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  1. hmmmm sounds like a union jackish influence indeed
  2. the more i listen to this one, the more i like it! An amazing cd
  3. Hello y'all I am looking for a track with Evil laugh in the backroung... Thanks!
  4. astral disapoits us time after time, simon is quiet. hope for albums from both of them
  5. Well, here it comes. As long as im here in this forum and the Astral topics are up all i did is defending them, and hiding some of the truth from you guys. I fell in love with Astrals music from the first time i heard back in 2001. But more of the fact that the music stunned me, I wanted to know more about the people who makes it (for me it is true about every trance group i love). That is how i started to search info about the people behind the synth- Avi & Lior. Notice the fact that we allways say Avi and Lior and not Lior and Avi- i will return to that later. I started to read every interview they gave over the years, articles and so on. By doing that, and im sure there are people who also red alot interviews with them, one can notice that- Avi is the one who Talks. Talks much more then Lior for sure. I asked myself why? I will get to that too. On 2003 i attended an artist workshop with astral, but only avi came. i was very excited twards that, it was the first time im about to see them face to face and not through music or video or newspaper... i told myself that they must remmeber me after the workshop so i wrote a very long letter to them and gave it to avi at the end. I will never forget- i stood up infront of him, i was very excited and the only words that came out of my mouth were:"avi, you (Astral) have changed my life... you cant imagine.." and suddenly he took a step twards me and hugged me- it seems like what i said had a great influence on him."Thank you Nadav, We will be in touch, Belive me" he said to me. that was the first time i saw or talked to a guy i conssider my hero. At the same time i started to listen to amen album much more seriously. i noticed that it is like one album made by 2 diffrent groups, more over you can notice the fact that in evry astral album, in the booklet it is written exactly who made that track most of the track are done by both of them and one or two are made only by avi or lior, but the key here that this is written. on the other hand, in amen it is not. It is said: all track are written and produced by avi nissim and lior perlmutter- and i started to wonder why? had somthing happend....? in november 2005, a week before i joing the army (an obligation and a very big matter for an Israei teen) i mailed avi i am joining the army and i would very much like to meep him before. i had no doubt he will agree, i just knew it. and he didnt let me down. we met in a coffee shop in tel aviv and talked. "Avi, can i ask you a question?" "anything", "Is that true that Amen album was done seperatly?" a moment of scilence. "you are a smart boy, i knew it from the first time i saw you in the artist workshop. Yes, most of the tracks except Amen, chaos and anything is possible were done seperatly" i did not even had to ask why, it seemed that it was like a secret he was holdind inside. "We had a terrible time lior and myself, i left my wife, we almost broke up the group". that was like the final stamp for somthing i knew. notice that around that time the also left phonokol label. few weeks before that i talked to avi after a party and asked him if they are still at phonokol he told me yes, so i asked him how come the "back to galaxy compilation was released at com.pact recs? again: "you know how to read a map when you see it, it is phonokols last warning" he told me. up to now we can see that between 2000-2005 they had a realy bad time, not surprisigly, these are the years the trance has changed. good bye goa, hello full on. good bye Astral, Hello infected, Astrix, Skazi and so on... what would a trance group with a glorous past and a moderate prest would do in order to be in the front again? A remixes album- and that exactly what happend. The album "Ten" was released in sep. 2005, 2 years and 11 month after thier previous labum Amen. i seems to me too strange that an album they dont even have to work for would take three years to be released. i guess it reflects thier downgoing class in the local (israeli) and global trance scene. it was hard for them to get the "stars" to remix them so who did this were most of them moderate israeli artist that most of them dose not excist nowdays. short brake in the story. it was mantiond here the during shows, Lior seems to be behind while avi is in the front doing all the "fun". let me tell you that it is like that for a long long time. a friend told me that lior told him once he dose not like the "new music" very much and he dose not know what is going on Avi. during these years (2000-2005) Astral are not as productive as they used to be. only one artist album and very few "new style track". in 2006 the BNE saga started. i thought that from now on evrything will be ok. Astral now have a home a nd they will put then on a contract which mean they will have to produce music again. but as you know the thing blow up after 2 years. the issue- live shows. As i told you before, Astral gave phonokol a lst warning. why? i heard from manny artist that phonokol is not a good label to the artits and as an evidance you can see that california sunshine and MFG left them over the years. when a label dont care about you so you have to take care about yourself and that is exactly what they did all thier time in phonokol. that had to arrange anything from parties to album covers. after years of this work terms the suddenly had to adjust to the facts that they are no more thier own boss, but there is someone above them, and that is why i think the whole BNE this blowed up. and offcourse the legal issue (that you all know)didnt makemt hings any better. so ih the end of 2008 astral found theselves with no label (again) and to be honest i think that no label in Israel will ever want to sign them cause it is too risky- they have the name of trouble makers. back to the begining. why Avi & Lior and not Lior and Avi? Avi is a very charismatic and a strong charecter. its has good sides and bad sides. good: because of his willing, ambicious and determenation Astral and i can honestly say All the Israeli trance become an Empire. i doubt very much that things were have turnned the way they did without him. bad: same. he has no rules, boss or dicipline. for the good and for the bad. somtimes it will take you up, other times it will take you down. About Lior- i must admit i know about him much less. it is said that he is the "brain" behind astral and in some way i think it is true.he is much more quiet and mistyrous, more a backstage character. also here it is good and bad. good: when you have a partner like avi if you will be strong like him the group will not last for long and as an evidance in the first decade it worked very good. bad: perhaps he in some way or another let avi "take over" the group. and this is the situation today. every time i go to thier shows i dont care much about the music, i just want to see the interaction between the two of them. as far as i can see it is still very good, but it dose not mean that there are no problems under the surrface. what happens today is that Astral preform in dance bars and clubs in israel music that is adjustible to these kind of places. i think money has much to be involved with it. the need it. the have no money from album selling because there are no new album, so that makes them relay on gigs. this is astral 2011. I wrote this because of my great LOVE to these musicians and amazing human beeings (which they trully are in every mean of the word)and because my great worry for them as a group an as individuals. i love them with all my heart no matter what will happen. thank you for reading :-) Mod Edit: Please use paragraphs next time, a wall of text is impossible to read. Thank you.
  6. -snc3/26424_382166919192_733259192_3744249_4218092_n.jpg that is me and my girlfreind cat. she dose not have it anymore.....
  7. the name is Moshe Gindos... about the music... have no idea... did not hear that album yet
  8. i think that there is a problem here... not with the music... lets put it aside for a moment. the problem is that there are two people who used to work together under the name california sunshine. they are not working together anymore- but they both use the name california sunshine. who should we belive?? i'll just remind you that the name "California sunshine" was acctualy the name of the first album that Har- el and DJ Miko have done together, The name california sunshine as a group appeard later on in 1997 when thier second album, Imperia, was released. lets move on in the time tunnel. the very last album that miko and har-el released together under the name california sunshine was "Wonderland". After that the two seperated. Miko relsead album under the name "X- Wave" and har -el reased album under the name "Adrenalin Drum", one of its manny former names (here are some of them: Brainflower, Carribian Sunrise :: MG - 3 :: New Bit Generation :: Unnatu :: Virtual Obsession). in 2003 the name California sunshine appeard agian when the album "Sinking sands" was released under out of orior. few words about this album... this is a released of unreleased track of california that has a very clear "Har-elic" sound- were these tracks done by har-el alone in the opld days? were these tracks made by both of them? it depends who we will ask. according to my expirience with both of them miko will say yes, har-el will not rememmber. who should we belive- up to you. and now, again, two album, two diffrent people, two diffrent styles of music- one name- California Sunshine. is it an attempt to catch our eyes with this Blasting name of the group that we all love that doesnt exist? Was this name given in order to promote sales? i guess all answers are correct. my opinion: The name California sunshine should be used only if Miko and Har-el will ever play or create music together again. until this will come true, this name should be a nostalgic rememmberance of a group and sound that no longer exist. I belive that har-el can relay on his manny other name in order to promote itself. (if you will see an album under the name carribian sunrise, wouldnt you go crazy?? i will ) but it seems that miko needs more the name in order to promote himself. manny people dont know him under x- wave, but every one knows california sunshine! my wish is that the name callifornia sunshine will appear in the future once again as a group of two people that was the pride of Israeli trance of manny years... AMEN!
  9. unfortunatly you are right. and i still remmeber many shows that they were supposed to come to and at the End they did not came. In the good cases they write an apology note on thier site. i think that the main reason for that is that they do not have a strong company (or any company behind them?). they just have to take care of everything by themselves.. and when you are doing that (if you consider also the finest wines of Bordeaux they are drinking)somtimes shit happens. offcourse there are some cases it is not thier fault. but i cant remmeber Infected Mushroom missing a show... Astral For Ever!!!
  10. beautiful! Madhim! still waiting for a livr preformance in israel in the near future...
  11. well some organizers in Israel invite oldschool artist from overseas somtimes... like juan vedera, ubar tmar, Etnica...
  12. juno reactor- transmissions juno reactor- beyond the infinite shpongle- infabel mysteries from shpongle land
  13. i have crazy summer by eyal barkan what can you offer? g'day
  14. California sunshine- summer of 89 SFX- diffrent atmosphere SFX- Y-Salem Afgin- from the heart Astral Projection- aurora borealis Astral projection- Ambient galaxy Power source- Memory bubbles All the 4 witchcraft track: 1. Whale 2. magic frequencies 3. witchcraft magic 4. easter rain
  15. 57. it succeeded when the words failed 58. the message of the music is what you want it to be. 59. it is so so true. 60. it allways gets along with the mood that you are in right now. 61. lifts you up when you are down. 62. makes other people think diffret and positive. 63. it is the thing that without it my life would have been empty and boring. 64. it is the thing i dedicate my life too and love the most- cant imagine my life without trance 65. i met amazing people that i would have never met without trance.
  16. today i got in a second hand store in israel the magnificent album "new pagan word" by harell prussky.... the good new are that i already have a copy so this one is going for trade! come on! dont be shy! i know its wanted and rare! this is my collection and wantlist in discogs: http://www.discogs.com/user/Shaman_of_Sound have a nice day
  17. Thanks i belive its true with all my heart and soul
  18. 32. It corsses all boundries of language, religion snd culture. 33. you dont need words to understand the meaning. 34. itis all ways positive.
  19. Afgin- old is gold (part 1) i just had a mood for it this morning!! i hope this day will be good like this track!
  20. where will i start? well, for me trance is more than music. much more. much much more. this music expands your scences, your mind, thoughts and soul. i uderstood the meaning of life thanks to true trance. i discoverd true love and adoration. i spend manny hours every day learning about the trance scene in e world, and specialy in israel- where the trance culture is very unique and specail. this music gets in to evry aspect in my life. i take it everywhere i go and bring it to every one i meet. what can i say... trance is the most strong expirience i had so far. i can only thank god that i was born in these times when trance excists!
  21. i will remain patriotic Afgin- Astral expirience best album of the year for me
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