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  1. alpha

    Good TV Series? Any?

    The season finale of Dexter was fantastic
  2. Bump! Gotta agree, I just listened to Technologic today for the first time in many years and it sounds as good as ever. So many classic tracks here: Nuage D'encens, Up days, Replicant, D'eden space, Spiral dive.. Most old psy/goa albums sound very dated today, but this one has aged very well indeed, maybe because it sounded kinda "modern" even back then. If there's somebody who hasn't listened to this album yet, hunt it down from somewhere. Well worth it.
  3. queens of the stone age just a few more songs, then off to bed...
  4. huh you mean mine? it's been there for months.. now: mew - apocalypso
  5. sigur ros - saeglopur wonderful song, wonderful album, wonderful band
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