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  1. Also Hesse's Siddhartha Many times Always as good as or better than before Murakami's After the Quake stories Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, although the last time was a long time ago Krishnamurti's Commentaries on Living Poetry, not that much poetry I am in love with, mostly Whitman, and the Chinese classics like Han Shan Reread Heidegger's Being and Time several times but not necessarily because I liked it so, but because I wasn't getting it, still don't, not really And classics like Tao Te Jing, Tibetan Book of Liberation, Ashtavakra Samhita But most of all, Webster's
  2. Elastoplast is a lot of fun, and freeflow is just the shit. Love it. Highly recommended
  3. Will go buy The Field's album From Here We Go Sublime tomorrow. The store should have recieved the order by now. Yay
  4. oh yeah, oops mine was supposed to read: sounds exactly like ultimae? (because someone had mentioned that) i hadnt heard any of the new work yet and was applying my preconceptions to be prematurely disappointed while secretly hoping to have those preconceptions shattered and shit, i'm on a budget myself
  5. yes will be my first trance cd i buy in almost a year p.s. nusrat fateh ali khan does not count
  6. whoa you've cut your hair like the look (from what i see on that photo) new project, huh? great sounds EXACTLY like ultimae great for most, sucks for me i like little of what i hear from them, don't listen enough to that style to properly appreciate it well, maybe this will change my mind
  7. I want to make a review soon I am in a way affiliated with entheogenetic, so dont know how much my review will count But I will try to remain as objective as possible A great example of calm psy-chill
  8. four tet - parks and four tet are coming to montreal this summer, opening for tortoise hope i can make that show
  9. wow what a record mindblowing such healing music, even if a bit much to take sometimes throat singing alongside mad percussion work musis for channeling
  10. really happy you chose elemental journey samples do not do it justice such a beautful record and as for lull, i normally would not agree with you, but abakus very versatile you can put it on when you r aunt is visiting and she'll love it very romantic too find it perfect for late summer evenings
  11. many ppl have already mentioned it, but this is the only trance album i consider essential: antix - lull [iboga] chill however, i would have to say: ishq - orchid elemental journey - absolute ambient vol. 2 omnimotion - omnimotion essential for me means that every music lover should own these, not only ppl into a particular style of music
  12. around christmas time dunno some photo from the internet
  13. umm doesnt the topic say goa? as in in goa maybe i am mistaken however, if i am, i would like some recommendations for goa on nye thx
  14. In my opinion, it is all very simple. Any genre when listened to too much becomes boring. But the same genre in small quantities (provided those small quantities include the quality end of the spectrum) rocks.
  15. none of the following is straight pure electro coburn - give me love djuma soundsystem - les djinns remixed donnacacha castello - ok that's great start over hiem - zombie party luke dzierzek - echo sweet n candy - unbreakable va - full body workout vol. 2 (get physical music) best old i-f - fucking consumer
  16. the ones that have put me out of this world are emok kruger peter didgital
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