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What music are you listening to right now?

Sputum Rotgut

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hehe music for the jilted generation by prodigy is very good.besides from break and enter which i love too,claustrophobic sting is still genious.though it's not on that album.

as for me i'm listening to the IRRITANT album by x-DReAM

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HMmm. I really can't decide which track I like the most. They're all equal to me. Best one for the dancefloor is.... No Good :) ... brings up cool memories .. going to a club with some friends when I was like 16... completely freaking out on the dance floor on No Good... while half of the public there was a black bad ass hip hop crowd...sort of

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Biosphere - Cloudwalker II


For some reason I havnt listened to this cd in ages(microgravity).


Now when I listen to this track I cant help to think that Juno reactor definetly was inspired by this back in the day.


Great track, great album.



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np: Shift - Closer "Excession"

OMG!! get this one this album is sick.......soo great i am going crazy



Hey! I just got it today :D

Listening to it now. Track #2 Moonchild.

It's fucking great! :D


Check out my review of it in the review section.

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