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  1. One of those albums I heard years after it being released but I find myself returning to this alot!
  2. Wow. I think it's a very fun album as you stated haha I haven't listened to your newer albums so I'm gonna do that next week. Besides this album I've only heard a few compilation tracks which I liked also.
  3. One of the best chill albums ever released 10/10
  4. Pretty much as good as Mystery... and I've been listening to both of them from the day I heard them to this day.
  5. To me this is the best psytrance compilation ever released...
  6. It's more than a decent compilation when thinking of what kind garbage TIP.World has pushed out
  7. Sawfly

    Raja Ram presents

    It surely is no Crystal Skulls (I doubt those two compilations will ever be topped) but it's better than 99% of TIP.World releases.
  8. Fucking awesome album!
  9. A very good album. I do prefer the debut a bit better though.
  10. Sawfly

    Jaïa - Fiction

    Great album 9.5/10
  11. Sawfly

    Cosma - Nonstop

    This is pretty damn good..
  12. Yep. I'm listening to this album the last time as a whole. I am on the second track which is called Are We Done Yet? and that's pretty much what I am thinking now
  13. Sawfly

    Darkpsy - Fear

    Still hits hard despite the silly name. I rememer back in 2004 or something when I had friends who were more obsessed about track names and such than what the music actually sounded like. This was a hard sell and nobody was willing to listen. It was their loss. I still enjoy this album to this day
  14. Background music and pretty lousy even at that...
  15. Advent of the Blue Radula by Deviant Species
  16. Not a bad album. Couple of really good tracks here too.
  17. Sawfly

    Menog - Emotions !

    Not a bad album by any means. Not really generic but not that original either. Shows potential at least but I didn't really like his newer releases that much. 7.5/10
  18. Not a bad album by all means...
  19. Sawfly

    Ypsilon5 - Binary Sky

    Nice melodies here...
  20. A much better Digital Psionics comp. than Psionic Storm. That Dark Nebula & Scatterbrain track here is much better.
  21. Yep, I found this to be a pretty weak compilation too. It sure does have it's moments but it's nothing special imo
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