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  1. np: Dynamo - Wildstyle "The Acid Daze" its good but a bit cheesy ,,, but that is to be expected these days
  2. well then its just me who has fallen in love with the album, probebly the mood i was in the first time i heard it or something . thnx for ur responses
  3. i dont have any links at all dl it from dc only thing i could find was this but i cant read it :S http://www.cisco-records.co.jp/cgi/title/t...tail_132000.php Sorry i cant be of more help ,,buut if u can find it its really worth it man. amazing Psycadelic Samurai blows me away
  4. TRISHULA RECORDS Ignis Fatuus; 1. Slek ZEBRA-N 2. Zactltopsitl MEGALOPSY 3. Exiter (final version) SUNGIRL 4. Manhunt VEGETAL 5. Disconnected MUSSY MOODY 6. Volentary intoxications DRONEBIXIE 7. Glo so DERANGO 8. Walkin demon PSYFACTOR 9. 321 Fly ... PHASEPHOUR This one is a GREAT dark compliation, freaky , twisted sounds like no other. i wouldnt consider it a "classic" but imo its really great and stands out from the typical dark. All the tracks a really good but the favs are Manhunt, Walking Demon and Glo so. if i havent heard this compliation u should aquire it and give it a lissen. thx.
  5. well i download, u busted me . Its the only way to somewhat screen out all the crap. Phase 3 compliation was rather enjoyable as a whole also, dont know if i would buy it though
  6. np: Mr. Peculiar - Alien Mushrooms a really nice track, abit proggy. a nice little bright spot in the swamp that is all the VAs being rlzed
  7. np: Mr. Peculiar - Alien Mushrooms a really nice track, abit proggy. a nice little bright spot in the swamp that is all the VAs being rlzed
  8. listning to another pleiadians track now np: pleiadians - space odyssey . its good or ok just like their other stuff latetly but nothing great or not even close to their old stuff, what has happned??
  9. i really love this album , it has an amazingly nice and soft sound. Very origninal and not like other full on. atleast that is my opionion. Just wanted to know if anyone else has heard it and in that case what u think of it. Putting it here since i cant do a review
  10. MpMsAy


    hehe ok . well then i didnt miss anything and i agree man 16 is a bit low to much Candy at that age
  11. MpMsAy


    hehe i missed it but looking at the party pics it seemed to be a kiddydisco ,, was this soo or ? heard the soundsystem sucked .. but the acts were good, especially chill? but seriously was it a kiddy party?
  12. cant freakin wait for another album, Sky Input is just amazing and one of the best things of 2004. Give me more i need a fix!!! Wish i could be at MEkkA tomorrow.......
  13. np: Tellus 2 - Big Bad "Dikotom" this is a good album very unlike anything else just what u can count on from Tellus 2. good work
  14. sorry ,, some forum error ,, tripple post
  15. hehe yea man my point excaclty, first of all i hadnt taken any , secnodly i wasnt bothering anyone just dancing and beeing happy , so why the fuck start some shit and take me asside and "checkin " me out. But many of the guards at the clubs have serious issues themselfs and want to show how big and bad they are by bothering happy dancing ppl.
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