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  1. It never got much hype but I always liked the "Lull" album from Antix. I also saw them live performing many of the tracks at Voov 2003.
  2. frisbee

    Avalon - Rise

    One of the better releases from Nano, recently. I really like the "Rise Up" track.
  3. Another one from Euphorya, probably among my favourites for 2019:
  4. I'm also always looking for the clean full on sound. Unfortunately it's really rare these days. One recent artist to check out would be Euphorya:
  5. Did you have this Khetzal track lying around for a long time or did he start producing again?
  6. Did not listen to every track yet. But wow. What a release! Symbolic and Atmos are my early picks.
  7. Agreed. An absolute favourite. Goes so well while reading sci-fi
  8. I quite enjoy the Iboga radio show and other regular dj mixes from the techno side (e.g. soulful techno). Is there more? Can you recommend psytrance-related podcasts or regular shows/sets? Thanks!
  9. fuck yeah! (i was lucky to see sensient and electrypnose one after the other at fusion 2 or 3 years ago. maybe that was when the cooperation of zenon and le barde started )
  10. frisbee

    Ovnimoon - Holistic

    kinda off-topic, but: how do you pronounce ovnimoon? i'm really curious.
  11. some really nice stuff. good sounds and progressions. i just hope that future nocturnal releases will have fewer voice samples.
  12. I also much prefer the uptempo track to most of the singing. Some cheesy songwriting there and too much effects on the voices for my taste.
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