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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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np: Luciferion - The Apostate


Melodic space-black/death metal, great record!


Posted Image


mp3: http://www.luciferion.com/Sounds/Destroying.mp3

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I'm listening to the melodic morning trance mix by Anubis. I'm only at the first track but it seems to be very nice!

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best tracks of today :


fungus funk : trancefields rmx (apocalypse)

the farting parrot : intellectual rectum (ketuh)

double rel vs cosmo : wipped out (temple twisters)

cosmo : psycho wars (temple twisters)

furious : akira (deja vu)

miraculix : solar (stoneage)

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Oöphoi & Klaus Wiese - Wouivre -07 - Cruith Ire (The Primordial Harp)


*wonders if that topic is either flood-ish , a smart way to make a forum looking bigger , or an occasion to increase one's post count dramatically ;)*

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