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  1. Probably true, but Nothing lasts > nothing is lost is probably the greatest experiences of mine with music. comes very close to ...day turned to blah blah I love 1-10 of this album, every single minute of it.. then i really love tracks here and there from the rest.
  2. they all sucked from the very first minute IMO
  3. They are two different styles, why on earth are we comparing? Why dont you try Entheogenic Vs Shulman. They are both alike
  4. Yes, I got SO fustrated with this album at first. I felt betrayed. But now I absolutely love it! Nothing Lasts ... But Nothing is Lost (6-8) I can say is my favorite Shpongle track
  5. I managed to sit through it many many times, once 2wice in a row. 'Without thought' sounds a bit annoying at this stage 'timeless esp' sounds dark
  6. can u do me a favor and put mine as the postal address?? thanks ur cool
  7. Are you nuts it hasnt left my car stereo since I burnt it (the original stays in the package) and definately get both shulman albums dub trees celtic cross
  8. She sounds like a gym instructor gone into madness~~ The last quarter of that track just goes nuts!! haltya- forest flavour .?? naa, Night Of The Carrots. IMO
  9. One of the tracks that I really reaalllyyy hated.. I've listened to it about 6 times today.. BRILLIANT! I love this album so much now
  10. Is this for Entheogenic 3??? cool!
  11. doesnt seem to be doing anything.. just wait a few days
  12. I knew the name was wrong in some way. I certainly do not have the cd - but I've known those lyrics from way back - it's been sang by multiple Turkish singers. So I can envision what the sample would sound like "Nevertheless, I respect your point of view concerning lost Eden." thanks
  13. after lisning to them a few more times ... i take it back.. still not the greatest tracks but a fun to listen
  14. The last time you said that I was very close to saying something... And this time I will. I thought your sampling from 'Sounds of Istanbul sample cd' was shameful. Simon put it together very smoothly.
  15. why does someone elses opinion matter so fuckin much? let it be great album btw
  16. cool thread 1 Monster Hit ..Day turns to night 2 A New Way to Say 'Hoorey! Room 23 3 nothing lasts shnitzled in the negev < also one of the coolest S track names Favorite 3 all up (hard) ..Day turns to night shnitzled in the negev (trk 6-8) monster hit
  17. But how right those samples need to be selected is the important part - and what use you put it to. I disagree with some of the samples he's used for this album. My fav tracks so far.. 2 - why are people so against it? I think its very shpongly 4 - very good vocals 6 - 6-8 is the '..day turns to night' of S3 7 - best on the whole album - and one of the best shpongle moments this track made me laugh many times - unbeleivalby good 14 - brilliant vocals by H.O, I have no idea what your saying but thank you 9 - except for how the volcals come into play (repeating and fading in - cheap) 10 - nice & smooth saxaphone 17 - the only good flute work by raja on this entire album oh and I love the terrence sample that is in this worst tracks: 11 - boring smelly clubby chanting sample - it ruins it 13 - very very bad - why go funky raja? oh no the smelly sample is back! 16 - i cant stand the party/rave sample at the start - its HORRIBLE --- I just hope with more listning I will grow to love the tracks that I hate. This album shares some of the brightest moments, and the dullest in the entire series. I just hope it truely isnt the very 'last' we hear from Shpongle.
  18. this thread is too painful to watch
  19. Now im begining to wonder. If it sounds anything like JamesBond i'd most likely hate it. IMO the 007 is the worst theme song ever!
  20. It's only used in the beija flor tracks..... I think its underused in this album
  21. Earlier on I said some bad things about this album I take it back! Those were my impressions from the samples. 6th time through the album and I'm loving it!
  22. I didnt realise some of those tracks were from Shpongle 3 until the other day! FIRST time through the album: I skipped the first 3 tracks (beija flor) and went on straight to the fourth. I didnt quite understand the concept behind most of the tracks, the composition just seemed to lead me to nowhere. By the time it had passed halfway through I started to get fustrated... Did Simon and Raja fail us? SECOND time: Things slowly started to make sense, I had my first smile... I was liking it THIRD time: I laughed at one time, this shit is good! and so on I love it!! little complaints here and there due to sounds that are a bit tacky + I thought at times we need a moment of peace with a touch of ambience Eg. the last 1.5minutes of 'Hoorey' from Tales album OH and my biggest dissapointment has to be the absence of the great silver flute... barely any tracks had it.. and the ones that did, it always came in at the wrong time and the taste was too jazzy My fav Raja flute line: "hoorey" "monster hit" Thanks Posford
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