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  1. Thanx for adding ! 8)

  2. oopsies My bad, I'm always mistaking these two. Though for whose who like Steve Roach try Robert Rich as well, excellent artist in the same vein as Steve Roach.
  3. Another must have are Trance & Drones and the excellent collab with Alio Die , Fissures.
  4. Orichalcum & The Deviant. Old Koxbox >>> Psychopod.
  5. 13, in late 1995 , it was a mix with Astral Projection and isreali artists.listened under the over with headphones.First time , immediate amazement , i knew that was definitely my kind of music, and still is twelve years after. Cybertrance 00h-02h on fun radio mixed by Max.For the connoisseurs !
  6. Vitan is awesome. personally it would be : Dimension 5 - Transformation Same feeling 10 years after, goosebumps and emotions as well !
  7. I was like that during 1998 - (around) 2002 I have seen many "goa is not dead" supporters around, and by judging by the increase of oldskool stuff ,I guess something is going on (has to be taken with a grain of salt, of course) I'm pretty lucid it will be never the same anyway,hence that's why I call it "silver age" instead of golden age part 2, or something.
  8. Depends how "massive" this is done, if it is to a point to overhelm other genres indeed, it would sortof harmful to the rest of the "musical landscape" so to speak. Hmm, do you think goa at that time was commercially compromised (and perhaps dangerous) at that time ? There were a wide variety of artists back them.And by "commercially comprimised" I distinguish two kind in music : music made for money and music made... just for the sake of making music. Both genres quality can be argued, but (this is my personal opinion here) I tend to think music made for the sake of art tends to sound better than the one made for the listener's purpose. Though indeed there's a good point : An artist makes the musics he wants to, not the music people want to listen to.Thus I understand the pionners trend to not make "actual goa" anymore.We want them to do goa, but they do n't want doing so, though I'm skeptic about the influence of bling bling in their decision. I just hope the "future oldschool" goa will be made by people who have a passion for goa and not a passion for money.As it was back in the good old times Thank you for your replies !
  9. Hello all, The oldschool lovers like me may agree, apart a few brilliant exceptions (such as RA, the pleiaidians and stuff) , that the golden age of goa ended around early 1998 , being "plagued" since by minimalism and now by the overexposed full on.Hell, even the artists who were on goa since day one turned into the fullon genre (which didn't happen with the minimalistic period) though however I understand you don't have to be stick to a kind of music forever... but the money helps maybe ? Fortunately these last years we got more and more oldschool stuff released and I congratulate labels like suntrip, metapsychics or tranceform to keep the spirit alive, I guess this renewed generation got the history than me, having known the gold era while kid/teenager, then being fed of dangerously commercially compromised techno-trance all around and started releasing goa of their own.This movement amplified itself over these last year as we are getting more and more oldschool releases.Still under the edge compared to the good old time in terms of quantity as I'm rather sure that sadly we will never have a golden age again. However I keeping hope and faith that this trend will continue to develop itself in the future, since there will always people to keep the spirit alive ,hence the kind of concept I call "the silver age of goa" following the golden age, according to ancient greek mythology.Though I'm not eager to see the bronze and even the iron age coming ! Do you think the re-release of dimension 5 could considered a sortof of symbolic beginning ? Opinions ? Ideas ? Discuss
  10. Just tell me it's name : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LWPD5LFQ Thankies
  11. ...And everything by Crop Circles Some songs by Astralasia are nice too.
  12. Hmm is there a new dimension5 album on the making ?
  13. Solar Quest (orgisms and Orgships) Open Canvas (nomadic impressions) Some Astralasia ones Some from delerium too. Global Commnunication Galactic Anthems (exellent !) ISHQ !!! Loop Guru Tetsu Inoue (try ambient otaku) Some from Vibraphere (thought some are bit more ambient than you asked)
  14. rtsp ? WTF that protocol is ? (in other words , I can't listen to the samples)
  15. RA - Astral Flight Technossomy - VTOL
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