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  1. Eat Static - "Tractor Beam" off of their latest album is kind of dnb'ish. Just make sure to play it loud, and it will rock you for sure!
  2. Discogs is updated by its users. So until someone who actually owns the album takes his or hers time to submit it, it won't be showing up there...
  3. Thanks for the bump, missed this the first time around.
  4. Great selection of tracks as always GSH. I don't come often to psynews anymore, but when I'm here I make sure to look up on your excellent recommandations. Keep it up! :clapping:
  5. On a Platipus trip? Good choices btw, especially Cockroach..
  6. Ynos - Chill Out Sector Sweet 1995 ambient, recommended!
  7. Great list man, always interesting to see what you're listening to. I would've liked to recommend something myself, but 've been busy with studies lately so it's been little time for music hunting. Anyways, keep the lists coming!
  8. Got these the last couple of days: Mirror System - Mirror System Tetsu Inoue - World Receiver Joey Beltram - Aonox
  9. System 7 are great, I own most of their albums and they're one of my favourite groups. Steve's guitar playing can get a bit too much for me sometimes though, but usually he keeps it at an acceptable level. The Rainbow Dome Musick album is also great, a true ambient gem. I was surprised to find out recently that Hillage/Giraudy had released an album in 2005 under another alias, called Mirror System. After reading reviews I bought it right away, and it turned out to be another ambient/downtempo gem. Recommended for you who haven't heard of it.
  10. No contest really: Disco Volante - Chameleon (Pixelmorph Mix) <--- remix by UX
  11. I haven't heard the new album, but moni is right: OT would've been 10 times better without the electric guitar. Their best tracks are those with no or near to no guitars in them.
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