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What new music did you get today?


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The New Generation is not top notch mastered but it satisfies quality needs well enough. Glad you published it (referring to the old catalogue) and great that Trance2MoveU made a review which is well deserved. What comes to your new material I simply don't have time to concentrate right now. I never listen carelessly stuff I expect to be good but rather want to concentrate. Until later and thanks, Filipe :)


Thank you for sharing your views with us. Hopefully we will satisfy all hardcore customers more in the future. :)

All the best ,


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Completed my nomorph CD collection today.

I did something similar with almost completing my Nomad/Dj Mael collection. Only a few cds still not bought. I ordered 15 different compilations ;O the tracks were used for the roadtrip I took down to North Carolina two weeks ago for Equinox festival. The friend who drove with me loves Nomad yet both of us didnt know most of these tracks.


Furious ‎– Not For Fame (Vertigo Records) :D

VA - Acid Mutants (Discovalley Records)

cool to see Im not the only one getting old dark psy (the good kind!) lately ;p

I just purchased this from a seller. Deja Vu Records had some quality ;O I have other compilations of theirs. the Samadhi track on this cd is awesome! I randomly bumped into it on YT two days ago and had to buy the release.


VA - Jokers Necropolis - Deja Vu Records





Dimension 5 - Second Phaze


YEA! :)


man I forgot about that album! I purchased it in 04 or 05 from Psyshop. good snag! Im wondering if I would still like the release today. Some goa in the D5 style I just cant get into anymore.


I also purchased this album. very unique psy sounds within. some good basslines. some weird effects I like or not.


Starseed - A Million Hz Away



maybe taste the track Prisma from the album right here!


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