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  1. hmmmm sounds like a union jackish influence indeed
  2. the more i listen to this one, the more i like it! An amazing cd
  3. Hello y'all I am looking for a track with Evil laugh in the backroung... Thanks!
  4. astral disapoits us time after time, simon is quiet. hope for albums from both of them
  5. Well, here it comes. As long as im here in this forum and the Astral topics are up all i did is defending them, and hiding some of the truth from you guys. I fell in love with Astrals music from the first time i heard back in 2001. But more of the fact that the music stunned me, I wanted to know more about the people who makes it (for me it is true about every trance group i love). That is how i started to search info about the people behind the synth- Avi & Lior. Notice the fact that we allways say Avi and Lior and not Lior and Avi- i will return to that later. I started to read eve
  6. -snc3/26424_382166919192_733259192_3744249_4218092_n.jpg that is me and my girlfreind cat. she dose not have it anymore.....
  7. the name is Moshe Gindos... about the music... have no idea... did not hear that album yet
  8. i think that there is a problem here... not with the music... lets put it aside for a moment. the problem is that there are two people who used to work together under the name california sunshine. they are not working together anymore- but they both use the name california sunshine. who should we belive?? i'll just remind you that the name "California sunshine" was acctualy the name of the first album that Har- el and DJ Miko have done together, The name california sunshine as a group appeard later on in 1997 when thier second album, Imperia, was released. lets move on in the time tunne
  9. unfortunatly you are right. and i still remmeber many shows that they were supposed to come to and at the End they did not came. In the good cases they write an apology note on thier site. i think that the main reason for that is that they do not have a strong company (or any company behind them?). they just have to take care of everything by themselves.. and when you are doing that (if you consider also the finest wines of Bordeaux they are drinking)somtimes shit happens. offcourse there are some cases it is not thier fault. but i cant remmeber Infected Mushroom missing a show...
  10. beautiful! Madhim! still waiting for a livr preformance in israel in the near future...
  11. well some organizers in Israel invite oldschool artist from overseas somtimes... like juan vedera, ubar tmar, Etnica...
  12. juno reactor- transmissions juno reactor- beyond the infinite shpongle- infabel mysteries from shpongle land
  13. i have crazy summer by eyal barkan what can you offer? g'day
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