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  1. I am lurking through Psynews from time to time, but i logged in after quite some time, just to say this is a really nice track.
  2. It is a great album! I won't say much, since english isn't my native, but this music is truly inspiring... still, nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, just nice grooves & beautiful melodies (I'll dare to say this becomes rarity in psy-goa trance these days). My favs: 1, 2, 9, 10 Cheers
  3. It's very close to be finished, but I have no time right now (exams... ). Anyway, it's good enough to be heard, so: Overmind - Perfection Hope You'll like it
  4. I post here really rare, but I must say this is a stunning piece of music. In a last couple of years I haven't been so touched by some psychedelic/goa album... This returned my faith in trance . My favs: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 troll on::: Is there any review of Merr0w's "Born Underwater" (search system is going crazy at my place, maybe it's me or... ):::troll off Sorry if english was bad, it' not my native language. Peace!
  5. Something went wrong on the first time, I guess... Anyway, here it is: Overmind - Personal God
  6. When Euro Trance meets Psy link: Overmind - Personal God Hope for some feedback! TnX
  7. Download: Overmind - Virtual Experience Hope for some feedback
  8. This is my first chill track Overmind - Tears of a Sinner
  9. Euro Trance + Goa Overmind - Pieces Of My Mind
  10. Goa track! Mix is done, production in phase 0.7 Enjoy! Overmind - Random Reality
  11. Some of my DJ friends liked to play this several times per party (small local parties, offcourse ). I don't understand. I mean, it's a good track (IMO), but... link to download:Overmind - The Cure
  12. I am not fan of darkpsy, but this sounds ok. Bass sounds interesting. Speaking of bass, try Trilogy or Albino 3. Samo nastavi! Pozz
  13. Exactly! That means, if You let drugs to do works for You (either music or anything else), in the end You'll become hollow and empty... now, this probably sounds stupid, but I can't explain it better right now
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