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  1. fRIDAY i got the New one from GOA GILS collection realy full on kinda stuff. good though look out for the wizard of oz track... thats my fav movie so when I heard it i was in heaven...
  2. halee

    V/A - Lost Souls Depot

    WOW what can I say about this album . it arrived the other day and I have not stopped playing it ever since . One amazing track to look out for is DOUBLE REL VS COSMO and absouloute mastrpiece something you can just pichture your self dancing crazy to . another good feature track is NAKED TOURIST- as well as you can dance.. If any one has listened to the abulm and can recommend any songs similar to the double rel vs cosmo track that would be fantastic...
  3. I totaly lovd the album my two fave songs are wacko i love the effect of the airplaanes coming thru the track does anyone know any simmilar psy that has choppers ect coming thru it and the acid test ... australians realy make good music and know how to party .....
  4. Normaly when the door opens and i like to also be the last one to leave I love dancing so much but I never have been a fan of the chill areas to much funney that.
  5. Hi All ' At the start of the year I posted and article about popstream and one of you guys mentioned his new album was to be realesed through spun records very soon .. Had a look and can not find can any one shed some light on this topic thankyou halee
  6. Cool hope you had a grat party then. you are going to have an absoulte ball in melb if you need in help with partys directions or anything else feel free to pm me.
  7. PSYTRANCE IN NEW ZEALND DOES IT EXSIST? was not sure if there were any of us here from new zealnd . DO they have partys over there . was looking at brocheres today and what a beutiful place if they dont have partys there someone shound get in realy fast and start them. the most perfect place to have a celabration.
  8. Yeh one year sounds good and also have to buy all the equiptment and find some one to show me the ropes,, I am realy keen into this because I think I can make sound warped out tunes. my theory at the moment all the new stuff I have nt been able to find the right sound that I am after so I thought hey why not make it myself.. chicks rule..
  9. Cool Is there any partys that come to mind at the moment or you just find the partys on your travels.. Is it the winter there too. Dont realy mind just as long as it dose not snow becuse I DON NOT HAVE AN ESKIMO suite to dance in.
  10. OHHHHH you are such a cutey ..... thanks for that very educational
  11. / calfornia sunshne????? some guy was sellng them at the party a few weeks back any concdence
  12. I know stoopid HALEE my friend told me sat night that it is winter in december dam thats a bummer thats australias summer and thats when I GET my holidays .. ok guess its back to the drawing bored for next year. very dissapointed now..
  13. halee

    your taste

    Same I like something you can go crazt to with warped beats and realy big flutterbug effects but not realy that in to prog because it takes to long to get the build up. Its ok sometimes if its a good artist
  14. / hey ....... I think they make some realy good stuff and all if it that they make is not going mainstream also wahts an arian?????
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