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  1. Hey People I thought i'd pay a revisit since i stumbled in here while searching for reviews of "Archaic Modulation" by Stevie Be-Zet. How has psynews been doing these past 6-7 years?
  2. absolum malaka dance journey in the outerspace remix zero density bombay night arsonik adoration to the om hmm better cut it down malaka dance i suppose is the one.
  3. 5 points each for Kindzadza and Crossing Mind
  4. transwave: absolum malaka dance my dear medical assurance total eclipse: chaotic circus prana: alien pets
  5. nicey nice, good production, good riffs, spankin bass
  6. I was like "whoah, artist name and album title aren't immediately recognizable as tasteless nonsense... maybe the music is alright" but it was just the same neo-goa sounds and melodies all over again. overproduced yet flat and muffled, pompous and ambitious yet completely uninteresting. melodies are either randomized or cheap spooky-movie-soundtrack ones. no thanks.
  7. damn, there are actual melodies and they make sense
  8. I'm not much for new psy but if there's something really slick, busy and well-produced with very big sentimental melodies and phat basslines and short track lengths I'm gonna love that. Maybe Agneton knows something about this kind of psytrance? Some tracks in Tatsu's cheese thread were close.
  9. it will screw your head http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-wYg6fDt-s
  10. I think it was "alpha centauri" by hallucinogen, in around 2003 when I was into eurodance and breakbeat stuff. There was a great relief in finding that electronic music wasn't necessarily either sickly-sweet fluff or boring non-evocative empty attitude.
  11. it's rhythmically precise, musically filtered, dynamic and not overloaded with processing. is that "too simple"?
  12. sounds like this track to me: http://soundcloud.com/poire-a-lavement/01-autolaser-cebuella-chapter (not psyt though)
  13. I might just be too ignorant of this style some nice examples would do good
  14. I don't see how that music could satisfy the hunger for great, melancholic, climaxes. From what I've heard, the old, more ambient IDM has very dull and languid melodic tendencies. Maybe I've missed something but I think a way better place to look for melodies and similar psychedelic mood to goa trance is psychedelic/folk rock but then we're sort of outside the electronic music domain.
  15. This, although simplified and a bit crude, is an interesting perspective on musical development!
  16. Thanks! But I can't access Custom Title settings for some reason. In my profile it says 2985 posts, maybe that's why. I think it's a nice album that does something new with goa trance.
  17. It's probably all bullshit but it got me one closer to 3000.
  18. Goa has become folk music and Goasia are preserving the legacy while expanding it. The redundant phrygian patterns are not hidden like dirty, awkward secrets but instead proudly exposed. This allows them to serve as a solid basis for more playfully complex and distinct melodic structures. Just listen to the first track and hear how it begins with what quite possibly is the most overused note sequence in the genre, but then develops into an over-arcing theme that elaborates on and contrasts to the mandatory harmonic foundation. This approach lends the tonal derivativity a depth aspect that is otherwise lacking. Music with history, not just in the commonplace cyber-ethnic cultural identity, but also in the way the actual phrases and arrangements are construed. Somehow it reminds me more of bands like Hidria Spacefolk than of other neo-goa.
  19. I really wanted to like it because I find the whole schlab thing rather sympathetic, but the tracks didn't have enough going on to maintain my attention. NP some psychedelic folk/blues band called MV & EE, nice stuff.
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