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  1. If you got a Dual/Quadcore Omnisphere is as deep as the ocean (but you do need a strong computer!) (and 50 GB of harddisk space) Gladiator has a really strong sound as well. But yeah as lemmi says if you dont have a host that is the first step. Most hosts should come with enough plugins to write a decent track these days (logic, cubase, FL studio etc)
  2. Why not lobby to get that Scooter IM collab going? At least we could get a vocoder over IM's out of tune singing
  3. If all people think like you then how are things to change... NOTHING will get done. If everyone did like this label it would make an impact. A lot of small donations make a difference in the big scheme of things. You gotta start somewhere and the attitude you put forth is a very good example of why so little progress happens in these areas.... the "Why should i support it when its is insignificant" statement. Its only insignificant because so many people think exactly like you... Change usually start at grass root level and because of this i think its wrong to shoot at an initiative that actually tries to do something for others. Its not like its big buisness selling cds in this genre to begin with. Then theres the price to print the cds, covers, management etc. I doubt the 50% to the label will cover much more than this if it will even cover.
  4. Now we are definately getting somewhere! I dig it!
  5. Your kick and bass compliment each other well in my headphones (im travelling so no monitors atm) The bass does get a wee bit repetetive towards second half but with more sound layers that might not be an issue... As an outline i think it is great! In regards to the melody it sounds very chilled compared to your pounding kick and bass. As if you want two go two different places at the same time. (Personal opinion!) All in all good effort i think You should keep working on it!
  6. OMG My Chemical Romance better step it up or Infected might overtake them in pretentious emo drivel
  7. Sorry bwhale but you comment is a bit (read:very) embarrassing
  8. Yeah Needle and i dealth with your arrogance by telling you how wrong you are
  9. This album is really amazing! Some of the best to come out in years! Thank you for keeping the vibe alive Jannis :posford:
  10. If you havent already get this mixing video from Synsun. Even if you know most of it you can probably dig out a nugget or 2 from it. I like it because its geared at electronic music and quite in depth. Good job by Andi http://andivax.33music.ru/index-e.htm <--- Url for the vid
  11. If you get Omnisphere you will have some awesome pads and evolving soundscapes and it does some mean basses as well! (along the lines of trilogy) This synth would cover both bases. You do need a powerfull computer for it though. It eats CPU cycles for breakfast:)
  12. BTW not a flame... just that elitist hardware attitude that provokes me a bit
  13. Sylenth1 is definately nice. Omnisphere can sound pretty wicked as well :posford:
  14. Uhm cant see how learning about portamento has anything to do with the software vs. hardware debate... a look in the soft synth manual will learn you how to make a glide. No need for having some old analog beast for that... Softsynths can often be switched to mono mode as well btw
  15. Id say the new newest album from Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra has some pretty decent melodic tracks so check that out maeby if you havent. Mr Peculiar strings to mind as well... For something a bit more light (read slightly cheesy ) Alt+Ctrl might be worth a sniff
  16. Do you really think the new DNA album is better than this Lemmi???
  17. No worrys mate just wanted to poke you a bit while i was at it Yes we have some pictures ill begin sorting them and post them as soon as possible. I have exams so might take a few days though!
  18. Hehe you should be carefull throwing around statements like that since the "young" zombie guy was me who happens to be a member here Yes i consider myself lucky but is a 22 year old a kid? Ill leave that up to you to decide And Deathposture not a very noble picture from a fellow dane... You could have included her face
  19. Just a piece of advice between all the jokes to you Nhjo, Try and spend more time with each of your tracks. I can see you have made oodles. Be more focussed making the individual tracks REALLY shine, and practice (quite a lot more) and someday who knows maeby mr. posford will give you a call........ maeby
  20. I second the suggestion of getting a nordleadsince its a simple synthesizer to use and thus good for an aspiring artist. Alternatively the access virus b is also available used at a decent price. Also check out ebay for a jp8000. Great synth, wish i had one myself :-D These synthesizers are widely used for all kinds of trance. Some people claim they are overused. It is my opinion however that it isnt the synths themselves that result in the generic music coming out but how people use them in their compositions. Hope this info is usefull. Good luck in your search
  21. Cinos you fanboy... everything isnt a copy of Shpongle. Entheogenic definately hold their own. That people dont appreciate Entheogenic i can understand (to each his own), but saying that Entheogenic are copycats just because you hear some similarities in a single track is a bit silly imo
  22. A great release indeed! Fr once in not annoyed by the lyrics since they are very well used. A breath of fresh air which sure is needed in the psy scene. He better come to Denmark and rock the floor soon
  23. I have to say that i agree 100% with Lepton. Was great when it first came out but it has lost its touch. I also think that they have lost some of the subtle approach that is needed for a track to be really psychedelic. To me its more like a massive wall of sonic assault. Not that i dont like it on the dancefloor tho
  24. Jaïa - Brainstorm, live remix. Cant get enough of it at the moment
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