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What new music did you get today?


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Status: Registered


Order date: Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 01:53:23


1 * Jaia: Fiction [Digital Structures 1CD] per 10.07 (EUR 10.07)

1 * Compilation: Oxycanta III [ultimae 1CD] per 10.44 (EUR 10.44)

1 * Jens Buchert: Interstellar [Plusquam 1CD] per 10.44 (EUR 10.44)

1 * Compilation: The 3D Story - After Digital Age [3D Vision 1CD] per 9.12 (EUR 9.12)

1 * Sinepearl: Cycles Within Cycles Within [interchill 1CD] per 9.12 (EUR 9.12)

1 * Payment: Credit Card per 0.00 (EUR 0)

1 * Shipping Priority (189) per 5.33


Subtotal: EUR 54.51

Tax (19%): EUR 10.36

Sum: EUR 64.87

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the last couple of months


Deviant Electronics - Green Room :o

VA - If i wasn't human, I'd be a trance track

RA - Unearthly

Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness

Juno Reactor - The Great Thing of the Eastern Some

VA - Sakura

Haldolium - QNT

VA - Myriad Expressions

Witchcraft - Legend

VA - Dream Injection Vol.1 :)

Dimension 5 - TransStellar - nothing to add

Biot - Synthetic Organic

Biot - Saturation !! get it, still pricy

Psy Phy Six - Metaphysical

Deltron 3030 - Event 2 - not as great as the first one, but still

The Prodigy - Always outnumbered, never blabla

VA - Mashed Mellow Grooves Vol.4

Native Radio - Chiba City Blues

VA - Tranceformers

Rival Sons - Head Down :o !!

Auricular - Audion

Monkey3 - The 5th Sun

Wyclef Jean - The Carnival - classic !


should be all i guess


hey Ormion, what you gonna shout out to the Android Spirits ?

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That wasn't a bad compilation. I didn't enjoy a song or two because I felt that they could have been better without the usage of a voice sample. But otherwise it was an enjoyable compilation.

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Thanks for the heads up mate. Yeah I've never been a huge fan of samples in music except when I'm in the mood for house tunes (I know, but house is what I was brought up on before I found Goa). I've loved their first two compilations which says a lot as I'm not a big fan of this modern Goa/Psy sound. I have all the Suntrip & Neogoa label compilations but find the artist albums too much to take as most tracks end up getting a bit same-same. Next on my list to try are the 2 compilations on Timewarp/Ovnimoon. The covers intrigue me.

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got this today...great set of tunes, a bit of a techier overall vibe than usual but it's top notch gear

not sure who Brojanowski is but his track stood out on first few plays

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Sensorial Experience by Dreamstalker (Zenon)


really beautiful, low key tunes. the bottom end is mixed quite low, giving this a unique sound i haven't heard before. lovely gated musical elements and heaps of thick bush rhythm and fx. has a trippy, dreamtime day vibe like Shadow FX

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