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  1. I agree with astralprojection to some extent. My interpretation is that probably there is a desire to "not sound like full-on" which is so strong that the mixing/mastering ends up getting quite thin. With the new Khetzal I literally checked my mixer console if the mid-eq knob was down to -6db or something. It was not, the music was supposed to sound like that. For the new Filteria it's less pronounced but the phenomenon is still there. This aside I think musically there is some very good stuff here and in general it's just nice to see the old heros back in action.
  2. It never got much hype but I always liked the "Lull" album from Antix. I also saw them live performing many of the tracks at Voov 2003.
  3. frisbee

    Avalon - Rise

    One of the better releases from Nano, recently. I really like the "Rise Up" track.
  4. Another one from Euphorya, probably among my favourites for 2019:
  5. I'm also always looking for the clean full on sound. Unfortunately it's really rare these days. One recent artist to check out would be Euphorya:
  6. Did you have this Khetzal track lying around for a long time or did he start producing again?
  7. Did not listen to every track yet. But wow. What a release! Symbolic and Atmos are my early picks.
  8. Agreed. An absolute favourite. Goes so well while reading sci-fi
  9. I quite enjoy the Iboga radio show and other regular dj mixes from the techno side (e.g. soulful techno). Is there more? Can you recommend psytrance-related podcasts or regular shows/sets? Thanks!
  10. fuck yeah! (i was lucky to see sensient and electrypnose one after the other at fusion 2 or 3 years ago. maybe that was when the cooperation of zenon and le barde started )
  11. frisbee

    Ovnimoon - Holistic

    kinda off-topic, but: how do you pronounce ovnimoon? i'm really curious.
  12. some really nice stuff. good sounds and progressions. i just hope that future nocturnal releases will have fewer voice samples.
  13. I also much prefer the uptempo track to most of the singing. Some cheesy songwriting there and too much effects on the voices for my taste.
  14. I was really excited to see a new Son Kite album being released. However, I am sad to say that this is partially unlistenable. Why do these guys produce such piercing high-pitched noises that hurt the ears? Examples: Track 1 from about 1:50; Track 3 from about 3:20. Have Son Kite and the engineers already lost their hearing abilities in the trebel range due to loud parties? Otherwise there is some promising grooves here, but, yeah, I guess this is ruined for me...
  15. Uptempo: 1. Sensient - Way of the Sloth (Zenon) 2. BlackStarrFinale - AURYN (Neogoa) 3. VA - Blacklight Moments (Suntrip) 4. Enichkin - The Ride (Mind Expansion) 5. Electrypnose - E7 (Electrynosis Media) 6. Juno Reactor - The Golden Sun of the Great East (Metropolis Records) 7. Psilocybian - Dreamtime (Ovnimoon) 8. VA - Open Gates (Parvati) 9. Ovnimoon - Trancemutation Of The Mind (Ovnimoon) 10. Dimension 5 - TransAddendum (Suntrip) Downtempo: 1. Akshan - The Rise Of Atlantis (Altar) 2. Ishqamatics - Spacebound (txt) 3. Slackbaba - Ask (Liquid) 4. Shpongle - Museum Of Consciousness (Twisted) 5. VA - Turlitava 2 (Neogoa) 6. Zen Baboon - Suber (Electrik Dream) 7. Globular - Magnitudes Of Order
  16. This year I really enjoyed Enichkin - The Ride.
  17. Sensient - Way of the Sloth has some very good tracks on it including my personal favourite (all styles) of 2013 "Galaxians".
  18. I really hope he will release another album. The Mysteries is just so good!
  19. good compilation! i have one small request for the reviewers. please check your formatting with other themes or simply just do not fiddle with text colors. too much text on this page is unreadable with the Deviant theme. thanks in advance, i appreciate your efforts.
  20. I'm confused. The reviews seem to be about the Pavel Svimba release. But BOTH reviews link to the Time 2 Live release on Ekto. Are they related?
  21. i wish i had known this stuff in the 90s. thanks suntrip for releasing a piece of history
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