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  1. I watched Moulin Rouge last night and it made me think of acid for some reason. If i had watched that movie on acid im sure i'd trip balls. Crazy wack camera angles, eccentric cast and characters, random unexpected scenes. Some music scences are bit cheesy, but on the whole this movie is very psychedelic. Its a fuckin circus actually. WACK thats all i can say. WACK
  2. Yeah obv, its not an Official timecode video. Just a vid made by a dedicated fan. It was made by a friend of mine (Mad Piper), and i did the title sequence for it. But watch that space cause, its been waves around the trance community in CT. The Pitch Hikers (Shift + Slug) have approached him so, there might actually be an official TimeCode vid out soon. We'll be filming them @ the EarthDance 2005. For the first ever LIVE performance of these talented artists!! These guys seem to love it tho (prob because they were there ): Bom
  3. Timecode - Twisted System Video(Unofficial) RELEASED: Footage taken from the last Timecode Party on 31 July 2005 Twisted
  4. Dont worry abt this dude Mr. Hoy. He has lank issues with South Africans
  5. Both Deon and James are from ZA Damage used to be both James and Deon, until James split away from the group; which in effect resulted in James starting his own production: Broken Toy. Damage is now only Deon, and a sidekick of SKAZI Now we know why James left Damage. Nice one IMO.
  6. What a clever boy! Timecode and Nexus RULE! Which begs the question: Whose Beyond Logic? Never heard of them before. Which artist play for them?
  7. Read my mind!! Have you ever been down to Cape Town?? If you havent i suggest you start packing you bags!! Cause you seem to like SA-psytrance more than some South Africans!!
  8. Infected Mushroom?? If it is(cause all the parties @ Theewaters look the same), then yes Awesome PARTY!!
  9. Best album of 2005 i've heard so far Good to SA still churning out some ill compilations Rating 9.5/10
  10. Yeah, its well WICKED! My new fav track on this compilation - SKELM what a track oh Skelm is Afrikaans for >>Thief
  11. This entire album fucking ROCKS!! from begininng to end PURE GENIUS!
  12. hello my fellow Popstream fanatic I myself was wondering abt that, so I had a look for the both of us. Doesnt look like his coming out with another album anytime soon But his next release will be on Spun Records Check their site for more info: www.spunrecords.org
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