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What new music did you get today?


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and the last weeks i went some crazy and bought also


Rinkadink - Pirate Signal

Tryambaka - The Colour of Time

Distant System - Spiral Empire

Silent Sphere - Dance

Shpongle - Are you shpongled?

VA - Boulevard of Broken Drums

VA - Imaginarity

Mood Deluxe - Hot Points

Sirion - Reboot your Mind

Hedonix - Guerilla Ontology

Shiva Chandra - The Beauty of Noise

Dialogue - Patchwork

Portamento - The Portal

Wizzy Fusion - The Protectorate

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I had a little shopping frenzy... but you ought to have these no?


Ephedra - Journey Through My Head

va - Memories From Goa Madness

va - Analog Dreams

Orichalcum - Live

Transwave - Phototropic

va - Scandi90s Viking's Return

Shakta - Retroscape

Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed

Radical Distortion - 12 Dimensions


Enough for couple months surely...

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Finaly got it. Other than Boshke Beats, Timewarp is really the only music from this scene I still listen to although if I boga had made their digital Best Of My Sets series more affordable I"d definitely be purchasing those as well but some of them seem ridiculous.


I'll also admit that with a gift voucher I purchased the Cafe Del Mar 35th Anniversary compilation, it was all that my wife and I could agree on for the big car trip we've got in a few days. She hates anything really electronic & I cannot stand her selection of endless Coldplay, Adele etc.

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That 'Hutti Heita' album is simply incredible !

Still digesting it, but pow wow, loving every second of it so far.


BTW Drosophila please discogs us ! :)

That package looks like it contains some good music in it !



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