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best psy trance track ever.?


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There isn't actually ONE track that I can name...really...How can you name single track among thousands ? Not a chance. I can always start with the lists but I tend to get too much into the subject in any case...;)


BTW, Welcome here...I am glad that someone from my favourite exotic country is here...;)

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Why is that rare ? I bet every single goa freak would feel the same about immense number of brilliant songs that you can't be bad and dismiss the other ones not mentioned...So, it is very diffilcult especially considering having at least 100 best psy trance tracks, but if I had to pick one, only ONE, than it would definately be ...





Beacuse of massive melodic work that includes at least 10 melodies plus most effective psychedelic sounds and effects I've ever heard in any track...sheer perfection...


Ooops, there are two more ( I can't resist , what can I do ? )





now, I am thru...really...




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Chi-A.D. - Exit eternity B)


Well thats at least one of the greatest songs I agree... but I too find it impossible to list a specific favorite, or even a list; I'll be here all day and night.


There is no best psy trance track ever? Thats like asking someone their most favorite scene ever. Its merely one bit of something else, in a quantity with literally hundreds of thousands. Yes, there are over 100,000 psytrance / goatrance / trance songs, maybe over a million!

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Oh, i LOVE these threads :rolleyes: Lets see....


Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins pt 2. Still deep, twisted, dark, pumping, evil, mad and... well, just great. Nothing beats that one.


I must say that Balloon Dance, Long Long Arms and Stretchtastic are both seriously beginning to grow and me. Fantastic tunes... Pure sonic madness from the Hallucinogen soundlabs. :lol:


BTW, welcome aboard borboleta-nz. As you can see, I am a Hallucinogen-fan :)

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My favourites are always changing. There was a long period when I liked Hallucinogen - Space Pussy most.... And there was a long period when I liked Infected Mushroom - Bust A Move best... and there were longer periods of Hallucinogen - LSD and Domestic Mushroom - Scotch too, I guess.... ATM my favourite is either Chi-A.D. - Liquid Neon Sky or Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins 1 or Pleiadians - Alcyone.




Conclusion - it is not possible to pick a favourite for me.

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