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What new music did you get today?


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Tandu - Multimoods

VA- Oxycanta (2006)

MFG-New Kind Of World



Few days ago:

Sonny Boy Rollins - Jazz Collections - LP

Sonny Boy Rollins - live with Eric Clapton - LP

Metallica - Master Of Puppets - (2LP , 45RPM edition!)

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Last week,


From Dave:

Schlab 02,

Schlab 06,

BOTFB - digging Mud,

BOTFB - twin sharkfins,

BOTFB - urban legends,

Schlab T-shirt :)


Today: Love for Ultimae continues!


From Earwall:

Asura - lost Eden!!

CBL- world of sleepers !!

Androcell - Emotivision !!

UX - Ultimate Experience

Transwave - Phototrophic

Children of the bong

Derango - Tumult.


Thanks Earwall :)


From Oopie:

Aes Dana - Memory Shell !!

AFD - Life Beyond Land.

Thank you brother! :)


No more shopping for me :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Aural Planet vs. Divinorum - Power Liquids

Entheogenic - Spontaneous Illumination (1st press)


because once again... :D

Found in a second hand shop, 1e each... I couldn't resist. x)

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This is free but ppl GO LISTEN what Lunar Dawn boyz just uploaded!! After the start it develops..



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Can't believe you got it so cheap. Congrats... x)

Yup, thanks ;) I couldn't believe it myself.

I just got lucky. But not as lucky as you , getting classic stuff for 1E. :P


I wish I would get K.U.R.O - Revolution & Hypnorhythm for cheap. :D

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