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Jon Cocco

Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives

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abasio    232

This album is the first of Filteria that I really thought was great.

I liked the previous two but never really felt them, inside, but this is tremendous.

Float Away & Disappear is a beautiful beautiful track :wub:

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Starkraver    878

Going all out !! Filteria : sky input --> Daze of our lives --> lost in the wild.


Sky input left me with sore hands with all fist pumping. Power! Power! Power!!


Then It was time for Daze of our lives :) it instantly bought a smile on my face, fist pumping gave way to wavy happyish more involved kinda dance moves. This one is so emotional :)


Filteraces, the BIG BLUE (I love you!), wormhole what a blast!! And I'm not even half through the album.

One hella of a night!



Oh f*#k here comes Eyeless Observatory! :D

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Kitrinos    49

I can't get the hype about Filteria; imo he's the most overrated goa artist. Anyway, in this album I like The Big Blue, Float Away & Disappear and Earthrise. The rest bore me :/

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