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  1. There’s no different dancing in those two videos.
  2. One fantastic album! Groovy, melodic, big and beautifull! Also the sound quality is superb. A must buy!
  3. Yikes, where is the Trentemøller sound gone? This album is waaay to distorted, indie rock and downright depressing in my opinion. Sad, because I was really looking forward to it
  4. Terrafractyl, hands down. http://www.myspace.com/terrafractyl
  5. Another thing, Burial can hardly be called dubstep, or what? The dubstep I`ve heard have just been this raw energy, bad ass novelty thing. If I would compare Burial with anyone, it probably would be Trentemøller. They have kind of the same vibe
  6. I think Burial´s success comes from many things, but the main one is that unlike many producers of electronic music, he praises emotion over sound quality and production talent. People can connect with the music on a deeper level than just some polished/ bad ass produced thing. Both Burial albums is classic IMO
  7. You know, some tracks make you just go "OMG I can`t believe I just heard that". Please give your submissions nfected mushroom- Vicious delicious. In my opinion it`s the best track they have done since the BP Empire days. I love the part with the sound that reminds of a screaming cat, and that lift is just out of this world Talpa- the world without me. I have never heard a track quite like this. The melodies are so beautifull and it catches you off guard.
  8. Very good album indeed. And you got to love that album title
  9. The album is indeed interesting, and better than Vicious delicious on every term. Still I can't stand the fusion of metal and psy. That being said, this album is extremely well produced. The sound quality is unparalleled as far as psytrance goes, and the understanding of dynamics provided by IM is breathtaking. For me, this album contains some of the best newer tracks from IM (Project 100, Franks, Slowly) and is definetly a positive suprise.
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