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  1. traveller

    RIP Nemo

    RIP Nemo Didn't he have a kid? Mega sad
  2. Wife came back from holiday in mid August. She said that night that she feels nothing towards me our even our child. Wanted to go back home. Wanted to end everything right there and then. I didn't sleep that night. Got up from bed around 5:30. Ate a banana and went out to walk our dog. Puked the banana after a few minutes. She later admitted to having an affair and stuff. No feels for me. At least feels for our child. Doesn't want to leave the country anymore. Divorce is pending. We just had sex. We don't sleep in the same bed but live under the same roof for now due to circumstances. Life is weird sometimes.
  3. What is that song that goes like "she's a bitch, she's a whore, I don't like her anymore"? edit. Fuzzion - Shezabitch Describes my soon to be ex-wife perfectly. Also on playlist: The Mountain Goats - This Year The Mountain Goats - No Children
  4. Wow, defending an operating system that isn't even POSIX-compliant. You have to be a troll (or NSA shill). I'm sure Windows is adequate for hobbyist stuff like gaming and making music and stuff but when it comes to real work, e.g. dealing with terabyte level data.. it would be an absolute nightmare on Windows. I mean, Windows doesn't even ship with GNU Core Utilities nor have a real CLI-driven package-management utility. It's no good, not even with Cygwin. Also, being part of the NSA botnet voluntarily.. what the hell man? Yours truly, a dedicated CentOS user (also OS X).
  5. Playing Rocket League Such moves @ 7.51 Imagine how old all those people are now I was only 9 yo at the time
  6. Thanks. You know, normie stuff, I got 1) a dog )2 married and 3) a baby! We had a big one year b-day party a few weeks ago. Anyone else with kids?
  7. You wake up in the gates of Heaven and Jesus is like: "Are you a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland?". If you are, you go to Heaven. Otherwise you go to Hell. So einfach ist das.
  8. Being very lazy on the couch. 10 o'clock news or a few rounds of Rocket League. Such a hard choice. I see reger has taken the lead in post count. What an asshole!
  9. Back in the day, there used to be quite a few people here who insisted that some awesome magic would happen on this day. Are you guys still here? Do you still believe this ? Please respond. Just 44 days to go. Then we will finally see who was right all along.
  10. Dubstep is cancer. Maybe Gemini or Flux Pavilion? Nero? Chase & Status has some dubstep tunes too. Not saying any of this is psychedelic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVA0hGaQ1RI Video not related. Also I saw Netsky live a few days ago. Camo & Krooked a while ago too. And Sigma. Jelly?
  11. I agree. Even with the velour pads they block out city noise pretty much completely for me. Somebody said they do a strong bass. This I don't agree with. They do a super clear sound thou (at least HD25-i-ii). Loving it.
  12. Hello. Would you maybe consider a trade? I mean if I make a picture too? Then I send you a picture and you send me a picture? Okay? The new track is nice
  13. I was thinking of buying a picture, cuz well it would be a cool item. A genuine NHJO. But 1000 USD..
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