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  1. Punit

    Va - Spirit of Goa Vol. 2

    can this be purchased as a digital download anywhere ?
  2. Punit

    Tripswitch - Vagabond [Iboga]

    Took me completely by surprise. One of the best albums of 2016 for me. Very emotional & amazing production. Just WOW.
  3. Punit

    Toi Doi - Synaptic Electrophoresis

    My first Toi Doi album. I love all the tracks except track 2. Exostatic 3rd Mix is my top favourite. Worth the money.Sound / production quality is really good as well.
  4. Punit

    Solar Fields - Mirrors Edge Catalyst

    where can I buy this ?
  5. Punit

    Night Hex - Viziuni Nocturne

    What an album, Wow ! E-Mantra delivers again. But for me this is more of a Day album than a Night album. Its been on repeat play on my player during my morning drive to work for the last month.
  6. Punit

    Opale - Anaconda's Dance

    Very nice, purchased the EP.But the sound quality on this is quite mediocre , very apparent when you play it on a good system.But the quality of music makes up for the poor quality of sound.
  7. Punit

    "V/A - Planetary Nation 001"

    IMO Lost Laundry is the only track worth salvaging on this, rest is delete.
  8. Punit

    "V/A - Bounce"

    Deep Down & Horse Race are the only 2 tracks I kept from this album. Deleted the rest.
  9. Punit

    Lost & Found - Decoder

    Good Quality "twilight" acid Trance.Looking for more of this kind of music. Any Suggestions ?
  10. Punit

    Lost & Found - Consumed

    The download links don't work. Any idea where/ how to get this album ?
  11. Punit

    "V/A - The World Beyond"

    Tracks 2,3,4 are Wow...Just Wow. thanks for bringing this to my attention Trance2MoveU
  12. Punit

    Filteria - Sky Input Remixed EP

    Whoa ! never knew this existed. Thanks for bringing to my attention, will buy. Filteria's set was one of the highlights at Boom 2014 for me.
  13. Punit

    Psilocybian - Dreamtime

    where can i buy this ?
  14. Punit

    Invisible Reality - Doors of Soul EP

    As a father of a 2.5 year old I know how that feels One of my favourite proggy artists, will check this EP out. Thanks for the review.