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  1. Going by me memory here... But, I think that the youtube version, together with a few others floating around, are spun wrongly. I sold my 3xLP quite a while ago, but from I can hear, those melodies sound as they were on speed, if you follow my drift. A proper rip is much needed here.
  2. Hey antic, good to see you're still around and kickin' Funny thing is, I asked Penzoline the same question a while back, and if my memory stands correct, I think he told me that he stores his CDs in resealable shrink wraps in order to preserve the digipacks from outside damage, moist, etc... You can buy those around some spots in Zagreb as well, although they are getting harder to come by. Penzo correct me with a laser gun beam if I am wrong
  3. There was already quite lot of hype regarding this guy's output some years ago when he dropped that epochal 25 minute long gem The Observer, which single handedly earned him some coverage here on psynews... However, I've lost sight of him ever since, so thanks for the soundcloud links!
  4. Here: http://techno.to/item.php?id=PAN0013 ...aaaaaaaaaaaand it's in stock again! Miss out on your own risk!
  5. OK, so I have the following vinyl to sell. Condition is NM all the way. No visible or audible damage on the media. Covers show no creases, and the vinyls will come coated in an outer transparent plastic sleeve. I would prefer to sell the three vinyls as a bulk... PM me with offers as it has been a while since I sold anything, and don't really know how any of the following is really worth. Thanks! Astral Projection- Trust In Trance (2xLP) (1996) (TIP Records) (TIP LP 5) http://www.discogs.c.../release/227027 Etnica- The Italian EP (12") (1995) (Spirit Zone Recordings) (SPIRIT ZONE 07) http://www.discogs.c...P/release/12901 Lotus Omega- The Lighthouse (12") (1997) (TIP Records) (TIP 027) http://www.discogs.c.../release/183012 Once again, the vinyls themselves are well preserved and taken care of. Offers via PM are welcome. Do not fear, as I don't have the tendency to bite my potential customers. Byea!
  6. Guys, hurry the hell up, as it still seems to be in stock over at this shop. This is a soon to be deemed all time classic, rubbing shoulders with the best of them. Do not sleep! http://www.bravorecords.net/product-list?keyword=ubar+tmar&x=0&y=0
  7. ^^ Pardon my french, but how in the fuck's sake did you get that lot all at once, and shrink wrapped as well?!?!?!?!?! ^^
  8. There is no equipment that can compensate the loss of an MP3 file. Where did you get that piece of information from? There is a huge difference between a production detail and a format one, but that is not on the menu here. Yes, there are programs which expand an MP3 file, but that is merely an optical illusion and a waste of memory on your hard drive. If something is lost, it cannot be regained. It just can't. Your programs can make a wonderful illusion of a WAV file created from a 256kbs MP3 file, but does that really expand and improve the sound. Y'all wish it did... And this part with the good sounds system... Man, I don't want to sound like a twat, but that is rubbish. It is exactly the opposite. I mean, the better your gear is, the sooner and the more obvious the wackness of an MP3 file becomes. I use a pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones, and I cannot even be bothered to listen to anything less than a well encoded 320kbps MP3 file. As far as the speaker set-up, my mates and I have two pairs of Pioneer CS-7070 speakers, a Pioneer DJM-800 5 channel mixer (yes yes we are Pioneer 'til the end addicts) and a couple of good ol' fashioned SL-1200's. That is not even the best you can get, far from it, but any attempt at playing MP3 files with the equipment I just listed (minus the turntables obviously) failed miserably. Playing MP3 files through high quality equipment makes the music sound like it was coming from a 30 meter geyser, and not through a great speaker set up. What you wrote is wrong, it's the exact opposite. There is no difference only if you play MP3 files and original, uncompressed tracks on a pair of, let's say, Logitech speakers attached to your configuration or something... A well encoded MP3 file (320kbps) is very hard to differentiate from an uncompressed format, but I urge anyone with the possibility to do so, and gather up some high end equipment and try to tell the difference. You obviously won't be able to notice any differences right from the start, but give it some time and you will see for yourself. It's a matter of practice and preferences, but you could hardly slip me an MP3 file at my house and convince me it is a lossless rip or something similar. It's another matter completely if we are to do a blind test in front of a computer, with two crappy speakers I use for playing Tetris and having a serious listening session over at someone's living room... I admit that I have had trouble recognizing the difference between, for example, a flac and a proper MP3, but if you are used to certain formats (in my case - vinyl), after a while, the taking notice of the difference is imminent!
  9. Is this the only shop one can order from? I did not see this in stock in beatspace, saikosounds, etc...
  10. Ajmo Igoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, reserve me a copy, autographed please
  11. What he said. For you, summer time is all about being laid back and getting some skin tan. For us, summer is the season when we expect A LOT of foreigners to fill up our otherwise empty pockets. Hence, we work 24/7 from June 15th up until like September the 30th. We work = you enjoy = you pay for your pleasure = we take your money = we enjoy throughout October/November/December = our summer is a lost cause
  12. Years ago, when we used to debate european festivals and shit, I told you I'd be happy to let you in on a couch and stuff as long as you showed enough initiative to get here... Yes, the ticket is as expensive as they get, but if you're up to the challenge, get your aussie ass on that plane and we'll work something out Lost Theory looks awesome yes, and naturally I won't be able to attend. August is THE busiest month for me This year won't be any different.
  13. Can we expect Monkey Business, eh? Two thick as concrete walls thumbs up for all the blood, sweat and tears though, draeke. Exceptional work. Everything on DAT has been on the level thus far. Hats off man!
  14. We obviously are letting them do what they want. That is precisely why this thread is four years old. Captain obvious strikes again with might and fury. The point is not about how many albums, how often and reaching the expectations. The idea should be that you keep up with what you said. Scroll through the last 18 pages (if you have that much free time - I know I don't, and even if I did I wouldn't) and see how many times have we been provided with release dates and what not. If nothing, this thread is the closest thing to the glorious, old off topic section on psynews. Along with the thread which has the holy trinity of this forum with itchy trigger fingers: Elysium, Rezwalker and Mike if I am not mistaken
  15. Another fantastic mix! The Regenerate and Moonshadow mixes have been in constant rotation ever since they appeared on Ektoplazm, this one may just face the same destiny.
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