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  1. Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger. It defines Goa trance for me... perfect in every way. Tandu - Multimoods seems to be many people's favorite. "Orca" happens to be one of those tracks I keep coming back to. It is a masterpiece. But since I haven't listened to the whole album, I can't put it on my list. Does "Dementertainment" from Twisted count as Goa album?
  2. 1200 Mics - Salvia Divinorum, E=Mc2, High Paradise Zorba - Datora Oforia - Substance Triptych - Thought Transfer + The Path
  3. Lull - Slow Fall Inwards... I bet this track has caused suicides over the years. I'm surprised noone has mentioned Amon (Andrea Marutti) yet. The album, "Foundation" is a masterpiece. Tracks like "Mopula" and "Lost" makes you feel like being locked up in a dark boiler-room, with nothing but the sound of a giant furnace to keep you company.
  4. What is that thing? A "Hallucinophone"
  5. Hallucinogen-fans are hard to please Hmm.. I would rate it 3½ out of 5. Not a bad piece of work. But I'm not totally crazy for it either. Then again, I wasn't crazy for Shamanix on the first 4-5 listenings. The "Posford-touch" is still there, for sure. I was more excited with the new Younger Brother-sound. And if I have to compare it to the other Hallucinogen-"tastes" we've seen in the last 3-4 years, I say they were immensely better (especially "Big Tits") - with the exception of Bubble 'n Tweak, which never really grew on me. Having said that, I'm giddy as holy jumping fuck with this new twitch and life-sign from the Hallucinogen-sphere, indicating a new album is on the way. I'm getting ready for a new spiritually cleansing derangement of the senses.
  6. Look no further than Younger Brother - Happy Pills Taster, from their latest album. Title says it all . Both of their albums are, on the whole, pretty "happy"-oriented. As someone mentioned earlier, Youth vs Abakus is also pretty happy-go-lucky kinda stuff. Look for a track called "Spiritual Being". Other recommendations: Ott - Splitting An Atom Shpongle - The Nebbish Route
  7. I really liked Underworld's contributions to the music in Danny Boyle's "Sunshine"
  8. It's not on youtube, but you have to watch this; 45 gorgeous minutes of HALLUCINOGEN-sounds in super-crisp quality. Enjoy http://www.psysurfeur.com/video_trance_goa.php Scroll down a bit. It's the one called Hallucinogen Live 12.2006 (switzerland). The first 6 minutes of the show are on youtube, by the way. Search "Hallucinogen Switzerland" and it should pop up. Simon does a really cool build-up, using live-synths. The tracklist is: 1. E-Rection - Out Here We're Stoned (Shpongle Remix) (Available on Raja Ram's Stash Bag 4) 2. Beast - Trouble 3. Hallucinogen - Fluoro Neuro Sponge 4. Hallucinogen & Joti - Big Tits (Available on Twisted 10 year Anniversary DVD Bonus CD) 5. Hallucinogen & Lucas - Pipeworm (Available on God Save The Machine from TipWorld) 6. Hallucinogen - Shabby Trance (also Available on Twisted 10 year Anniversary DVD Bonus CD) 7. Manmademan - Karahana (Hallucinogen Remix) (Available on Manmademan - The Legend Remixes from Turbo Trance Records) 8. Hallucinogen & Joti - Long Long Arms 9. unknown - possibly a Metal Sharon track. I commonly refer to this one as "The acid is out of our league". It has Eat Static and Hallucinogen written all over it, so it's gotta be Metal Sharon . 10. Hallucinogen - Shamanix 11. Shpongle - The Seventh Revelation 12. Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze
  9. Dark Ambient is definitely my number one style: LUSTMORD: The Place Where The Black Stars Hang, Rising AMON: Mopula, Gateway, Time is Waiting, Osirion, LULL: Lost Sanctum, Long Way From Home, Slow Fall Inwards Mystical/Space Ambient: MATHIAS GRASSOW: The Old Park, Siddharta, Selina, Nightveil JONN SERRIE: The Far River JON MARK: Eye of the Falcon, Sirocco And occasionally, PETE NAMLOOK: Asbendos, Winter, The Flight Psymbient: SHPONGLE: all tracks SAAFI BROTHERS: Mystic Cigarettes and Midnight's Children-albums INFINITY PROJECT: The Answer, When Sound Becomes Color, Mystical Experience ENTHEOGENIC: Absolute Love, Twilight Eyes, Pagan Dream Machines, Invisible Landscapes YOUNGER BROTHER: Ribbon on a Branch, Sleepwalker, Psychic Gibbon, Safety Zone, GALAXY SOLAR FIELDS Various: MODULA GREEN FULL MOON FASHIONS I never considered Shpongle ambient, by the way. Occasionally they move into ambient territory on tracks like Invocation, Shpongle Falls and And The Day Turned to Night, but I believe that Shpongle is a genre in itself. There are just too many crossovers to accurately define it as a style.... which is pretty much a style in itself.
  10. dr papa


    I hate Simon Posford because ever since I discovered his music, everything else has pretty much seemed like poo! Shame on you!!!!
  11. The first time I heard it was on the Sonica dancefloor and I went nuts. An instant classic. A close second on the album for me has always been Soma.
  12. I have had my picture taken with Simon Posford on two occasions now. And everytime I was too shy to say a single word. He probably thought of me as a weirdo . But he seems really friendly and makes funny faces for the camera. Nice bloke. Maybe I'll buy him a beer next time and ask how he comes up with all those weird noises.... And when that Metal Sharon-album will come out. I shook hands with Prometheus at Earthcore in 2006 and chatted with Chicago on the dancefloor a couple of hours later. Just brief hello's and how-are-you's. Also, I chatted with a guy from Ozric Tentacles at Sonica 2006 and bough the Arborescence album. He had a nice selection of their CDs next to the stage. I almost met Ott, Tristan and Youth on a couple of occasions. But I am too damn shy. I can't help but feel a little awed in the presence of these talented musicians, whose art has enhanced my life over the years. Silly me
  13. Excellence... The only bad thing about it, is that it makes everything else seem bland and tasteless in comparison.
  14. I miss Laurent "Deflo" Deflores. whose monster-stompers "Implacable" and "Tio Mate" grazed the ancient Flying Rhino Compilations. Some of the best goa from the old archives, if you ask me No doubt, such evil goa-trance was not meant for this world and it has since then been reclaimed by the Dark Lords that summoned it to this plane
  15. How can you NOT love that insane, distorted voice in the beginning of the Big Tits-track? ... a MASSIVE stroke of genius in my book - the best thing to be pulled out of the Posford-hat since Stretchtastic and the Lone Deranger-era. Though they could have picked a better name for this one... Kind of simple for a Posford-track. I guess the Joti-Hallucinogen collaboration chose a fascination for mal-proportioned body parts as the theme for their Audio Chemists project (as Long Long Arms demonstrates). The Shabby-trance sample doesn't do this brilliant track justice. Waaaaaay to short and lacking the best parts (i know this one from several live-sets). It's available in full-length, with bad-to-medium-good sound quality, on www.psysurfeur.com. Seriously promising stuff!
  16. I´ve said it before.... Simon is NOT God... ...´Cause God could NEVER be THAT good.
  17. It got lost in a Corridor of Mirrors....happens all the time
  18. Not exactly clever, but so brilliantly titled that the title itself help elevate the experience : Hallucinogen - Long Long Arms
  19. I bought 3 DVD´s over the years. Solstice Music Festival, New Maps of Hyperspace and Liquid Crystal Vision. Solstice was definitely the most interesting. The production quality was amazing and it offered a very interesting peak into the festival-culture, which at the time, was unknown territory for me. I also got a few good laughs from some of the interviews, particularly Raja Ram. It was also my first opportunity to witness Shpongle Live and it was trippy beyond words. The DVD contains a clip of a Shpongle Live concert on Mt. Fuji in 2001, one of only 3 Shpongle live concerts ever performed. New Maps of Hyperspace was a bit of a disapointment. It contains some nice clips (especially the Shpongle show), but it lacks some of the background-stuff on Solstice. There are just so much more that could´ve been done here. Liquid Crystal Vision was more of what I was looking for in a psy-DVD, but I can understand if it doesn´t cater to everyone´s taste. The musical direction and the pace of the DVD is really high-quality, though at some point it lapses into nonsense, IMO. The track-selection and musical direction, however, is flawless. There is not much happening in the DVD-department, sadly. But I´m really looking forward to Supervision II from tip.world. It supposedly contains specially crafted videos for timeless classics like Astral Projection - People can Fly and Shpongle - the Sixth Revelation, plus some behind-the-stage footage from the tip.world soundlabs. It is something I don´t want to miss.
  20. True... His Schmangled Brain-set rekindled my goa fire with timeless classix like Anubis - Rites of Ra, Divinorum - Antigravity and Deflo - Tio Mate. And Morlack... WHAT can i say? His interrims can sometimes make even the blandest tracks sound interesting. He´s got some serious skills, whether he is mixing chillout/dub/psychill or psytrance. Check out his Lucid Dreams-, Happiness- and Cybernetica-mixes on DI.FM.
  21. OK....I put up a similar post on the Twisted website. Answer pending
  22. Maybe I should listen to some of George Posford´s work... Maybe sonic similarities will appear. I doubt he was able to work with tweaking, plugins and DMT back then, but still...
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