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  1. no it refers to your spongebob stretch pants
  2. to add that no matter what label you will get it will sound the same. its a genre thats what you get .
  3. basement hex - the suntrips world domination haha
  4. that's due to music equipment being available to everyone today. anybody can download a synth a put out any shit. back in days there was more value because musical equip would cost not anyone would be spending cash to put out some shit , you really had to be passionate about it . same applies today and that explains where the best music comes from.
  5. Cool you got it. Thanks for your support and all the best to you Anu.
  6. Thank you for appreciating my Music. You can also check the album of Kunai project if you seem to get into that style.
  7. Also to add i've nothing to do with Metapsychic anymore since the label is ripped and well ripped. But I understand you as I explained before since I was the one that founded and created it. I'm way happier conducting Submoon Records. Enjoy the new release. All the best.
  8. That's because I was the creator and founder of the label Metapsychic unlike of what all the unfortunate dramas and rumours were pointing and circling around in the past. Artwork does the job , I'm respecting and following the classic Amithaba Buddha line. Thanks for your feedback. Thank you Anu. The CDr is available now.
  9. Thank you. Feel free to drop a more in-depth review around sometime! Enjoy the new album and all the best to you.
  10. Submoon Records presents the new Filipe Santos Amithaba Buddha album , titled Angels Trumpets . https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/angels-trumpets https://www.facebook.com/submoonrecords
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