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  1. Ah.. that's very easy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArWT9BKWQ2w around 4:00. It's a very focused almost robotic melody! So much energy And the way it goes solo at the end layered with a subtle bass. Sounds so wickeeeddd.. makes my heart pump faster
  2. BPC - Open Sea Etnica - Moon Influence A lot of stuff from Muses Rapt And I always found the ending of "Sedom" by Inscape pretty touching
  3. Lol, it's actually there in part 5/5 sorry Edit: found out the 1st track I was looking for was Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus but the version I have sounds totally different o_O 2nd track Art of Trance - Octopus (Capricorn Remix), very nice didn't know that one 3rd track is still unknown to me... around 3.00 at the last part, please help !! it sounds so epic
  4. And the track 3 mins into the last part! please please gotta have it
  5. Awesome vids! I gotta have some tracks ID'ed 2.30 @ vid 3: Total Eclipse track I've never heard before? 5.00 @ vid 3: Prana track? 3.00 @ vid 5 too! And 10.00 @ the "Liquid Crystal Vision" docu! Help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Have to say that I LOVE the "weird" melody that plays from 5:00 - 6:00 in track 2 Spacecraft. It has that magical touch
  7. Elve - Infinite Garden Does anyone else like this? I always listen to it when I need to be calmed down and nothing works better than this album. Probably cause it sounds so innocent. I'm looking for more music like this obviously so got any tips?
  8. Have to say that 'earthrise' is really fucking fantastic
  9. Funny how some people have their mind made up about this album already when it hasn't even been out for 1 week(?)! It sounds good to me so far and I'll probably discover much more as the time progresses
  10. Very cool Malevolent Was thinking about purchasing these but I think I'm convinced now I have yet to find any negative reviews on this headset and they just look awsum.
  11. Received it today Really fast. Nothing broken or w/e! Thank you draeke Merry christmas everyone
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