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  1. Updated. Someone buy that fucking Power Source CD. I don't want that ugly fuck cluttering my shelf anymore. D: I mean it's scratchy but it DOES play! GET IT AWAY FROM ME! Beetles aaah!
  2. Thread updated with more CDs. I think once I'm rid of these, I only have good psy left.
  3. Now that I think of it, there is an odd distorted moment in the first track, I assumed it was supposed to be like that - if not, I guess that's the scratch.
  4. Nope, no fooling. The CDs you reserved are all in almost unlistened condition. That is, pretty damn good.
  5. Seriously, it makes me sick to my stomach to see how much money I've maniacally wasted on fucking CDs. And now I seek to spread the (mis)fortune! I'll take your monies only through Paypal. You can pay with dollars too, and I will ship to the americas, but I won't fill out any customs papers, so that's all your problem. If you feel the prices are too high, they're all very negotiable. Conditions on request, but I think they're all pretty reasonable. 30 euros apiece. Concept In Dance Tribal Science / Digital Alchemy - Infinite Excursions Trust In Trance 1+2 (special 2-cd release <.<) 10 euros apiece. Goa Inside Chakra & Edi Mis - Promised Land (that less rare label release) Power Source - Cosmic Waves (in less than optimal condition) X-Dream - Radio (Blue Room) (also kind of scratchy) 8 euros apiece: (except the singles that cost... say, 3 euros.) Alchemy 30 Years of Counterculture Hallucinogen - Twisted, Lone Deranger, Mi-Loony-Um, Deranger Both Crystal Skulls comps Psi-Trance The Warp Experience Cyber Trance 3 Infected Mushroom - I'm the Supervisor, Cities of the Future, Converting Vegetarians Gaia 1+2 James Reipas - Uwaga Trancemaster 6 Hara Gobi - Party Junkies SFX - The Unreleased Tracks Edit: Some stuff sold, some added.
  6. Psynews is dreadfully dull in your absense. :(

  7. Cinos, healing process can take easily 8 months to 2 years. Your brain,pills and rest will do the work.Loneliness may kill u, so be carefull!

  8. . . . . . . . . . grtz your opinions are from now on all invalid since you fail totally at reading comprehension. back2school
  9. But they can't deny that an adult with the intelligence of a baby is stupid. Objectively. They can come up with however much shit they like about relative intelligence - it doesn't matter.
  10. Doesn't change it was an invalid warning, and based on a misunderstanding by people who do not speak english optimally. And wtf are the nurses going to do? Punch me? That's assault and assault is illegal.
  11. Low-intelligence individuals? Nobody gives a fuck for technicalities like that. Had I said "of low intellectual capacity" they'd have warned me just the same.
  12. ...oh the fuck no. I didn't say "cure it" or anything. I said GET OVER IT! As in function fairly normally despite being disabled like I do. And if they can't because their intelligence is that of a 2-year old: stupid. This is not an insult in the same way I'm not insulting a 3-mhz computer by calling it slow.
  13. STILL NOT GETTING IT? I never once called disabled people as a whole stupid.
  14. I can't avoid the ban. I just got a pure nonsense warning for the disabled thread - I did nothing wrong, and that proves Psynews mods will go any lengths to see me banned again. Also no, I didn't try. I respected the ban then.
  15. Enlighten me old one. How are you going to ban me permanently without disabling registration of new accounts?
  16. I'm not admitting shit. Also you CAN'T, as in CAN'T ban me from re-registering in the case of a ban. You know nothing of the internet. :/ Account ban? New account. IP ban? Proxy. That's all you have.
  17. I don't. I honestly do not see anything I did wrong. Also I will make more accounts, but only to post as I did previously.
  18. Meh. You can ban the account but never the person. It's one of the internet rules.
  19. Lies. I did get a warn level from it.
  20. Yes. Bullshit reasons. *wipes his ass with the PM* Oh, that feels nice.
  21. I did NOT act disrespectful towards disabled persons. I acted disrespectful towards IDIOTS as I repeated OVER AND FUCKING BLOODY OVER AGAIN! Apparently Moni doesn't understand english. Back to school! LEARN FUCKING READING COMPREHENSION YOU GIGANTIC MUPPET! *pant pant*
  22. I gave you 1 star, fosku. Will you give me 5?

  23. Hmm haven't noticed about that rating system before...

    Well I had to try it also :)

  24. You're a good man, Stalker, despite what people say about you. :o)

  25. He doesnt have two stars anymore :)

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