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What new music did you get today?


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Finally got the only Suntrip release I was missing!
Initially held off buying this until I had all the "regular" albums, but when I eventually came to buy it, they were sold out. So glad that a few more copies have surfaced!!! :D

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So after a long time complaining about the rip off traders on Discogs a gentleman (I assume man) who wishes to remain anonymous contacted me an said if I donated to the Mago Tree Goa project they'd send me a mint copy of Mind Rewind. So I made a $40 donation and today received my copy!


My soul feels better for the donation, and the music is wonderful.


A big thanks to Mr Anonymous, and as my wife n' I like to make a large annual donation to a charity every Christmas we're giving a further donation to this project on behalf of our two little kids.

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I am so happy to read what happened to Balance-Music, bravo, good deed, karma will pay back.

In the meantime after months of not buying anything, for my birthday I bought a few things here and there.... have a look:






It surely was a happy opening this morning :D

EDIT: All the Ovnimoon discs came in form of a trade, i wouldn't be able to get 20 of their discs altogether, but a great choice of their over 300+ cds released so far!

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What's different about the Japanese version?



I also want to know.


And why is the artwork more epic than in Europe ?


"Track 2 and 5 are not included on the Warner release. (Mainframe and Under The Influence which both are decent tracks.)

Track 4 is in its original version, and on Warner release appeared 'Seratonin Sunrise (MVO Mix)'.

Track 8 is also different, as it is the instrumental version of 'The First Day (Horizon)'."


Hey, I like this artwork more as well. :)

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