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  1. Asura - 360 Solar Fields - Random Friday Ishvara - Under a Hexagon Sky Ishq - Seascapes Didn't really pay much attention to the music scene for the last two years. It was time to get some new(er) music.
  2. Lost and Sound: Berlin, Techno und der Easyjetset http://www.amazon.de/Lost-Sound-Easyjetset-suhrkamp-taschenbuch/dp/3518460447 ...about Techno, electronic music in general and parties in Berlin and how it all started
  3. Vaccine Electronic is actually really nice. After my first time listening to it, I'm impressed!
  4. Well hello! Pretty good, and you? I was looking for some new/interesting releases and remembered Psynews. The review section here has always been full of great reviews. And since I'm here, I'll also check the General Psytrance and Other electronica. If I remember correctly there used to be a Downtempo section? or did I mix something up ...
  5. You guys have some impressive collections! I'm using an ikea Billy, tha small wide one, and it looks quite nice.
  6. thanks for all the suggestions, guys! I'll be sure to check out bandcamp and other links. I also found out psyshop and beatspace have "downtempo" categories. So, I'll browse those.
  7. Hey guys, I didn't really pay attention to what's happening in the ambient genre for the past year. Recently, I tried looking for some new stuff. Well, my usual way of going to Saikosounds and checking out the downtempo section didn't work. It turns out, there is no more saikosounds. That sucks big time, that was my favorite shop for downtempo and the long samples were great. My question: what are some nice releases from this year (or if there's something really great from 2012 )? And also.. where do you look for ambient releases now and where do you order from? From this year, I only have Boards of Canada's album.. and thats it Thanks!
  8. it's out already?! god, where have I been to not know this
  9. if you click his username, there are only answers. like here http://www.reddit.com/user/ShpongleMusic
  10. a Dark TIme would be great to have. I also considered the Midipal. However, because of the lack of money a knobby midi controller and a vst sequencer will have to do. Before that, I used a selfmade puredata patch and later found out, that it lags on windows Usually when I use such a sequencer, no music is made. It's just so much fun to play with it.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, mda JX10 vst has a similar sounding patch called rubber bass. http://mda.smartelectronix.com/synths.htm
  12. Has it really sold out in a month? Does anyone have a copy I could buy?
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