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  1. Are u sure the tracklist is correct??
  2. WTF?? i feel really sad for IM they made such great music a few years ago. they have wasted themselves what does "this" has to do with trance??
  3. Cogumelo

    Pleiadians - IFO

    IFO represents the essence of Goa-Trance. Electra Maia Taygeta Merope Alcyone Asterope........... Perfection!
  4. This is a good album. i gave it an 8. It has nice songs in it: Sun Probe and Transformations are the best imo 10/10. The only setback is that is difficult to hear this album as a whole, for it tends to be "repetetive" in a way. Nice piece of work by Darshan. A must for any Goa-Psy Addict.
  5. Voted for Time Slices -> i like the unremixed version better! It has more feeling on it Tripple Nipple and Nemo are very good as well
  6. Saiko Pod - Tron <-- wtf? no way m8 imo sorry Cosmosis - Cosmology Pleiadians - IFO Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy
  7. Altough lull and twin coast discovery have great songs, my favourite antix song is still Rainstick. i started hearing min/prog with songs from antix, noma, atmos, necton, bitmonx, auricular, beat bizarre... Anyway if you are becoming a fan of antix i advise u to check his earlier works, especially Rainstick. Its curious to see the evolution!!
  8. The whole Transdimensional album And RA as well
  9. I voted for Virtual Spirit! Anno Domminni┬┤s and moon art are very good. Eye am the eye its a classic. But as a whole Virtual Spirit does it for me !
  10. Cogumelo

    Sandman - Witchcraft

    Amazing how the persons who made the first review didnt mentioned the best song imo of the album: Shockwave. Great psy dark madness
  11. Yes this album is among my jewels. Great album a Must have. I like all the songs here, and "flow" the ending song is just so good... btw: if you like his style i think you ll love Ra-To Sirius. i wonder why
  12. i took it of a goa gil live set and might i say a 8 HOUR GOA GIL LIVE SET! just look in the reviews section ad search for compilations -> goa gil live in goa The bad thing is that there is no tracklist anyway tks
  13. grr the link doesn work..... This one works: http://s40.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=12K9QIH...EZ21EQOFK9QLGRW Just click where it says sample.mp3 to download file pls (its hard to host samples in the net )
  14. hi so i manage to put a online sample. hope u know what track is this http://d40.yousendit.com/E/12K9QIHHSV5EZ21.../sample-001.mp3
  15. Hi! Anyone knows this track? its before 2000 and the bpm are not very fast. It has a sample on the track which says several times "excellent" or "excellence"! anyone knows the name&artist ? tks
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