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  1. Probably true, but Nothing lasts > nothing is lost is probably the greatest experiences of mine with music. comes very close to ...day turned to blah blah I love 1-10 of this album, every single minute of it.. then i really love tracks here and there from the rest.
  2. they all sucked from the very first minute IMO
  3. They are two different styles, why on earth are we comparing? Why dont you try Entheogenic Vs Shulman. They are both alike
  4. Yes, I got SO fustrated with this album at first. I felt betrayed. But now I absolutely love it! Nothing Lasts ... But Nothing is Lost (6-8) I can say is my favorite Shpongle track
  5. I managed to sit through it many many times, once 2wice in a row. 'Without thought' sounds a bit annoying at this stage 'timeless esp' sounds dark
  6. can u do me a favor and put mine as the postal address?? thanks ur cool
  7. Are you nuts it hasnt left my car stereo since I burnt it (the original stays in the package) and definately get both shulman albums dub trees celtic cross
  8. She sounds like a gym instructor gone into madness~~ The last quarter of that track just goes nuts!! haltya- forest flavour .?? naa, Night Of The Carrots. IMO
  9. One of the tracks that I really reaalllyyy hated.. I've listened to it about 6 times today.. BRILLIANT! I love this album so much now
  10. Is this for Entheogenic 3??? cool!
  11. doesnt seem to be doing anything.. just wait a few days
  12. I knew the name was wrong in some way. I certainly do not have the cd - but I've known those lyrics from way back - it's been sang by multiple Turkish singers. So I can envision what the sample would sound like "Nevertheless, I respect your point of view concerning lost Eden." thanks
  13. after lisning to them a few more times ... i take it back.. still not the greatest tracks but a fun to listen
  14. The last time you said that I was very close to saying something... And this time I will. I thought your sampling from 'Sounds of Istanbul sample cd' was shameful. Simon put it together very smoothly.
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