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  1. Are u sure the tracklist is correct??
  2. WTF?? i feel really sad for IM they made such great music a few years ago. they have wasted themselves what does "this" has to do with trance??
  3. Cogumelo

    Pleiadians - IFO

    IFO represents the essence of Goa-Trance. Electra Maia Taygeta Merope Alcyone Asterope........... Perfection!
  4. This is a good album. i gave it an 8. It has nice songs in it: Sun Probe and Transformations are the best imo 10/10. The only setback is that is difficult to hear this album as a whole, for it tends to be "repetetive" in a way. Nice piece of work by Darshan. A must for any Goa-Psy Addict.
  5. Voted for Time Slices -> i like the unremixed version better! It has more feeling on it Tripple Nipple and Nemo are very good as well
  6. Saiko Pod - Tron <-- wtf? no way m8 imo sorry Cosmosis - Cosmology Pleiadians - IFO Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy
  7. Altough lull and twin coast discovery have great songs, my favourite antix song is still Rainstick. i started hearing min/prog with songs from antix, noma, atmos, necton, bitmonx, auricular, beat bizarre... Anyway if you are becoming a fan of antix i advise u to check his earlier works, especially Rainstick. Its curious to see the evolution!!
  8. The whole Transdimensional album And RA as well
  9. I voted for Virtual Spirit! Anno Domminni´s and moon art are very good. Eye am the eye its a classic. But as a whole Virtual Spirit does it for me !
  10. Cogumelo

    Sandman - Witchcraft

    Amazing how the persons who made the first review didnt mentioned the best song imo of the album: Shockwave. Great psy dark madness
  11. Yes this album is among my jewels. Great album a Must have. I like all the songs here, and "flow" the ending song is just so good... btw: if you like his style i think you ll love Ra-To Sirius. i wonder why
  12. i took it of a goa gil live set and might i say a 8 HOUR GOA GIL LIVE SET! just look in the reviews section ad search for compilations -> goa gil live in goa The bad thing is that there is no tracklist anyway tks
  13. grr the link doesn work..... This one works: http://s40.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=12K9QIH...EZ21EQOFK9QLGRW Just click where it says sample.mp3 to download file pls (its hard to host samples in the net )
  14. hi so i manage to put a online sample. hope u know what track is this http://d40.yousendit.com/E/12K9QIHHSV5EZ21.../sample-001.mp3
  15. Hi! Anyone knows this track? its before 2000 and the bpm are not very fast. It has a sample on the track which says several times "excellent" or "excellence"! anyone knows the name&artist ? tks
  16. I dunno about the versions but Boards of Canada is a excellent sound i recommendo to anyone (altough it may not be for everyones taste ) I love "Geoggadi" and "Music has the right..." is also very good. i advise you to download samples before buying though!
  17. i always prefered hux flux - time slices unremixed version... fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Im suprised no one mentioned Montoya rmx
  19. i just noted that cinos registered this forum one month later than me. yet i ve done 103 posts so far cinos you have 1892 ??? posts up till now... Wow
  20. Pleiadians still owns big time. albums that are highlited which im not very fond of The mystery thirteen crystal skulls 1200 mics astrix -eye2eye logic bomb - unlimited drug theraphy zoo albums which deserve red imo: Darshan - Awakening Forest of the saints-goa gil mix Mwnn - Teleportation phony orphants - symphony ra - to sirius d5 - transdimensional and finally XENOMORPH - Cassandras Nightmare... <---RED AND BOLD
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