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  1. I'll be going to! hope it will be radiating good vibes the line-up kicks ass and the weather forecasts are sweet too, i'm in!
  2. I agree with you all! This album is one of the better albums released in psytrance territory this year! Its on the considering to buy-list, just got hold of it... now lets see if a few more spins will be just as good! May write a review someday:) thanks for making great music Tamlin! First impression: I really like the opening track, really trippy and a niiice sweet melody accompanied by a headboppin' bassline! Second track also great.. same for the third! I totally dig the melodies flying around in this entire album.. that's the most groovy and trippy part at the same time keep it up!
  3. *kick*! Nemo, I totally agree with your impressions, except for the fact I was already impressed while listening it for the first time! for me this sounds like one of the better (psy?)trance albums this year! really well made, allround and trancey like hell! I like it a lot especially the 5th track gave me goosebumps the first time around haha!
  4. 320 kbps is more the enough I guess thanks for sharing your music!
  5. *kick* ! Respect to you Lost & Found, for the kick ass contribution on this V.A One of the reasons i'm buying this one! Especially the S.A Psyfreaks should check it out, contains some really wicked tracks oi!
  6. Same for me pavel, the album has some nice moments but overall its waaaay to minimal and boring for me! Horrible vocal parts too, I don't understand the hype either.. (liked their previous work though, this one just doesn't cut the cake)
  7. Still its a let down for me, shift doesn't sound like the shift in the 2004 Era when he released his best tracks imo (Dr. Silverman/Twilight/Machine Soul on v.a's) I like the track: Decadence on this release though.. but it isn't innovative on any part when Excession was at the time! people should experiment more in this scene and not try to fit in the already overdone concept
  8. Emotional Response - Forgotten Moments! :posford: :clapping: This is one of THE best trancecore tracks i've ever heard.. blasting hardcore beat combined with a damn fine main lead coming in and ready to take over every thought you have in your braaaaainnn at that moment HIGHLY recommended if you want to blast the roof off and kick ass!
  9. Hmm.. I did just listen to one of their tracks at myspace.. "space invaded" and I do like the sound of the bassline, its massive dancefloor full on imo. Not very innovative though, but it's better then most israeli full on. Edit: Did they rip a riff from Shift - Closer? (check the last seconds of this track from 6:57).. you'll find the same melody in this Atari's track hmm :/ (or is it also in the NIN - closer version?)
  10. Sure I would let my children explore toys/music on their own, but a bit of guidance wouldn't hurt right? Everybody is free to enjoy bad music also, but I just can't stand shallow, cheesy and lame playback 'psytrance' acts! And the cream of the crap is HEADLINING a festival? man, that's just not the way to go in my book.. I still think 1200 mics is horrible and I really hope they quit the scene.
  11. I did see these guys 'live' at FullMoon festival last year, and they resemble everything that is WRONG with this scene imo.. I (and so were Snapinho & Supergroover) were in total disgust.. Old wankers on stage with plastic guitars trying to 'air guitar' the ac/dc and iron maiden riffs they've stolen and synthesized.. Put that together with the most simple and annoying bassline you can up with, this has nothing to do with psychedelic trance.. its extremely horrible crap! I hope they won't sell 1 piece of this plastic. And yes I'm negative because acts like these are NOT my piece of cake!
  12. Sonnenvakum - Vibes Woaaa.. I really like this proggy tune! summervibe, If I would play prog at a festival this year, this one would for sure be in my tracklist!
  13. Don't have really much to add.. just some thoughts that came up. First thing is, if people don't pay for music on cd, its fine with me.. it's their own choice and I definitely know people who have such a tight budget it's hard for them to even have enough money to eat. Also, if someone wants to produce music, its a choice he/she makes and it is a personal dedication, if you want to make music you probably make time for it and if there is other work to do besides that to get some money to live by... that's just very NORMAL, only a REAL SMALL percentage of artists can actually live of their music. Personally I download a lot to preview stuff I want to buy on cd or not.. If the music doesn't seem all that interesting I delete it (I don't even want it to have space on my harddisk haha). And also, today i've downloaded some kick ass oldschool house VA's (In order to dance / Serious beats, old techno/trance tracks back in the days my uncle provided me tapes of this wonderful music! ) that are really hard to get on cd nowadays and way to expensive for me. I don't feel one bit of shame or guilt. Music should be spread and people who love music also pay for it, thats just the fact. @something ontopic: Piracy will stay alive as long as there is Internet. Also i've seen some big names in the psyscene come and do a 'LIVE (ahem)' act.. using cracked versions of Cubase, so I consider the point made by someone else here that piracy is all over the place, very valid.
  14. Hey dudes! (Hope you're both doing great.. only this isn't the right topic for that hahaha ) I don't know Dj Nukem actually.. should I check out some of his mixes? This track is taken from Dj Proof - Progressive House mix, can't even remember how I got the mix actually but I somewhat like this track and wanted to figure out who produced it. Thanks for the replies though, maybe anyone else knows?!
  15. Fellow Earthlings! Could anyone of you ID this track? Ripped it from a Dj set but couldn't find a tracklist anywhere... http://members.home.nl/erzo/Progtrack-1.mp3 Please check it out, I like this song and I'd guess the dancefloor would love it too Thanks!
  16. Accidentily found artwork... would this be meant for the new cd ? Its nice though
  17. Haaa,. good news indeed! I fully agree btw Psycosmo, Triskell - Here knows when is one of my favourite tracks from V.A - The Turning (a REAL classic from Timecode, probably one of my most loved V.A's i've ever bought)... it kicks ass. As for the label, I have the feeling that (together with Nexus Media), my beloved S.A styled psy also could use some fresh input and new soundbanks.. the lasts few V.A's did dissapoint me a bit though, but I hope for something new Hooray for Timecode!
  18. Storm Reaction is a great album indeed.. one of the best albums in 2003 for me at the time The most lame samples are the ones coming from Fear and Loathing, if you feel like sampling that movie again.. just don't release your stuff! Overused and overdone.
  19. Time for some top 5 after all! I too felt like this was probably not the best year for psy.. many copycat tracks, many boring new 'artists' using the same sounds over and over, where is the innovative part?... still I hope the scene will get a new taste, something fresh to keep it interesting! Still i've bought some good albums imo. My top 5 (nr 1 being most played I guess) 1) Twisted System - Core (Awesome production, great melodies and many dancefloorbashers!) 2) Frozen Ghost - Just One Bite (Didn't get much attention, imo this is the best debut album coming from S.A this year!) 3) Multistate - Collaborating With Machines (2nd best debut album from S.A! ) 4) VA - Goanation Volume 3 (most played Prog V.A for me!) 5) Chromatone - ChromaConnection (freaky full on, perfect dancefloor stuff!) Worthy mention: Peter Gun - Friendly Fire (not really psy though..) Slum - Make Rainbow In Your Slum V.A - Pump Fiction V.A - New Order V.A - Afterhourz (Especially the Motion tracks are GREAT) Edit: Slight change might come up! I've heard Solstice Black Compilation Vol. 2 for the first time, and I'm really impressed!
  20. LOLAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHH111111111111111111~```````````!!!11`
  21. one of the better S.A styled psy releases this year!! powerfull and moving, goodstuff
  22. Really great work Bert! I like both sides of the flyer Best of luck to ma hoomiesss for throwing this party in an awesome location
  23. Yes... boooooring under-mediocre full on not worth listening too at all!
  24. Well.. it isn't minimal at all (I guess it didn't use the term very well ) I just listened the Filtera - Sky Input cd before I heard the Eskeemo stuff.. and well.. the first track did sounds a bit minimal compared to that haha.. but I come back on that.. It isn't minimal just it could use some more melody layers and diversity in certain parts imo, but that's just a matter of taste!
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