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  1. Lepton - Liquid Aciid -december 2007 -115 min 01.noise gust vs mondo - full moon (nabi) 02.vous deux - wild wild west (araquake) 03.noise gust - burglar (nabi) 04.highcosmos vs - bbq with mackies (noisepoison) 05.cosmo - gama sata (noisepoison) 06.kerosine club - lethal dose (temple twister) 07.penta - kill bill (deja vu) 08.logic bomb 09.phobium - we are all crazy (wirikuta) 10.archivolt - other planets (inpsyde media) 11.hishiryo - stoned together (hypnotica) 12.aremakki - 3 way killing system (cannibal syndrome) 13.furious - iron tag (insomnia) 14.cosmo - different komplex (noisepoison) 15.skunk of satan 16.aremakki 17.total - revolt (cannibal syndrome) 18.sekt - r u mental ( black magic) 19.a.d. - down under (cannibal syndrome) 20.electrypnose - 2013 21.zik - completely moronz (cosmic theatre) 22.furious - some pssf psidimm (trantrumm) 23.cosmo - break some bones (noisepoison) 24.cosmo vs osom - instrumental (noisepoison) 25.furious - puzzle fussion (insomnia) 26.kashyyyk - eat dust (temple twister) 27.sekt vs aremakki - woodman (cannibal syndrome) 28.furious - powered psidm (insomnia) www.lysergic-asylum.com Don't get lost during the trip ! http://www.psychedelic.be/v2/content/view/233/45/ direct dowload ftp://ftp.psychedelic.be/psymix/lepton_-_liquid_aciid.mp3
  2. furious : uncanny beats probably the best psytrance album of our times http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ino/ino1cd009.html
  3. not for fame is not that good but uncanny beats must be the most variated, tripped out dark psy I have ever heard.... trust me it will be rememberd as a classic album ...
  4. dude it's psykovski ³ ... no seriously it's nowhere near not for fame. it's in the same style as the track on nritya shastra .... it's fast highly psychedelic and even beatiful .... the best piece of music I have ever heard !!!
  5. furious - uncanny beats probably the best psytrance album that I have ever heard !!! no shit ! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ino/ino1cd009.html
  6. endless discussion ... if it works for you, good For me it's really not precise enough, even with 0.02% I have to adjust regularly to keep the beats as tight as possible btw ppl use the bpm counters only as an indications cuz they are ... not precise enough
  7. don't ever buy a cdj 800 !!! it's pitch resolutions is only 0.05% wich is not precise enough ... => if scratching is a must buy a cdj 1000 in all other cases don't hesitate and buy the cdj 200 !!!!
  8. Lepton

    V/A - Vapour

    good compilation, you cannot go wrong with bodhisattva among the list ... keep up te good work rah !! cheers
  9. Lepton


    severe but so true ...
  10. aiight, it's allmost there ... Lot's of new tracks I see ... Good luck !!
  11. a superb release from exogenic and haltya ... it's different then forest flavour ... Les wacky, happier ... the production level is very high ... I prefer forest flavour because it's more mental and experimental ....
  12. no complaints about moderators but is it possible to increase the amount of pm's one can store ?
  13. 5th edition, same concept ... forest and suomi sounds all party long ... -Bodhisattva 13 : 20 (truffle) U.S.A. Within the mind, a dark vortex can suck you into infinity, here you will meet Bodhi, and your spectacular surroundings will be equally represented with strange and complex audio frequencies.Not intended for easy listening, this series of channelled frequencies is very hard, dark, and complex, yet somewhat uplifting. -Derango (sanaton) Sweden needs no introduction -DJ Monno (Onkel Dunkel/G.o.w.) (parvati records) Denmark DJ Monno is half of the aarhus based act Grapes of Wrath and is also a label dj for the renowned dark psy label Parvati Records. Besides being able to affect the tone of dark psy releases internationally Monno is also an accomplished DJ within the same field. - Lepton (cosmic theatre / pandemonium / lysergic asylum / chaotic dynamics ) (be) - Ain-Soph (pandemonium/materia prima) (be) - Raptile (Ji'sa) (be) - Fregle (materia prima) (be) tbc contact : Lepton604@yahoo.com / madeinrealtime@hotmail.com
  14. Lysergic Asylum & Psylence presents... Line-up : MEGALOPSY Dark Prisma / Trishula Records, Argentina FRANTIC NOISE Dark Prisma Records, Argentina ATRIOHM (tbc) Parvati / AuraQuake Records, Macedonia DARK WHISPER Alice-D / Haunted Existenz / Apocaliptic Records, Italy DARK ECO Lysergic Asylum, Belgium LEPTON Lysergic Asylum / Pandemonium / Cosmic Theatre, Belgium BEMO vs AMYIAN Lysergic Asylum, Belgium PHAZUR Psylence, Belgium BABY WOODROSE vs MAKKURA Lysergic Asylum / Fubar, Belgium KEPUKKU Psylence, Belgium Location : In- and outdoor in a castle farm.. + camping area!!! Extra : - Camping area - Fire show More info soon !! :twisted: www.psylence.be www.lysergic-asylum.com Contact : Lepton604@yahoo.com / madeinrealtime@hotmail.com
  15. yeah I mailed you at least 2 times on this address : *********** (changed by moderator) (september 2006 and january 2007) anyway I will contact you again soon ... cheers
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