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  1. i use psydb to know which cd available and where and to batch from one shop. http://www.psydb.net/labels/dat-records/blue-planet-corporation-a-blueprint-for-survival-datcd002.php
  2. now, after we have focused on childish self-naming game.... and put the music a side... what do you think of the music? and who the hell is Avraham Gindos?
  3. yeah, also found it myself. thanx but the download link seems not to work
  4. OMG OMG NP: sLime - The Mould excellent music nice welcome back
  5. phewww long time no seen psynews, these kind of discussions warms my heart regardless of the taste differences and different definitions of "psychedelic" its always nice to see and "taste" new opinions. many good albums come to mind when i think of "most psychedelic" Cryptic Crunch is sure hell of a trippy album, but not "psychedelic" IMO, same for Toi Doi's debut, I remember the first time hearing it, stomping ruthless electric sounds flying back and forward... and still I've heard better. "Life In The Trenches Of Hyperspace" on Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins -is very nice, but the rest of the album kinda disappointed me.. many good tracks on compilations, mostly on psy-harmonics like: Reflecta, Parasonix, Rip Van Hippy, the visitors, Snake Thing, etc. for me the best album of psychedelia is KoxBox - Forever After & Psychopod - Headlines EP and two that are maybe less known: Exotic Matter - Astral Attaché & Rip Van Hippy - Waking Up Is Hard To Do! I found Orion's - Metamorpheus to be very psychedelic! although it also has some proggy scent. how could I forget the Cosmosis - Synergy and Moonshine EP (!!!)
  6. once in every some while I google again for "Children of the Bong" and I get back to this post each time, and I read it all over again... I've been missing some people over here, discussing music, drugs, political views and other hippy stuff
  7. when it comes to techno dub, I always recommend Children of the Bong. nice post though, I've been looking for techno dub I would expand my mind but no luck so far,
  8. http://www.twistedrecords.co.uk/shop/catal...b84653ed5f221f9 Product not found! is it kindof a soap opera?
  9. "Why use a headphone amp? Well, the K 701s aren't exceedingly hard to drive, but the flea wattage of the average portable (or even the ¼" jack present on most separates) tends to accentuate that initial edginess I alluded to in my first experience with the 701s in much the way listening to a pair of speakers near an amplifier's maximum output accentuates the amp's inadequacies. The 701s aren't unique in this regard; most ambitious headphone designs benefit tremendously from a well-designed headphone amp. Fortunately, I had a ton of such amps around the house: several generations of HeadRoom, Channel Island Audio's VHP-1, and Ray Samuels Audio's SR-71 and Hornet. All of them let the K 701s' tonal balance and authority blossom. " http://www.stereophile.com/headphones/806akg/
  10. saw it... is it like the virus snow? I saw it has a software interface that can control it's parameters
  11. I have a request... more like a question where can I talk about drugs?
  12. I think that Children of The Bong - Serius Sounds is the best chillout (downtempo/dub) album! I already lost count of the time I have it in my car's stereo and repeatedly listen to it on my ipot player Acid techno ambient dub chillout breakbeat or how ever you like to call it
  13. easy... all of har-el's solo albums, also yakov biton's active spiral project album I'm deaf stoned at the moment
  14. TIP - Cybertropic you know there is a search engine for these kind of things http://pme.no-ip.org/pme2000/samples_search.asp
  15. anyone ever encountered with this little toy? http://www.chimerasynthesis.com/#/bc16patc...ynth/4529526548 I personally by far prefer a hardware synth over some VSTi, just to have the knobs to tweak makes me horney
  16. Miles Davis - Live-Evil Miles Davis - Doo-Bop Jaco Pastorius - The Birthday Concert Jaco Pastorius - invitation Gentle Giant - Acquiring The Taste
  17. Moanin' - Charles Mingus from Blues & Roots album so good :posford:
  18. you are right, of course one should ask what ever he wish for! but along with that, it will be a good idea to also consider the reader cuz after all, what's the point of an interview if no one will be interested to read it? I don't know anyone that reads this paper anyway...
  19. hey pavel, be sure to take in consideration the "head" (rosh) of the layla readers. they are not spiritual-hippie-goa-trance-heads like us on this board, so also think of questions that will be appropriate for layla style (more questions on djing and stuff and less about old spirits and old labels... ) :drama:
  20. how does he sees the old spirit of "Return to the source" 10 years ago and what is going on with the label now. how will he define today's "trance scene"? and compare it to the early days of it? bla bla bla bla bla ask him if he wants to smoke a spliff with us and if he would like to munch some hummus later
  21. hei, still highly stoned, I made some changes and tried to fix couple of things (not that it help much... I'm still very stoned ) results: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ply249
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