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  1. NEW EP BY AMITHABA BUDDHA (Submoon Records) submoonrecords.bandcamp.com 1- Origins (Vocal Mix) 2 - Portuguese Civilization
  2. Not from me. I kudos you for that mate. Respect Milano Pizza.
  3. Ghost Circles? I have it. But nobody else is going to get it. Sorry.
  4. Etnica Remix would be the most appropriate .
  5. Octamed is also recommended to the Amiga computer , which I work on my Music with.
  6. not for me the first track just wrecked it. sorry.
  7. All the best to your event. It's going to be magical. Greetings and blessings , Filipe Santos
  8. And I'm also not going to reveal my mastering technique because it's none of his business. Paid or no paid i still do the same type of job. But i need to put bread on the table so i'd rather get paid. Well you didn't mean it but i do. His masters blow. To finalyse : - His brickwalls are a laugh and a joke - He did Orange Acid - I do Citrus - The rest is History.
  9. Sorry don't agree. He wrecks everything and everybody seems to be sucked by his hype. Sorry Tim Shul. I know another Tim (one of my friends) and he's a fisherman.
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