesome new-school goa for sure...


BUT, the production or mastering or whatever it is seems quite bad to me - the layers all sort of mix together, they do not sound distinct from each other if I play it through anything but headphones... But yet, it all sounds very loud...


So, it sounds loud, but the layers all sound buried under something, like "goa-trance soup" or something - I put in Logic Bomb "Unlimited" after listening to Filteria and that was much better - layers coming through clearly... In "Daze of Our Lives" it's like the fx and background melodies aren't loud enough or something, but yet overall the whole thing sounds very loud - I have to really try hard to pick out the individual pieces...

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While this album is good, I think that 2 Filteria albums of his style were enough, this 3rd album brings no innovation. Also, I feel it's lacking something the other 2 albums had. Production is superb though, more than the first two.

I think the same way here.


When i first listened to this i was like having all the best from Filteria - all of his signature sounds are here. But i DID NOT like it . It was a strange feeling. I thought that something is wrong and i decided to listen to "Sky input" once more (maybe i was tired of Filteria's sound). But it was great, much better than "Dayz". I've listened to Dayz one more time the next day and i couldn't even find one track that would hook me. Then Heliopolis was great and Dayz sucked again. This album definately lacks something. This is only my personal opinion. (and i hope it will change in the future).

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This is the best filteria album for me,

I never liked the aggressive & overloaded melodic concept,


this one is more subtle, more warm & emo compared to his earlier releases,


great work and nice to notice that an artist can achieve different directions with the same concept,


I was expecting this since his latest tracks released on suntrip compilations,


love it :)

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the production or mastering or whatever it is seems quite bad to me - the layers all sort of mix together, they do not sound distinct from each other if I play it through anything but headphones... But yet, it all sounds very loud...

I would disagree on that, sounds fine and clear on my monitor-set. Are you listening to mp3's maybe??
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I would disagree on that, sounds fine and clear on my monitor-set. Are you listening to mp3's maybe??

Look at the waveform. It's probably a complete brickwall due to rough mastering.


And shut up about mp3's. No, you can't distinguish ~200 kbps VBR from wave no matter how much you love music, dude. mp3 is lossy compression, yes, but it's not stupid.


EDIT: Sorry for the harsh tone. No harm intended :)

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Look at the waveform. It's probably a complete brickwall due to rough mastering.


And shut up about mp3's. No, you can't distinguish ~200 kbps VBR from wave no matter how much you love music, dude. mp3 is lossy compression, yes, but it's not stupid.


EDIT: Sorry for the harsh tone. No harm intended :)

I'd say that really depends on the hardware.
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