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  1. My list as of now. Will add more as i revisit more albums and some i may have missed. Loved listening to alot of chill and ambient this past year! Downtempo 1) Astral waves - la danse de la lune 2) Labs cloud - underwater galaxy 3) Arthur pralaya - mirozdanie 4) Carbon based life forms - Alt :02 5) Ascent - deep blue sea 6) Germind antimatter 5 7) Zymosis - elements into data 8) Zymosis - timeless 9) E-mantra - echoes from the void 10) Entheogenic - Animism Uptempo 1) Mindsphere - inner cyclone 2) Mindsphere - mind triplex beyond 3) V.A. - globalsect radio 4) V.A. - gamma draconis 5) Dimension5 - second phaze 6) Atomas 303 - cartesian space 7) Atlantis - cosmis waves 8) V.A. - The call of goa vol 4
  2. What a amazing classic this album is!! My god. Has to be in my top 3 all time favourites.
  3. Congrats and thx for compiling the list -
  4. Loved nebula meltdown, mindsphere and celestial intelligence mind blowing ❤️
  5. 0-16 bollywood music 16-27 90’s pop (venga boys, ricky martin, shanaia twain, etc) and bollywood again 27-37 psytrance, dubstep, house, Techno, commercial trance (realized todays produced dubstep is shït)
  6. Hey guys so i just stumbled upon this thread! Since this thread is 8 yrs old are there any new recommendations pls!
  7. Isnt this house? Im confused!
  8. E mantra never lets me down when i want to relax
  9. Happy birthday day and thank you to all the members and most of all the initiators. I’m glad to have found this site. May it live for manny more years to come. God bless
  10. Thanks for sharing this bro. The tracks are very trippy. How did everyone miss this one!!
  11. My first listen to this album, while i am driving in my car, and I am loving this!
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