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What new music did you get today?


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Banco de Gaia - Maya 20th Anniversary 3CD edition

Circular - Moon Pool

Dr Trippy - Invasion by Osmosis

Kaya Project - Firedance

Koan - The Way of One

Ren Toudu - Nemophilist

Various - Paz 2

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Thank you Pat!!! :D


Texas Faggott - Texas Faggott

VA - Psy-Harmonics Vol. 2: Dancing To The Sound Of The Sun

VA - Experience - Psy-Harmonics Volume 5

Gus Till - Best Of The Rhino Years Vol. 2

MFG - The Prophecy

Miranda - Phenomena

Man With No Name - Earth Moving The Sun

Fractal Glider - Digital Mandala


got it from Technosomy.. if you haven't noticed, he has a mayor sale in the trade/selling subforum :D

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In the last couple of days...


Psysutra - Gamma Phoenicis

Virtuart - Sacred Drop EP

Symbiote - Symbiote EP

VA - Analog Dreams

Zirrex - Ritual Dance

VA - Voyager: First Plateau

VA - Misterika Festival - Tree Of The Life

VA- Sundrops - Light In Motion (completed the suntrip catalogue)

VA - Libération Animale

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OK... my almost last arrival (still waiting for 1). I need to finish my thesis before I spend all my money on-line :o


Cybered - Acid Box

VA - Wicked Gail's Trail

VA - Songs Of Experience

VA - Colors Of Goa

Celt Islam - Electro Dunya


and a gift

VA - Psyshark Vibes 4 (it has a logic Bomb track, so I am hoping for something decent...)

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Very un-Trance, but still: Tina Dickow's new album "Whispers" arrived today. I finished listening to it about an hour ago and really don't know what to think. The production is pristine, but musically, it all seemed pretty half-baked to me, sometimes even cheesy... Maybe it'll take a couple of spins, but right now I doubt it'll end up in my best-of list for this year. Shame - I loved almost all of her previous work.

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