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  1. There’s no different dancing in those two videos.
  2. One fantastic album! Groovy, melodic, big and beautifull! Also the sound quality is superb. A must buy!
  3. Yikes, where is the Trentemøller sound gone? This album is waaay to distorted, indie rock and downright depressing in my opinion. Sad, because I was really looking forward to it
  4. Terrafractyl, hands down. http://www.myspace.com/terrafractyl
  5. Another thing, Burial can hardly be called dubstep, or what? The dubstep I`ve heard have just been this raw energy, bad ass novelty thing. If I would compare Burial with anyone, it probably would be Trentemøller. They have kind of the same vibe
  6. I think Burial´s success comes from many things, but the main one is that unlike many producers of electronic music, he praises emotion over sound quality and production talent. People can connect with the music on a deeper level than just some polished/ bad ass produced thing. Both Burial albums is classic IMO
  7. You know, some tracks make you just go "OMG I can`t believe I just heard that". Please give your submissions nfected mushroom- Vicious delicious. In my opinion it`s the best track they have done since the BP Empire days. I love the part with the sound that reminds of a screaming cat, and that lift is just out of this world Talpa- the world without me. I have never heard a track quite like this. The melodies are so beautifull and it catches you off guard.
  8. Very good album indeed. And you got to love that album title
  9. The album is indeed interesting, and better than Vicious delicious on every term. Still I can't stand the fusion of metal and psy. That being said, this album is extremely well produced. The sound quality is unparalleled as far as psytrance goes, and the understanding of dynamics provided by IM is breathtaking. For me, this album contains some of the best newer tracks from IM (Project 100, Franks, Slowly) and is definetly a positive suprise.
  10. Hey Besides the many lands of electronica, I also like to take a trip into the hip hop terrein once in a while. Hip hop is not all stupid ignorant lyrics, music videos with bitches in thongs, guns, drug slanging etc. There is A TON of awesome intelligent hip hop with beautifull beats to match. My favourite hip hop album of all time is "Rip the jacker" by a rapper called Canibus. His lyrics is so smart, cryptic and unlike any other rapper out there. This album is produced by a guy called Stoupe the enemy of mandkind (which is also a in house producer for a hip hop group called Jedi Mind tricks). His beats is totally insane, with a heavy supply of great samples. Some of my favourites from "Rip the jacker" Poet Laureate part 2 (kind of shitty quality) No return (awesome lyrics) Shotime at the gallows A collage of different beats by Stoupe the enemy of mankind I seriously recomend you to download "Rip the jacker" and anything you can find produced by Stoupe
  11. I really like the stuff from sending orbs (Kettel, Yagya) and the early works of Aphex Twin and Brian Eno Thanks for the recomandations so far, keep them coming!
  12. Recently I've gotten really tired of dance music in general and I'm slowly but shurely getting more into ambient and IDM. Since I practicly know zero about the genre, I was wondering if you guys can recomend me some good albums?
  13. Jesus Christ that was a long and wastefull read. If you want to push the limit on my argument that far, then you might as well say that all artists who use the same instruments sound like eachother. My opinion: Wisp clearly has a huge admiration for Aphex and that colours his work in a way that some listeners (like myself) might find his work a tad unoriginal. Anyway, I don't know why I`m writing this since I don't know if you're trolling or not
  14. Don't take offense to murphy. I'm still convinsed that he's just trolling around here 1. Jon Hopkins- Insides 2. Kettel- Myam James part 2 3. Røyksopp- Junior
  15. I've heard Honour beats, building dragons and the shimmering hour. Listen to tracks from Aphex Twin- Richard D. James album and tell me Wisp isn't obviously inspired by this sound. Opinions is like an asshole, everyone has one. And this is my asshole. That being said, I'm not a huge listener of IDM so fans probably detect the differences between artists better than me. But the first impression I get from Wisp is that the Aphex Twin comparison is to apparent
  16. Sadly as in: I'm sad that Wisp wastes his talent on copying a style of another artist when you can clearly hear that he has the potential to develop something unique :drama: I love Aphex too. Like I said earlier, if I want to hear Aphex, I'll put on one of his cd's. I know I'm not the only one who appreciates originality
  17. Just heard the latest Wisp album (the shimmering hour). It has it's fair share of awesome moments, but sadly you can hear the Aphex Twin inspiration throughout the entire thing. If I want Aphex, then I'll buy one of his albums
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