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  1. can this be purchased as a digital download anywhere ?
  2. Took me completely by surprise. One of the best albums of 2016 for me. Very emotional & amazing production. Just WOW.
  3. My first Toi Doi album. I love all the tracks except track 2. Exostatic 3rd Mix is my top favourite. Worth the money.Sound / production quality is really good as well.
  4. What an album, Wow ! E-Mantra delivers again. But for me this is more of a Day album than a Night album. Its been on repeat play on my player during my morning drive to work for the last month.
  5. Very nice, purchased the EP.But the sound quality on this is quite mediocre , very apparent when you play it on a good system.But the quality of music makes up for the poor quality of sound.
  6. IMO Lost Laundry is the only track worth salvaging on this, rest is delete.
  7. Punit

    "V/A - Bounce"

    Deep Down & Horse Race are the only 2 tracks I kept from this album. Deleted the rest.
  8. Good Quality "twilight" acid Trance.Looking for more of this kind of music. Any Suggestions ?
  9. The download links don't work. Any idea where/ how to get this album ?
  10. Tracks 2,3,4 are Wow...Just Wow. thanks for bringing this to my attention Trance2MoveU
  11. Whoa ! never knew this existed. Thanks for bringing to my attention, will buy. Filteria's set was one of the highlights at Boom 2014 for me.
  12. As a father of a 2.5 year old I know how that feels One of my favourite proggy artists, will check this EP out. Thanks for the review.
  13. Depending on my mood: 1) Dancing with Kadafi - Infected Mushroom OR 2) Bassic (Flow remix) - Deep Dive Corp
  14. One of the best pieces of music ever written IMHO. Never used to listen / appreciate chill / ambient music before i heard this , Dancing with Kadafi changed that.
  15. Miss Cosma & Infected Mushroom
  16. Bought the Khetzal CD 'cos was really curious after the poll results. it's PSYCHEDELIC Thanks Moni.
  17. 'Protoculture - Magnetik (Glastonbury 2004 Live Edit) // Nano" i have this in MP3 but i want it on an original CD. Is it released ?
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