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  1. i see this is a pretty tight battle between Juggeling... and Alien.after some time of thinking,i have to go with the first one.but as i said before is very tight. though Gilli's voyage,Moon Influence and Mystical...have what it takes to send you out of space.
  2. i can't decide between ANGELIC PARTICLES and SHAMANIX.hehehe.both awesome!
  3. i really beg u:try THE DELTA-THING.we'll discuss more then.
  4. i wanted to ask the same thing.and what makes the "warn"sign to disappear?
  5. i gotta support the boys and say that my mum is 50 this year-she's a music teacher in a highschool so she is-not directly,but somehow-connected.she loves juno esecially conquistador1 and 2. and yes 10000miles is a great track.
  6. POWER SOURCE-memory bubble INFECTED MUSHROOM-montoya-awesome track,haven't seen u guys talking bout it.am i wrong?
  7. though i can dig a lot of influences i really dont lije the ending part,but not cause its"too happy "like some guy said.not my cup of tea.the song isn't bad though.maybe after some more listening i'll change my mind.though i doubt
  8. i gotta say i listened a few times to UX and -hope i don't piss u off:))-and it didnt ring any bell.it was quite a few months ago and i must say my system is really pathetic so than can be a serious drawback.but i will listen it these days carefully and in my headphones-pretty good ones-cause u made me curious.tnx!
  9. Beast-spawn -a fast and interesting tune. i like it a lot.
  10. i can't understand how can towelie asay that is overrated? where;s your brain,dude? anyway it is useless.if u understand and grasp the magic of juno then it;s ok.if u don't go and relax with some skazi fucking up your brain. pleiadians-photonik is just beggining in mu headphones.hahaha.talking about BLISS.
  11. hey towelie,may i ask u who is your fav cup if juno isn't? and YES, i agree, they rule!
  12. yeah but if u have a little mythological culture u know that Alcyone,Asterope,Maia and the other tracks on IFO.were the 7daughters of ATLAS and PLEIONA.and they were named the PLEIADES.so i think you can't say that it's cheesy cause the analogy between the name pleiadians and the track titles u don't find it anywhere.not highly smart but nor cheesy.and i dont think that juno has cheesy titles.what about GMS/1200 mics then? but yeah a lot of tracks have pointless titles and.in a lot of cases i think they just open a dictionary-mythological one-and pick up the very first name.
  13. bariz0n is right.but what the hell stop bothering.u can;t convince idiots of their own narrowness. i remembered to recommend something to juice99 a good,mature,incredibile album-PHAEDRA from TANGERINE DREAM.those who know it can agree with me.it's from 79.gotta try it i get goosebumps everytime i listen to it.
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